Shutdown Could Force Md. To Use Money For Projects

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — Maryland officials say a shutdown of the federal government could force furloughs of employees supported by some federal grants, or require the state to absorb that cost.

Officials said Thursday that during the 1995 shutdown, which lasted for 20 days, Maryland spent an extra $1.4 million in state employee salaries.

Transportation officials say Maryland would not be reimbursed for those expenses and could be required to use state money so that on-going projects aren’t delayed. There are some $41 million in grant applications pending before the Federal Transit Administration that would not be approved.

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  • CitizenG

    let the politicians start carrying the load for awhile. we already give them plenty of benefits; while they;re in office and after they leave. i.e. free medical & hospitalization, blue cross/blue shield coverage, personal staff salaries (even for their spouses and children, expense/savings accounts, gas allowances, body-guards and state and local police protection and surveilance of persons and properties, and the list goes on. they are not like you and i who are abusively taxed, taxed and more taxed. their future is SECURED.

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