Delegate Seeks Illegal Immigrant Tuition Lawsuit

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ)—Fighting the Dream Act. It’s only been days since lawmakers voted to allow the children of illegal immigrants to pay in-state college tuition. Now one lawmaker is launching a battle to stop it.

Kelly McPherson explains why some say the new legislation is wrong.

It was a heated debate in Annapolis among lawmakers. And now that it’s passed, the arguments continue to get more threatening. The latest is a lawsuit and referendum.

Debate over illegal immigrants qualifying for in-state tuition is far from over.

“It’s breaking my heart; this is my dream. I want to go to college,” said Roberto.

The law goes into effect this summer unless a call for a referendum comes together in time.

“You can’t have people violating the law and then receiving a benefit,” said State Delegate Pat McDonough , R-Baltimore County. “Maryland has become the Disneyland of America for illegal immigrants.

McDonough is suing the state of Maryland for allowing illegal immigrant students to pay in-state tuition to Maryland universities if their parents can prove they’ve paid state taxes.

The difference in payments is pretty significant.  At the University of Baltimore, a person who lives in Maryland would pay about $21,000 per year, but out-of-state tuition is $30,000. 

“It’s not always about what’s legal, but what’s just.  Keep in mind a half century ago it was legal to keep African-Americans and whites separated at lunch counters,” said Bishop Douglas Miles, Dream Act supporter.

With 54,000 signatures, a petition would prevent the enaction of the law until at least Election Day 2012.

“This attempt at circumventing the law stinks,” Miles said. “It represents the worst of the state of Maryland.” 

Both sides predict a victory at the ballot box.

“If a burglar breaks into your home and he is successful in breaking into your home, does that mean that you have to feed and clothe him for the rest of your life?” McDonough said.

McDonough says in the 10 states that have this kind of legislation, eight have legal battles happening right now to overturn the law.

  • Shipemout

    YES!!!!!! Finally! Take ’em down McDonough! Enough of those freeloaders taking our hard earned tax money and enough of Owe-Malley raising taxes and fees and increasing spending and not saving a dime or fixing our State’s fiscal problems!

  • Dave McCall

    It is about time!!!!

  • Herman Glimsher


    • Kurt

      Right on!

  • Spider monkey

    It.s good to see that some elected officials are doing the job they were voted in to do!!!

  • TooPoorAlready

    If I live in Baltimore County I’d vote for this guy! It’s about time someone stood up and defended our rights as AMERICANS. Why don’t we pass some legislation to help those Maryland residents who can’t afford college for themselves and/or their children? Charity starts at home.

    • TooPoorAlready

      Sorry – “lived”.

  • Ex-Baltimore

    O’Malley and Maryland Demcrats are nothing but un-patriotic traitors! Yeah, give to illegal foreigners what you deny to native born American citizens tax payors.

    • Ken

      But it supports and adds to the voter base for them…this is why…the only thing the politicians do after getting elected is work towards staying elected….

    • Blueberry

      I am a Maryland Democrat and I do not support this bill. In fact I am not the only democrat that is disappointed at this mess of a bill. I just wanted to point out to you that it’s not always about political parties it’s about doing what’s right. ALL politicians seem to be losing their collective minds.

      • Bernadette Z

        Good point, Blueberry. We AMERICANS have to stick together,,this is NOT about political parties….I am working to gather signatures to put this on the ballot. LET THE VOTERS DECIDE..IT’S THEIR MONEY PAYING FOR IT…

      • Robert Long

        I am a democrat and i think this bill is the biggest insult i have ever seen. i would not wipe my rear end with that bill. i dont care if all the TP in the world ran out. I would use my pillow before i used that bill!

      • RG

        Blueberry, it’s good you don’t support the bill. However, you stated that as a Maryland Democrat you’re unhappy with it. The Maryland Democrats, including O’Malley, made no attempt to hide that they would pass legislation like this. Did you not pay attention during the campaigns, or did you just vote Democratic like so many Marylanders do? I’m not trying to be combative, I’m just saying it’s time for many Maryland Democrats to actually pay attention to the issues, not just instinctively vote Democrat.

  • the way it goes.

    this bill makes no sense..i thought illegal immigrants were supposed to get deported..sounds like a set up to me..apply for tuition and we’ll send you back home because your illegal..good bill if it works that way..stupid bill if you give federal and state money to people who don’t even belong here.

