BLOG: Barry Bonds…The Defense Rests

Following the Bonds trial has only confirmed my feeling that the federal government is to be feared.  The case against Barry Bonds appears to be so weak that the defense didn’t even see the need to call a witness.  Experts appearing on our show have been unanimous regarding the lack of evidence and have predicted that Bonds perhaps could be found guilty on count two but would not be surprised if he walks completely.


barry bonds BLOG: Barry Bonds...The Defense Rests

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No matter how you feel about Bonds; even if you think he juiced and lied about it ,this is simply wrong. This is still America and the presumption of innocence is one of the things that sets us apart from most of the world. This case has been tried in the court of public opinion and should not have been.  Our Constitution is a document envied by most of the world, just look at the lengths people will go to live free as evidenced by revolts in the middle east.   The Bonds investigation and trial is yet another example of  federal prosecutors targeting individuals instead of criminality. Seeking headlines over justice.

Bonds looks like he took PEDs and it even sounds like he is lying about it but if the evidence isn’t there, stop wasting our taxpayer money on this idiocy.  The government had no business in baseball in the first place.  You want to hold hearings and prosecute people how about starting with the guys from BP?  People died and lives were ruined.  At the end of the day does the conduct of Barry Bonds impact your life one way or another?   Last I looked we are still at war, the economy still sucks and the federal government may delay paychecks to combat soldiers and delay your tax refunds.  Is it possible if we stopped investigating Martha Stewart, Jamal Lewis and Barry Bonds to garner headlines we might have a few shekels left over to help with our bottomless national debt?

There is a great book that explains this problem far better than I ever could. It’s titled The Tyranny of Good Intentions and I think a must read for thinking Americans.  This sport of celebrity witch hunting really needs to stop because if people don’t speak out about injustice you never know who might be next.

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