Navy Ship Still Heading To Bottom To Become Reef

BALTIMORE (AP) — A Delaware official says Navy plans to recycle rather than sink four retired warships won’t affect plans to scuttle a destroyer off the coast of Maryland.

The coordinator of the artificial reef program for the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control says the ship is to be sunk this year. Jeff Tinsman says the department is working with the Navy and the federal environmental officials to prepare the ship and receive approval.

Crews are removing asbestos and other hazardous materials from the destroyer in a Philadelphia shipyard A Naval Sea Systems Command spokesman says the decision to scrap four other ships was an economic one made in response to high prices for scrap metal.

An environmental group says the ship should be recycled and not sunk.

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  • williejoe

    Whatever happened to recycling? No, easier to dump everything in the sea & that way it’s out of sight, out of mind. Right? Bulls**t……If we keep polluting our oceans with debris, all the fish reefs in the world won’t mean a thing if there aren’t any fish to harvest.

    • Bob

      The scuttled ship will create a haven for small bait fish, which will in turn attrack larger fish.

    • Squaregrouper

      Do you have any idea how much decontamination effort goes in to preparing a ship to be sunk as an artificial reef? These artificial reefs are actually GOOD for the environment.

  • Somebody

    There is an episode that comes on one of those learning channels about the Mighty O [ Oriskany] States bid on these type of sinkings in order to create new sea life and new dive spots for the local area, which interns boost the local economy. They take alot of precautions before sinking these vessels. Look for the episode. You will learn something

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