BALTIMORE (WJZ)—Instability in parts of the world is part of the reason why the price of gas is sky-rocketing. Here in Maryland, some stations have already hit $4 a gallon for regular gas.

Weijia Jiang has more on the impact of those prices.

When Eduardo Bustos fills up his tank, he’s thinking about where the gas money isn’t going.

“We used to go different places, the mall with my kids, to Chuck E. Cheese. Not anymore. Now we walk to the park, all because of gas,” said Bustos, Baltimore driver.

Bustos says his wife used to stay at home to take care of their four kids. Now she has to work.

Like many Marylanders, the family is struggling to adjust to prices just shy of the $4 mark.

Last year the state’s average for a gallon of regular was $2.84. Last month it was $3.51. Now it’s $3.71.

“I’ve become 10 times more conscious of my trips and basically how I can economize and consolidate my trips,” said Natalia Ballestero, Baltimore driver.

Analysts say because drivers are changing their lifestyles, the economy is slowing down and the timing couldn’t be much worse.

“Just as many retailers are getting back on their feet, feeling good about the world, department stores and others all of a sudden have to reckon with rising gasoline prices,” said Anirban Basu, Sage Policy Group CEO.

Godlee Davis says gas prices even forced some co-workers to lose their jobs.

“I’ve already had two that have had to resign. With their income not changing, they can’t make a commute anymore,” Davis said.

Davis— who paid nearly $100 to fill up—plans to buy a new car. It’s one of many changes she hopes will leave some change in her wallet.

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  1. Robert Long says:

    I think that its sick… To think that this is allowed to go on and no one steps in to say anything. The state is only worried about getting money because they cant control there spending. And they do nothing but waste money so of course they jack up the one thing that people have to get.

    Because the bottle tax slapped them in the face. The billions the spent on the ICC slapped them in the face. And the drinking tax is slapping them in the face. And so they jax up gas.

    Well the jokes on them because no one goes out unless them have no choice. So that means less gas and people are going to spend less and they loose money. Its going to be hard tho because the only way to do anything is to go hybrid or all electric. Too bad everyone dont have all electric cars. That would show those cut throat people whats up and give some much needed payback!

  2. PAUL E. MICELLI says:


  3. Steve says:

    Its not just the drivers that feel the crunch, costs all around aer going up, food in grocery stores, and in restaurants, items at wal-mart even, so i have instituted a new program, i am living in the great depression, if i DONT need it,, I DONT buy it! I buy hardly anything, I dont care what anyone thinks. I see a trend, the gas price stays lower during the winter, and higher during the summer, and effects everything in that way. I will buy a lot less this summer, and more in the winter. And save, save, save. Yes that includes food, and i do it without a car. So stick that up your exhaust pipe maryland government, and suck up the less fumes, less taxes, less sales for business, the government made me DO IT!

  4. Bob says:

    Our Government has approved tuition for illegal immigrants.[ Law breakers ]
    Not one Marylander was asked to vote on it because of the taxes we are going
    to get stuck with .They also voted to give illegals your social security you worked so hard for.Check their voting records it will scare you.We need to do what Christfield Md. did vote them out even family.They got rid of the crooks in
    their Government

  5. Mike says:

    Funny how some ideas don’t get posted.

  6. Bryan says:

    The Gas Prices and prices of other things are Going Up (not Salaries and Jobs), and it more and more seems like it is by design. The People in power CAN do something about it and CHOOSE not to.

  7. susan says:

    You guys are right. Greed runs this country. The government puts their noses in where it does not belong. All the bigwigs want to do is stuff their pockets as deep as they can. They feel that they can do anything and get away with it. They will remember all of this when it comes time for them to use their retirement and find out nothing is there because one day everything has dried up because of their greed.

  8. Stu1105 says:

    We import most of our oil from Canada so why do we pay what the arabs are charging and why are the oil companys in canada and the US where we get oil from charge the same. I;d think with all we spent in dollars and men’s lifes in Iraq they would sell oil cheaper to us….we get it from all sides and just keep smiling

  9. stu1105 says:

    Cant be an oil shortage…theres 10 oil tankers sitting out in Chesapeake bay for the past 60 days

  10. Brian says:

    guys it’s got nothing to do with a shortage of oil or imports from Canada, Saudi Arabia ro wherever. The country is overflowing with oil
    It’s all to do with the greedy SOB’s in Wall Street.
    Now what was it Obama said when he was electioneering. “Change”. Yes we have got change under Obama. Less change in our pockets thats for sure.
    Just another load of political lies and BS.
    If the Mesiah was to announce that we were going to dril drill drill for oil and become self sufficient in oil prises would drop like a stone but he won’t do that. That would be change

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