BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A massive search by hundreds of officers in Patapsco State Park fails to turn up the body of a missing teenager.

Suzanne Collins explains that despite all their efforts police aren’t any closer to finding Phylicia Barnes.

Hundreds of officers and search teams from around Maryland combed Patapsco State Park from dawn to dusk Saturday. But at the end of the day there was frustration.

ATVs were trucked in to search Patapsco State Park in Howard County starting at 9 a.m. Saturday. Trained dogs searched the woods. It was a large-scale search for missing teen Phylicia Barnes that the Baltimore police commissioner will only say was based on intelligence– the latest of many attempts to find her.

“We’ve conducted over 30 interviews,” said Commissioner Fred Bealefeld. “We’ve searched homes, vehicles and many areas of interest.”

Phylicia Barnes, who lived in North Carolina, disappeared while visiting her sister’s apartment near Reisterstown Road Plaza on Dec. 28. That’s where the 16-year-old was last seen by her sister’s ex-boyfriend.

“Certainly, there will be efforts around some of the vacant buildings that surround the park,” Bealefeld said. “We’ll be doing extensive searching in those areas.” 

The abandoned buildings near the park are scrawled with graffiti. The windows busted out.

In Baltimore, where the teen disappeared, more than 100 volunteers handed out fliers calling for information.

“She’s so young and her family needs her back,” said Corrie Wade, of Hampden. “She needs to be found. It’s heartbreaking.”

But the trail has gotten colder.  Calls to a 24-hour hotline have slowed to a trickle. Saturday’s search ended after nine hours with no results.

“Now we’re very much back at square one,” said Anthony Gugliemi, city police spokesman. “We have no solid intelligence about Phylicia’s whereabouts, but we have no doubt in our mind something terrible has happened to her.”

Interestingly though, searchers did turn up a body, but it was that of a decomposed man.  State police are handling that investigation and say it doesn’t appear to be foul play.

Police say the investigation of Phylicia Barnes’ disappearance is not closed.

Comments (25)
  1. Doug says:

    I guess by this time,there’s a body buried in every park in the nation.

    We’re to expect this.

  2. Cathy says:

    I really think the family had something to do with this,they were having a party and maybe she did not likr the idea of crack or heavy drugs there,Also has anyone seen had the mother has reacted,if that was my child I would be hysterical,but every time I have seen her she is calm not a tear in her eye,I hope they find her alive so they can find out what happened

  3. snoop dog he dog says:

    another day another dollar

  4. D.B. Lawrence says:

    I would not be surprised, but I suspect she has been kidnapped and taken out of the country and sold into slavery. She is young, intelligent and pretty.

  5. sheriff willie says:

    She is deader than last weeks fish. Someone in that group knows something & if pressure is applied they will give this donkey up.

  6. mayes says:

    I speak the will of God into the midst of this situation; may we never forget there is nothing too hard for God; I pray that God may bless and keep this family during this time-

  7. ratm33 says:

    Why have they never thought of the fact she may have ran off with someone and partying right now. And by now she would be too scared to come back because of how big the whole thing got. This could have happened. Even though it would be really messed up on her part, it would be better than her being dead. I think they should try the route of letting her know through TV that she will not get in any trouble if she comes back, that they just want her back so they know she is safe. A phone call or something.

    1. Dawn says:

      Some of the comments on here are ridiculous….. If the situation where different .. and she was Caucasian.. all hell woulda stopped to find that missing girl.. Because shes black… she either ran away or her family had something to do with it ? Are you people for real ? Not everyone who’s black is addict to crack , Cathy ,Snoop Dagwood and ratm33… hope this NEVER happens to anyone you love ! Yes, I believe the child is dead … the problem is … who did it and why ? No one deserves the have to live with the thought of there child missing ! I see the racist, ignorant attitudes are still running rampant on the Mason Dixon line.. This mess hasn’t change in 300 years !!!! So sad !!!!! To the Father, I hope one day you find the closure your looking for .. I’ve been following this case very closely ……. And everything that’s posted in the papers or on the news isn’t always correct information !! Some of you people posting should really be ashamed !