  • bill

    My son was denied in-state tuition because he didn’t have a Maryland driver’s license.Met all other requirements!! Oh, he was born, raised, and voted in the good ole USA.. Too bad he is white and doesn’t have a group representing him.

    • Paula Q

      You are soooo right Bill. If you are white and born in the USA you have absolutely no one representing you at all. I’m sick and tired of every other group getting on TV and screaming that things aren’t fair to them. If you were born in the US or you are here LEGALLY then you should have rights. Stop having little divisions of people. Everyone screams racism and hate etc but that is what is keeping it alive. IN regards to Delegate McDonough, thank G*d that not everyone has lost their mind. He is absolutely right.. Where does anyone get off passing a law that allows people to break the law and be rewarded for it? All illegals should be shipped back to where they came from. Border patrols should be allowed to shoot first and ask questions later. It is sad enough that we have our own people, born here in the US, starving and homeless b/c they lost a job. Let’s take care of our own people first. Way to go Pat.. Keep up the good work and I hope you win. Maybe YOU should run for president

  • Not going to take it

    YES! Finally a politician with some! I loved his remark about Maryland becoming a “Disneyland for illegal immigrants”! I refer to them as parasites sucking the life out of this State! Maybe Mr. McDonough can be our next Govenor! I would vote for him in a heartbeat. Imagine having a political leader that actually cares!

  • Debbie

    Thank you thank you thank you for following through with your promise.
    Overwhelming numbers of legal citizens who were against this bill’s passage say THANK YOU.

  • marian

    i am proud of mr mcdonough and i DO live in baltimore county. thank you sir and lets win this one

  • Baltimorebob

    I would help pay the fees four the lawsuit dam bunch of tacos I thk they all just need to get the hell out of the U S A NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!



  • randc

    I’m so confused. We’ll send business owners that employ illegal aliens to jail (timbuktu). But wait! We’ll give the illegal aliens discounted tuition rates so they can get better jobs, then we’ll start the whole jailing the business owners that hire them process over?

  • Steve

    Can You see the names of delegates who woted for the bill?
    I mean the in state tuition bill? Wonder who they are????

    • mamacat

      You can log on to the Maryland General Assembly website to see who voted yea or nay to every bill submitted. Just type Maryland General Assembly into your browser to get the website. Or, try:

    • sheriff willie

      Sreve, WJZ & the Sunpapers haven’t the balls to publish what should be public information by law. There is no link that I have found providing this vote.

    • m_conway

      This is the link for the votes on SB 167:

      • sheriff willie

        That’s not the final vote Conway. That SD167 was dated 3/14/11 & it appears many did not vote. We need the general assembly for all the state districts which has to comprise over a few hundred I would think. Thanks anyway.

  • FEED UP!

    I have tried to post something 4 time and this site will not allow me to do so. Talk about sensorship!

    • FEED UP!

      This site is as sorry as Victor Ramirez and CASA! Sensor this!

    • mamacat

      Dear “FEED UP”: All you have to do is enter a ‘name’ (it doesn’t have to be your own name’) and an email address (I really don’t think the website will contact you unless your content is truly outrageous (vulgar, etc.). Just scroll down a little bit after you post our comment and you’ll see where to enter the info.. Hope this helps…

      • FEED UP!

        mamacat, my name and email were entered. This site is sensoring certain posts.

  • mamacat

    Thank you Del. McDonough for standing up for what we need! Our taxes/fees are too high and the bulk of them is to pay for schools illegals are entitled to attend, roads they help tear up, free food from our government (taxpayers), free housing from our government )taxpayers), free medical care from our government (taxpayers) and it HAS TO STOP NOW! When are you running for Governor??

