Southwest Planes Going Back In Service After Malfunction

LINTHICUM, Md. (WJZ) — Several Southwest Airlines planes are going back in service after a major malfunction prompted emergency inspections.

Ron Matz has more on what inspectors found on those planes.

Southwest says repairs are now complete on several planes that showed slight cracks in their aluminum skin.

The airline grounded hundreds of 737s and ordered emergency inspections last week, after a 5-foot hole opened up in the roof of a plane while it was in the air.

The pilot made an emergency landing and no one was hurt.

During the emergency inspections, Southwest says it found “minor subsurface cracking” on five of its planes.

Those planes were not considered at risk for the kind of metal fatigue that led to the hole in the Southwest plane in Arizona.

The repaired planes will be back in service Saturday.

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  • Tom Judkins

    They grounded “hundreds of 737′s”? Really? I know they canceled hundreds of flights, but I thought they only grounded about 80 planes. You wouldn’t be trying to over blow this story would you?

  • sylvia

    Hmmm, and suddenly ALL of them are okay?? I used to rely on Southwest but Airtran has them beat hands down (yes, I know there was a merger but I would never go back to SW after flying Airtran).. you can’t compare the 2.

    • bernie

      Sylvia, So the cracks are bigger on Airtran?

  • Doug

    Maybe,a patch kit should pop down from the ceiling of the plane,
    along with the oxygen mask and a tranquilizer perhaps.

  • Bernie

    Fix all the cracks in the rest rooms. Some are very big while all stink!

  • sheriff willie

    I wanna fly Southwest airlines, they have the best cracks onboard.

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