NEW YORK (AP) — The heart of a New York City foster child who died from a brutal beating has been donated to a 1-year-old Baltimore girl.

The announcement was printed in the funeral program for 18-month-old Louis Dewayne Mosley, who was buried Wednesday.

Mourners at the Brooklyn church included passersby, parishioners, police, hospital workers, and his birth and foster mothers.

His death on March 28 was declared a homicide. He suffered blunt force injuries, cuts, broken ribs and damage to his lungs.

Prosecutors allege Louis was beaten by his foster mother’s boyfriend.

The Rev. Mark Lane told mourners he wished life had a rewind button, so that things could have turned out differently.

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  1. margaret lee says:


    1. Tim Higgins says:

      The poor little fellas family wont have any meaningful memories of him I’m afraid.
      The mother was a heroin user that fostered him out, and an unmarried woman with a psycho boyfriend that beat him to death fostered him.
      Its up to you me and all those who have been touched by baby Louis’s life to remember him.

  2. jamie oram says:

    I am louis`s birth mother and yes an EX herion addict. Drugs became more important to me than life itself. I went to one visit…Yes only ONE visit…Louis wouldnt stop crying, i knew nothing about babies. I didnt know that he was feeling the pain i was feeling. So being weak and sick by the disease of addiction my head started playing tricks on me…I told myself and convinced myself he was better off with this foster mother. Afterall he would calm down when she held him. She had a little girl with her in a catholic school uniform and i thought to myself: i could never give him that. How can i feed him if i cant feed myself? How can i give him shelter if im homeless on the streets. How could i teach him not to do wrong when i was doing it? How could i tell him not to use drugs, not steal,Dont lie, If i was doing all these things. What kind of role model would i be? So i ran. I used more and more. I blocked louis from my thoughts. June 6 i got pregnant again. I didnt find out untill october 17. I didnt want

  3. jamie oram says:

    I didnt want her. I couldnt bare it. I was pretty much sober bc i had moved to jersey to kick the dope but i started drinking evey now and then. When i found out i was pregnant i was distrout. But i figured it was my second chance. I denied ever having a baby. I told everyone this girl was my first. I tried to escape my past. Long story short i had my daughter alona march 2 2011… I was pretty much sober but still dipping and dabbing. I had gotten a phone call at the homeless shelter i was residing in, regarding my son. Till this day i cant believe i still denied him untill the voice on the other end said hes in critical condition. I rushed to ny to brookdale hospital where my son was already dead. It was so unreal, something you hear on the news but you never really pay attention bc it wont happen to you. I went on a drug binge again. I lost it. I didnt care about alona or myself. I wanted to die. I felt i wished him dead. Maybe if i didnt deny him hed be alive. Dyfs removed alona from my care do to drug

    1. Tim Higgins says:

      I live in Ireland and I have a picture of your baby in my locker at work.
      I see him almost every day and cant get him out of my mind and how he was left down by the people who should have loved him and protected him.
      You may have not wished him dead but dead he is, just dont allow it to happen to your other child.

  4. jamie oram says:

    I would never!! I am almost 9 mnths clean (jan 19)..i have full costody of my daughter back…i finally went to a program…now im at an intense outpatient after completing 8 months inpatient. I have a whole new way of thinking and life today…i appreciate everything ive been through..i have God in my life today and i never knew who he was…there isnt a day that goes by that i dont think about louis and regret what i did. But i have come to terms with it. I did what i felt was best for my son at that time and that was the foster mother. I had nothing for him. Heroin was my only love in the world. Its hard to underdtand if you arent an addict yourself. But i think GOd chose LOuis to be a statue in history against child abuse…and im trying to make that happen…i want to make the “Louis LAw” and proect other children. Please if you can help in any way… If you have numbers i can call please.. My son lives through my daughter..they look like twins! I sware sometimes hes in her…

  5. jamie oram says:

    Um if you could email me a copy of his picture i would be forever greatful. I only have one and its a black and white paper…plus the one on his obituary…

  6. Tim says:

    All I have are the pictures that were in the media at the time sorry.

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