The sunshine is out and we are warming up nicely this afternoon. At 2 p.m., we were already at 81 degrees. The record high for today is 85 degrees and we are going to come very close to that, if not break it this afternoon. Enjoy it today, because big changes are coming our way and very soon.

There is a very strong cold front that is moving our way. It will arrive overnight. Strong to maybe even severe thunderstorms are possible as it crosses the state. Then, the thunderstorms will wind down but rain will continue on and off throughout the day. We will hit a high in the low 60s early in the day, but temperatures will fall through the 50s through the afternoon. This storm is going to slow down considerably as it hits the coast, so that means that the rain and drizzle will stick around into Wednesday before finally moving away late Wednesday. Just like last week, it’s going to be a huge swing from summer today to that fall-like wet, gray, chill the next two days.

When the storm does finally leave later Wednesday, it will take the clouds with it and sunshine will return on Thursday. That will begin yet another warmup. After dropping below average, we will warm back to the upper 60s on Thursday and Friday. However, they are still lined up and another storm will move our way later Friday into Saturday. This one will also have thunderstorms and rain with it, but will bring in even cooler air behind it Sunday into early next week. So the spring swings continue.


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