BALTIMORE (WJZ/AP) —Can they make a deal? That’s the big question in Washington as we are just hours away from a government shutdown. The whole country will feel the pain if the budget crisis isn’t resolved. Tens of thousands of federal workers live right here in Maryland.

Mike Hellgren has a closer look at how the shutdown will affect our state.

Social Security workers in Baltimore protested the shutdown. With more than 130,000 federal employees in Maryland, the mess in Washington could have a big impact here, outraging taxpayers.

“In this economy, a lot of people are going to suffer,” said one Md. taxpayer.

“I think it’s very stupid, especially as a government retiree,” said another.

Amtrak will continue running, and so will air traffic control. You’ll still have to file your taxes by April 18, but your refund could be delayed.

“Anyone who’s got something that needs a hand intervention, that could be delayed,” said Catherine Censullo, accountant.

Fort McHenry would shut down, along with all other national parks. Paychecks for Maryland’s military families would be delayed, angering many.

“I’m stunned. I mean all the aid we give to these other countries and we can’t take care of our own,” said Danielle, military wife.

Baltimore’s mayor says she’s very concerned about the impact of federal funding on the cash-strapped city.

“If the same thing was happening in city government, we’d be thrown out of office,” said Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake.

Governor Martin O’Malley released this statement:

“Congressional Republicans are allowing their hate of government to hurt the hardworking families of our country.  It appears they care more about hurting our government than they do about helping our recovery.

“Maryland is home to thousands of federal civil servants – moms and dads who will go without pay because Speaker Boehner and the Republicans have chosen to wage an ideological war instead of putting the interests of their nation first.”

But one group who will get paid–shutdown or not: members of Congress.

“I hope we don’t go into anything prolonged because I don’t think anybody benefits from that,” said Rep. Andy Harris, R-Maryland, 1st Congressional district.

 If there is a shutdown, Rawlings-Blake plans to convene an emergency Cabinet meeting to review potential impacts on the city.

Maryland faces the prospect of reduced state income tax revenue should federal workers experience a furlough without retroactive pay.  In addition, state revenue losses are anticipated from the furloughing of federal contractors working in the state.  Further impeding our economic recovery would be the loss of projected revenues from reduced spending on taxable goods.

Comments (14)
  1. margaret lee says:

    thre,s got to be another way to do this, i suggest we all beg to pray.

  2. j a haywood says:

    that is the only wsay

  3. sylvan finkelstein says:

    hey maybe stephanie should call her friend sheila useless dixon to give
    back to the city the monies from her retirement …that she should have never
    received for the great job she didn’t as mayor

    1. Melissa Halterman says:

      there ya go i totaly agree,she should have NEVER gotton no money she was charged and CONVICTED .!! she shouldnt have gotton nothing exept to pay back money and a jail sentence if i would have done that its what would have happened to me!!!!

  4. tee says:

    we as a nation need 2 come together this is really going 2 be a mess

  5. Squaregrouper says:

    Interesting comments by Owe’Malley- blame the Rebublicans, as though the Democrats are innocent?

  6. jeb says:

    vote out andy harris. he’s part of the problem, not the solution. we were all duped into thinking things would change when we voted out the last set of politicians. I say we vote out this set too and keep doing so until we get people that cooperate with each other. Not just Harris… all of them. Get some new life in there that is willing to compromise.

  7. bernie says:

    Go on strike, too many people sucking off the gov. TIT anyway. Government is too big & getting bigger. It can’t solve all of the problems of the day but the Dems would love you to believe that horse s**t.

  8. Marya Hutter says:

    Seriously, that happened? That is kinda cool.

  9. Almatrice Battle says:

    If the goverment shuts down then Congress should not get paid because they didnt do thier job. Why should the American people pay them for doing nothing. It is thier responsibility to prepare the budget. Budget CUTS begins with CONGRESS

  10. Jerry says:

    Dear Congress, Last year I mismanaged my funds and this year I cannot decide on a budget. Until I have come to a unified decision that fits all of my needs and interests, I will have to shut down my checkbook and will no longer be able to pay my taxes. I’m sure you’ll understand. Thank you very much for setting an example we can all follow.

  11. Darlene Ciapura says:

    The recovery would be to nominate those who can actually help instead of hinder this society its all a matter of out with the Old and in with the New and when I say New I mean Delgates that can reform and bring America back to survival and give poeple hope of a better future….

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