BALTIMORE COUNTY, Md. (WJZ) — Four people were injured in a car accident early Saturday morning.  One of them was a police officer.

According to police, shortly before 2 a.m. Saturday, a police officer was responding to a reported fight when another car made a U-turn and struck the police car, which then flipped over.

That officer and three people in the other car were taken to Shock Trauma.  None of the injuries is life threatening.

No names have been released.

It’s not known whether charges will be filed.

Comments (5)
  1. Don Thatt says:

    I love it when these idiots post these stories on this site and give NO DETAILS.

  2. Wonder Woman says:

    What happened to the rules of “What, when, where, who and why”? Doesn’t say where the accident was, seems like a very important part of the story.

    Hey – another job I think I can do! Other peoples jobs always look so easy….

  3. sheriff willie says:

    Drugs, drinking & possibly evading police would be at the top of the list for how it happened. Nothing good happens after midnight people. Even Cindrella don’t get laid.

  4. ratm33 says:

    Even if it was the cops fault you will never know the true story. And that is posible.

  5. pigeon says:

    I understand taking the police officer to shock trauma. But to take the 3 idiots in the other car there too is wrong. They did not have life threatening injuries and that’s not what shock trauma is all about or for.
    Question. Were the 3 in the other car even involved in the incident to which the officer was responding?
    FYI everyone – newspaper/radio/TV stations are like hospitals on the weekend -they are on limited staffing. I guess they can only report what they are told and have to wait for someone at the beginning of the week to do a full investigation if deemed warranted.

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