This blog will sound like a repeat from last week as the crazy ups and downs of spring continue.  We only hit 48 degrees for our high Friday and then 52 degrees today.  That is way off the average of 62 degrees.  Our chilly, dreary weather from the last few days will give way to a big time warm up – again.  There is another wave of record-breaking heat in the middle of the country, and it’s moving our way.  The big warm-up will come via a very strong cold front.  But before we get to that, we have to wrap up another storm. 

A cold front is passing south of us tonight.  It may brush us, especially southern parts of the state, with some rain or showers tonight into tomorrow morning.  This front will head out to sea early tomorrow.  Clouds will mix with some sunshine tomorrow afternoon as temperatures climb out of the 50s into the upper 60s.  Then, the next storm will move right on in.  The warm front part of it will swing by tomorrow night into early Monday morning.  There will be clouds with it and maybe a few showers, but what we are really going to notice is the big push of warm air that it brings.  Clouds mix with sunshine Monday as temperatures spike into the mid 80s.  The current record is 85 degrees from way back in 1887.  We have a good chance of matching or even challenging that record.  Just like last week, this kind of warmth is not going to last long.  A strong cold front will come through Monday night/early Tuesday and knock us back down to reality. 

The cold front moving our way for Monday night will produce a huge round of widespread severe weather as it moves across the country.  It will weaken by the time that it gets to us, but there is still the chance for strong, maybe even severe thunderstorms with it when it moves through.  Some rain will linger into the first part of Tuesday as this front slowly moves out to sea.  It will be warm on Tuesday, but just like last week, that high will likely be very early in the day with temperatures dropping through the afternoon. 

We should get a short break in the stormy weather pattern Wednesday into Thursday before another storm moves our way late in the week.


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