WASHINGTON (AP) — A new Metro report says riders aren’t happy with the transit agency’s “peak-of-the-peak” fares, but the extra 20-cent fee isn’t changing their behavior.

The fee increases were put into place last year to help Metro fill more than $100 million of a budget gap. Metro says only about 3 percent of trips have moved from the busiest parts of the morning and evening commutes. Ridership continues to fall below projections on both rail and bus.

The report, which will be presented to board members on Thursday, says riders have switched to SmarTrip cards to avoid fees. Use of the plastic farecards has jumped from 76 percent to 79 percent of rail trips and from 64 percent to 76 percent on buses.

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  1. sheriff willie says:

    METRO, The job opportunity for minorities & really stupid people with arrogant attitudes.

  2. Dee says:

    i find it funny that there are days when bus drivers do not want to swipe aT ALL. iS THIS A PLOY TO PROVE RIDERSHIP IS DOWN when the machine is not broke. Riders report these buses and drivers. Seems like tampering with the figures. Fuzzy math indeed!!!

  3. Dee says:

    Smartcards are not convenient because if I put 10 trip cost on my card I should be able to use when I want within the calender year. I should not be held to 7 consecutive days for x amount of trips. The drivers are the rudest, some even talk on their cell phones and get agitated when asked a question. Ghettofabulous! Why can’t the 56 have on time buses and shuttles that go to the mini mall area up and down Reisterstown in Owings Mills and Reistertown and Pikesville. The buses should arrive 6 -8 minutes after the train so you can have time to get out that forever hallway. Synchronization would add a class factor to the service which sucks.

  4. sheriff willie says:

    Riding the METRO in N.Y.C. as opposed to Baltimore, it’s like night & day.The administrators here should visit the cities like N.Y.. Portland Or., SanFrancisco & even Loisville Ky where they use trolleys that are clean & fuel efficent. Their operators are a mixture od ethnicity’s not just Blacks & they are well spoke instead of the Huh, Duh?

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