BALTIMORE (AP) — The head of Maryland’s watermen’s association says new thinking is needed about how to manage the crab harvest.

Larry Simns says stewardship by the commercial fishing industry is essential to maintaining abundant fisheries. That’s  why a committee of watermen is working with state officials and the Environmental Defense Fund. Accurate catch reporting, maintaining a sustainability population and developing new markets are among the issues being discussed by the group.

Simns is the president of the Maryland Watermen’s Association.

He made the comments in an editorial in Friday’s editions of The Baltimore Sun.

Maryland’s crab season opened last week. The population rebounded last year following tough new limits that could be eased based on this winter’s dredge survey. Results of the survey are due to be released this month.

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Comments (3)
  1. Kenneth m. SmallwoodM says:


  2. Bernard Mc Kernan says:

    Pay the crabbers a seasons good living wage but make them show 1040-s or W-2.
    Then no crabbing for a year commercial or recreational, that should give the population a boost. Won’t happen but at least maybe a half would still do the trick. Too many renegade pirate crabbers out there & I cut their lines everytime I get caught in my prop.

  3. Fast Eddie says:

    Please stop it my side is hurting I’m laughing so hard. Take a minute and think about it commercial crabbers are not allowed to fish their pots on certain days. OK, do they pull the pots out of the water, block the entrance to the pots to prevent crabs from becoming trapped? No, they just bait heavy and have a better harvest the next day when they pull the pots. Face it the majority of the waterman are crooked. They are working in a dying industry. Fuel prices are crippling them. The problem is they don’t worry about tomorrow they want all they can get, and they want it now. NO ONE with any authority is taking saving the crabs or other resources seriously. If so retract some of the commercial licenses. It is not even safe to navigate the bay at night anymore there is so many pots out there. Once caught poaching licenses should be revoked.

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