Baltimore Workers Fired In Gambling, Drinking Bust

BALTIMORE (AP) — Six Baltimore municipal workers and one supervisor have been fired as part of a probe into drinking and gambling on the job.

The employees were among the 13 arrested last month in a bust at a city transportation department shop.

The probe started with a tip to the inspector general’s office that some employees were drinking and gambling while at work.

Police documents show that agents found the workers playing dice, recovered nearly $6,000 in cash and found bottles of cognac, wine and beer nearby.

The workers were part of the unit that sets up for festivals and fairs.

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  • mcabe

    no need to firem givem a rise

  • not suprised

    6 out of 13 what is wrong with this picture???????

    • Ken

      They arressted everyone in the building but only 6 of those arrested were actually guilty of those charges. Not all employees of the City of Baltimore are this way.

  • Rob O

    Stephanie needs to step up her game…Does she really want to go down in history the way that Shieila did???? She needs to clean house before the elections.

  • sven

    Well, what else are they supposed to do between festivals and fairs?

    • ratm33

      I cant beleive that they actually pay a whole group of people to do this for a living. No wonder the government is broke. About half of the government paid people are not really needed.

  • ratm33

    I still wonder why we hear what happened to these people, yet, we have not heard anything about the Baltimore detective that wrecked the police vehicle he was using (that we pay for) into a ditch on the side of the road and than left the scene. He is still working and we have heard nothing else about it. Sometimes I think the news is guilty of helping cover things up. Or they would be asking the same questions. I wish they would let me be a news reporter because I would be the only one that is looking for the answers to the things our government is doing to us. And the things they can cover up because they are above the law.

    • pigeon

      ratm33 – and you won’t hear anything more – that’s politics.
      You indicated “I think the news is guilty of helping cover things up”. Well, dah! How many times have you tried to do a comment and you were kicked out ’cause there’s no doubt you would be stepping on someone’s toes, especially anyone in political office be they voted in or appointed.
      I would be more than glad to work side-by-side with you ’cause I want to know where in the heck all the lottery money goes.
      At least let us be glad those do nothings got canned; hopefully, some of them will go back behind bars where they belong and should have been all along.

      • Bullfrog

        Pigeon, Putting these lazy A%%#* behind bars will only cause us to suppport their a#$%$* while they are incarcerated and sitting on theirs. They will get 3 free meals aday, an exercise room, cable television, and sex if they choose. I say let them look for another job, I would like to know who is going to be stupid enough to hire them other than maybe McDonald’s.

      • ratm33

        I’d also love to know where all the money that we give the MVA goes since they have no money to fix the roads. I wish somehow we could have a louder voice and that there was somewhere that we could go when we have questions like this. I have contacted O’malley several times about things like this and have never even got a reply at all. Least they could do is at least say we cant answer that.

  • K.A. Hubbard

    Hey, I would love to have one of their jobs. they would not hear a peep out of me. It’s a shame people don’t appreciate the fact that they have a job.

  • sheriff willie

    These are low life losers who managed to walk through the day with their hands out taking anything the government will offer. They they gulp it dow or sort it up their boogie filled noses. An absolute waste of human life while we have young people dying in foreign lands that they may continue to live in this decrepit lifestyle.

  • Patricia Smith


    • sheriff willie

      P.Smith, You’re probably shacked up with one of these unproductive vermin.

  • sheriff willie

    Oh, lest anyone forget, some of these morons are convicted felons with criminal records. Can’t change the spots on a leopard.

  • Kimberly Blackwell


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