BALTIMORE (AP) — A former Baltimore County prosecutor is set to go on trial on charges that he stole a car at knifepoint from two women in January 2010.

Isaiah Dixon, 55, faces 18 counts, including armed carjacking, robbery and assault. He is scheduled to go on trial Monday. To avoid any conflict of interest, Dixon’s case is being handled by a prosecutor from the Harford County state’s attorney’s office, but will remain in Baltimore County Circuit Court.

Dixon worked as an assistant state’s attorney for almost eight years until July 1997. He then worked as an attorney in Towson before being disbarred by the Maryland Bar Association last year.

Dixon already had a criminal record for drug use and possession when he was arrested in the carjacking case.

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Comments (14)
  1. only in b-more says:

    what a joke

  2. jaquetta jones says:

    this is race related and little isaiah should have another chance

  3. TYRONE BANKS says:

    why does this always happen to nice people

  4. PAT BANATAR says:

    baltimore you have currupt law, kangaroo court

  5. Bruce Godfrey says:

    Minor correction: the “Maryland Bar Association” disbars no one. DIsbarments in Maryland are conducted by the Maryland Court of Appeals on petition from the Attorney Grievance Commission. The Maryland State Bar Association (MSBA) is a voluntary professional association of attorneys; maybe 1/2 of licensed attorneys in MD elect to join and maintain membership, many others don’t.

  6. chris says:

    just another day in baltimore. No surprises here.

  7. Y.M.I. Notsurprised says:

    Yes its a race thing; he’s black and an animal and he can’t help himself!

  8. THE SMUCKS says:

    remember this where ever the oil comes from in the usa or across the ocean you will pay top dollar its a new thing called greed

  9. Rick Allen says:

    Why is it peeps even play the race card anymore. HE GOT CAUGHT, what does race have to do with that? Biggest threat to the black community is no longer whitey, hell he doesn’t have to lift a finger, we’re destroying ourselves thru lack of gumption and ambition. Look at the demographics, most of the employers in B’more are black, so no race card on why you can’t find work. Most of the legal infrastructure is black, so no race card on why you go to jail. It’s not whitey turning the neighborhoods into warzones…it’s brothers

  10. sheriff willie says:

    Isiah, say hello to your new cell mate Ben Dover & Soapy sperm.

  11. Herman Glimsher says:


  12. JoeFromAACounty says:


  13. Y.M.I. Notsurprised says:

    Hey Rick Allen, you are one of the smartest people in B’more, maybe the whole state! How can we get others to listen? Thanks.

  14. sheriff willie says:

    Do the Black leaders want to do something about the opportunities for the next generation of Blacks in Baltimore? Here is a challenge for all of you sour puss’es. Where is Jesse, Al, NAACP, Kewesi Umufme (spelling) Kurt Schmoke , & other black so called leaders. First off you need to get these punk gangasa Hip Hop celebritys who promote violence & disrespecting women as Ho’s. Stop with the anti intellectual stuff. encourage kids to stay in school, get involved in sports & damm it lawmakers make sure there’s money available for these youths to have good facilities & coaches. You tax the hell out of Whitey for everything else, now I want to see my tax dollars go towards making some little black inner city kid thrive on my tax dollar. That’s just for starters if you’re really sincere & you the people , the residents, get off your no momentum a$$ & listen instead of popping babies out of your belly. Get some pride & stop being so lazy.

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