  • mmb

    It is sad to read comments like these. A lot of anger and frustration. Is even worse to realize that an elected official is looking for this kind of response, in order to distract people from focusing o the real local, national and international issues that been the reasons behind so many of the economic problems we are facing today.
    Getting angry with the immigrant population is not going to make things better for anyone. Looking for new solutions and making people accountable for their actions when they are given the responsibility to manage others money and interests, that is what we need to focus on.
    Politicians have been always pleasing and protecting those who maintain them in power, here and in every other country in the word. Our government has been doing this for a long time, and its effects have been felt not only by us, living in this country, but by people in other countries who are just like you and me, trying to make an honest living and create a better future for our families. Therefore, I believe we all need to educate ourselves, on finding out the roots of these problems and making our elected leaders accountable for their actions and for helping our local, national and international interests benefit the economic infrastructure of our communities, here and everywhere else where the United States influences governments and people’s lives.

    • Ronald G Miner Jr

      Thank you for your input Senor, now please crawl back under the border where you came from

    • Jen

      Your comment says a whole lot of nothing.. The facts are- illegals are getting into our country every day. They don’t belong here. The US is littered with millions of homeless people…who WERE born here. People who can’t afford to eat or even own a home anymore b/c they may have had to have ONE surgery and lost everything paying ONE bill. Illegals need to be shipped back to where they came from. We need to take care of our people first. the problem w/ the good ole USA is that we don’t care about our own.. we care about pleasing every body else and worrying that we are going to look good to others. Our forefathers are probably turning over in their graves right now. If you like this bill, why don’t you live in Mexico and all of the countries they sneak in to the USA from? We have enough people here in the USA who already live here and come here LEGALLY. How about if someone murders a family member of your’s and their punishment is that YOU have to feed, clothe and house them for the rest of their lives and you have to pay all of their bills? Would you like that? This is essentially the same thing. D*mn straight people are outraged over this and yes, there is a lot of anger and frustration!!

    • Robert Long

      Everything you said is BS. Because the real issue with the usa is illegal immigrants. They come over here and get free handout’s and make it hard for the legal families who need it. And then they take legal people’s job’s and steal there business’s because they will do it for 1/3rd the price at 1/3rd the quality. but most places that are cheap dont care as long as it works they dont care and that add’s to this issue.

      It makes me sick to think that all these people are not caught and deported back to where they came from. Because if we did this BS where they came from we would be deported back to the USA. And the fact that law makers are passing out the message that its ok to break the law is total utter BS! and it needs to stop here!

      I am so sick of the pure fact that my daughter may not get into pre-k because they take the spanish kid’s 1st. yea you hard me. they take the illegal spanish kid’s 1st before legal american kid’s. GOD it makes me so angry!

      • kr

        So true. It is a shame that pre K is based on race or ethnicity.

      • Press 1 for English or 2 to hang up

        I hear you, my special needs daughter can’t get into Pre-K because her first language is ENGLISH

  • Patriot

    It’s all because of liberals like you. It’s not immigration you idiot, its INVASION!!! Wake up!

    • mamacat

      MMB is probably sitting in her own ‘ivory tower’ in Howard, Carroll or Northern Harford County complaining about the farmers who have been there all their lives and she now has to smell the ‘stink’ of their way of life after she moved in to her McMansion!!.

      • sick of it

        You are probably right mamacat. Like Jen said, we are rewarding criminals.. plain and simple. and if an illegal broke into that mansion of MMBs and raped or murdered a loved one, I’m sure he/she would understand if the judge ruled that MMB was in the wrong and had to take care of and support the criminal for the rest of his life. What a joke. Points well said mamacat and Jen.. and Patriot

  • Dean Carpenter


    These are the issues!

    It’s about time that someone is drawing a line in the sand.
    My son lives in Delaware, but I don’t expect him to get in-state rates in Maryland, even though he was born (and willing to show his birth certificate) in Delaware., USA.
    If any of us born here, in the USA, were to be illegally in another country, we’d be shot as spies, beaten and incarcerated or the like.
    People in the country illegally, are economic terrorists andwe owe them nothing.
    I am tired of paying taxes for those that aren’t here legally.

    Thanks Delegate McDonough!
    We need more like you watching our wallets.

    • mamacat

      Dear “Dean Carpenter”: If this site had a ‘like’ button, I would hit it!!

