BRENTWOOD, Md. (AP) — The mayor of Brentwood, Md., has been evicted from her rented home in the small Prince George’s County municipality.

According to eviction documents, Xzavier Montgomery-Wright had fallen behind in rent for the 37th Place house. She was evicted Wednesday.

Montgomery-Wright’s landlord, Earl Lowe, says the mayor owes him about $7,400 in rent and that he has tried to work with her.

In March, Montgomery-Wright was censured by Brentwood’s town council for the unauthorized use of a town debit card to pay personal expenses.

Montgomery-Wright is running for a second term, but cannot serve as mayor if she is not a resident of Brentwood. The election is May 2.

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Comments (5)
  1. Bernie says:

    Brentwood Md used to be a nice little community nestled next to Cheverly & Bladensburg. Today it’s full of low life thugs, mexicans, illegals, scammers & the king Coons. This is the results of turning over ownership to people who have no skills in managing money, don’t want anything except what the government hands them or those that if they like it or want it, just steal or rob & take it. Great example of the Mayor eh?

    1. Maryland Resident says:

      For all those who believe that racism is “no more” ion America…a little history lesson…

      From and article on the mayor:

      “That’s a pretty significant event,” Barrow said of Brentwood electing its first black mayor. “It was one of the most segregated places in Prince George’s County.”

      North Brentwood had been specifically established for black residents to live in rather than in Brentwood, Barrow said, and she recalled what it was like being the first family to break the color barrier. (unquote)

      Good old Brentwood was one of those American towns that didn’t like persons of color living among them, and established a separate town called North Brentwood where they could “live in peace”.

      The Mayor’s problems are of her own making and not reflective of her race. She’s paying for decisions she’s made in life and will correct them as she’s able. For you it seems color is the major contributory factor – this speaks volumes on the way you think and how you were raised.

      Donald Trump is a viable Republican candidate even though he has bankrupted multiple businesses in his lifetime. What rational persons would want such a man as president in our financially troubled times? Here’s who anyone who’s gullible enough to believe his birth-er-nonsense that he’s been spouting to appeal to the baser elements of the Tea Party. Only the blindness that racism causes can make this make sense and any sense out of you post.

      1. ben says:

        What could Trump possibly have to do with this? The OP was not racist (possibly using the term “Mexicans” was unnecessary). It seems color is the major contributory factor for YOU as well and it speaks volumes on you as well.

  2. Nathan Jefferson says:

    You all are a bunch of idiots especially you Bernie.

  3. JOE says:

    well they made the town of white people and called it brentwood good for them i wouldnt want anyone else in it either

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