  8. snoop dagwood says:

    she is in a crack house

    1. ratm33 says:

      Is possible you never know.

  9. ratm33 says:

    I hope they find her alive, I really do. I know it would be a good thing for all involved in this situation. Nobody deserves to be murdered. I really think if our government started to actually have major punishments for stuff like this than they would not happen as often. EYE FOR AN EYE. You found guilty of murder, you get taken out back of the courthouse and a bullet to the head. Would be a lot cheaper for the tax payers. And it would make the next person think a little harder the next time he is getting ready to pull the trigger.

  10. XoXo says:

    i can not believe some of the comments on here.. while there is a chance this girl was murdered. the family has to believe this girl is still alive. @ cathy just because the mother hasnt been cryin out in public does not mean she had something to do with her daughters disapperance, im sure every minute she is alone she is crying.. Or she has deicde to put all the effort that would be used for cryin to find her child dead or alive.. They need closure. Everyone needs to think as if they were in the Barnes family, if this was your child/sister/cousin/niece would you have given up hope that she is still alive, i highly doubt it. i pray they find her alive so they can catch whoever did this. And if whoever did this has a soul they should come forward and tell where she is.

  11. ratm33 says:

    The mother went back to North Carolina about 2 weeks after she dissapeared. If it were my child i would still be here looking. Could not have been too upset. The father on the other hand is doing everything he can. I Respect him for that. People like to think that everybody is a good caring person, expecially when the news is telling u she had a wonderful life.

  12. mexcian bandit says:

    the kid is dead

  13. baretta and starsky we are on the job says:

    don’t pay the ransom

  14. JC says:

    We all know that someone knows something about this young lady’s disappearance. May the truth come out soon and justice be served.

  15. QUEEN says:

    another one bites the dust

  16. sheriff willie says:

    This WJZ site sucks. It publishes what it wants. They are the Nazi’s.

  17. REE-REE says:

    I hate to say it but that baby is dead, and most likely it was her sister’s boyfriend who raped and killed her. Patapsco Park is so large that it might be years before they find her body, unless the sister’s boyfriend confess.

  18. Delores Perry says:

    i really dont believe some of the things that coming out of the minds and thoughts of you people may god bless you all in may the child be found safe

  19. the truth says:

    REE REE How can you say it was someone when you dont even know them or know all the facts. I happen to think the boyfriend did not do anything to her. You are just going by what everyone is saying, not by what you know. I Know him personally and I dont think he did anything to her.

  20. Blessed by the best says:

    I hope and pray nothing happen to her. My prayers go out to her family. Don’t know one went to have a child lost or died. Only God knows what happen to her.

  21. blanche who has been with thousands of men says:

    one day whoever knows this will speak out maybe the guilt will get them talking this poor girl is dead somewhere maybe at the bottom of the harbor, maybe in a landfill she may never be found

  22. Tracey Reitterer says:

    Polygraphs may be inadmissible in a court of law, but when suspects show deception in cases like this, LE should be able to hold them indefinately until they start talking. Someone knows what happened to this girl and Phylicia & her loved ones deserve so much more than these horrible mind games someone is putting them through. When is it ever going to be about justice for the victims, trumping the rights of the criminals in this country????
    “Victims have a dignitary interest in justice & vindication without interminable delay caused by guilty prisoners attempts to stave off punishment.”
    “Too much mercy, often resulted in further crimes which were fatal to innocent victims who need not have been victims if justice had been put first and mercy second.” – Agatha Christie

  23. danielle says:

    I was wondering if the police had looked.into those things that were going on with the young teenage girls being abducted and held in the hotels where they were drugged and pictures posted on the net for sex. its been a couple teenagers missing and this happened to someone very close to me about a year ago. I know it is horrible. my prayers are with her and her family.

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