  • mamacat

    It is sad that there is “A lot of anger and frustration.” Del. McDonough isn’t trying to “distract people from focusing “o(sic) the real local, national and international issues that been the reasons behind so many of the economic problems we are facing today.”. He is trying to get US citizens to deal with the problems we are facing as tax-paying citizens of this country! This country was built on immigrants who came here with a new sense of hope who were willing to work to make it happen!! People who come here today don’t have to worry about working to make it happen (although a minority of them acutally might – but they are given enourmous tax breaks or are tax free). Illegal immigrants come here for the freebies that are paid for by my husband, me and my kids). Free housing, education, medical care, emergency response (fire, ambulance, etc.), and even jail –yes, that’s paid for by me too. Maybe immigrants should consider staying in their own countries and fighting for what they want from their own governnment like the US has done in the past (e.g., the Civil War). The US has too many lazy, welfare, SSI collecting citizens as it is and I’m tired ot having pay extra out of my small paycheck after 30+ years of working for their free stuff!! If there was a country I could move to where I could be given as many benefits as these people, please let me know what that country is! The only elected leader I can think of during this past session in the Maryland Legislature is Del. McDonough. He has the SPINE to stand up for what his constituents want.
    he is accountable for his actions – and the people of his districts are proud of that!

    • sheriff willie

      This country was built by immigrants such as my Father who came here LEGALLY, HAD TO BE SPONSORED, HAD TO PASS A MEANS TEST, HAVE A PROMISE OF A JOB & SPEAK THE LANGUAGE. That is the difference all you bleeding heart liberals that want a watered down version of what this country is all about. This was good for the country back in the 1920’s when there was the greatest era of prosperity in the U.S. & it should be good enough today.

      • Robert Long

        I agree. i think that if you are to become a part of this country. you should be able to speak english. follow our rules. and have a job and not make 50 kid’s and live off the tax payers. and hold a normal job with a paycheck and pay tax’s. not your own little side job thats all under the table and mess up people who have legal business’s. cant follow the rules. you go back to where you came from.

        I am so sick of these illegal’s coming here and just expecting me to speak spanish. like the people who live below me. they dont speak a word of english. they have a 1 bed room apartment and 4 kids. so 2 adults and 4 kid’s. in a 1 bed room. there dinning and living room is there bed room. so the entire apartment is filled with bed’s. it’s one giant bed room.

        I reported them and the leasing office dont care because they pay rent. And they have alot of them living in the complex. None of them speak english at all. And each of the family’s have 4-7 kid’s in 1 bed room apartment’s. And they play loud loud latin music 24/7 and bass the whole apartment and have no respect for my 2 kids when they are trying to sleep. No luck telling them to turn it down because they dont speak english.

  • mandy

    Well there go our tax money to the ones that brake the law. They should be helping us not the ones that are here illegal. The ones that sign this bill should lock up in jail for brakeing the law to help illegal immigrants. I work retail having a hard time understanding people that do not talk good english dose anyone have a hard time to. To live here need to speak good english. Way TO GO DELEGATE MCDONOUGH. YOU GET MY VOTE.

  • jim

    Where do I sign up there is 4 sig in my house!!!!!!!

  • Willie

    I just don’t get it. My grand parents had to leave their country and came here to BECOME citizens. To add to the diversity of American culture and to pay their fair share to the nation. Now, all you have to do is make it over the border and you get all the benefits of their work. If someone wants to have a better life, become a citizen. Find a sponsor and get a card. Become a citizen and pay taxes and support the country. Benefits to illegal aliens makes no sense. I bet we will see taxes jump a bunch just to pay for social services to pay for the services to those who don’t add to the system. I can name a bunch of countries that if you asked for the same benefits as their citizens, they put you in jail, kick you out or just drop you down a hole. If you are an illegal alien reading this, then you are one step closer to becoming a citizen, Just do it, like my grand parents.

  • m_conway

    I’m so glad that at least one of our elected officials knows he meaning of ILLEGAL! Where do I sign the petition?

    • Bernadette Z

      They will be available online, I believe..we are coordinating efforts right now….will keep every one posted…

    • Robert Long

      I talked to McDonough and his office about half an hour ago. They are we are working on getting stuff together. I will keep you guys posted on the detail’s. But so far everything is in the planing phase other then the law suite. But there will need to be alot of people to sign the petition. And i have started a Pre recall petition to remove omalley from office. When he call’s back i will see if he thinks i should continue its and get the rest of the people to sign it.

      I say we put McDonough in office and let him fix this state. It will be a mess for him to repair all the damage omalley did. Ugh!

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