DUNDALK, Md. (WJZ) — There is revealing new surveillance video that could help the investigation into a triple shooting that started near Dundalk Middle School.

Gigi Barnett has details on this new development.

The surveillance video is part of police’s ongoing investigation and it gives officers minute-by-minute details of what happened after a multiple shooting.

In the back office of a convenience store in the Turner Station area of Baltimore County, there’s a surveillance video system. 

On Wednesday around 8:30 p.m., cameras caught a teen shooting victim limping in.  Bullets hit both of his legs.  Minutes later, one of the first officers on the scene arrived.  Shortly after that, paramedics whisked the 15-year-old away to Johns Hopkins.

“They brought him here because it was well-lit, people around,” said Gary Spratley.

Investigators say Charles Robinson and Quincy Alford shot the teen and he’s one of three victims.

Police say the shootings stemmed from a fight earlier that day at Dundalk Middle School.  Officials believe Alford and Robinson fired into a crowd near the convenience store to avenge a younger family member.  The fight and shooting may be part of a larger, ongoing feud between two families.

“Usually two kids fight, they’re friends the next day,” said Spratley.  “Now somebody’s parents get involved…and two guys come with a shotgun?  Come on, that’s insane.”

Alford and Robinson are charged with attempted first-degree murder, first-degree assault and using a handgun in a felony.

The injuries are not life threatening.

Comments (9)
  1. Get Over It says:

    Not all black people deal with their problems that way.

  2. Scott Moser says:

    over middle school, seriously. There is a definitive lack of morals and social skills going on here. And people say it’s not a race issue.

  3. peter faulk says:

    blacks and caucassins are both doing the same thing its not a race issue its a poor people issue and you guys making it a race issue help the republicans play games that keep us all down

  4. Lauren says:

    WOW..Where do you ppl with these RACIST minds come from? It’s all races commiting crimes in Baltimore, Murderland and I am a white middle class female!

    1. Homie the Clown says:

      A white middle class female that’s out of touch maybe…take the black on black crime out of Baltimore and we have a much safer city! Agreed that not all blacks deal with problems this way, but WAY too many do. It goes back to how you are raised & the example your parents set & who you are allowed to hang out with. Unfortunately, it’s a THUG/GHETTO mentality that has spread into the counties and has become the accepted way. Racist? Maybe…REALITY? YES!!!
      You can claim white & middle class all you want…but unless you’re blind or just plain stupid…YOU DON’T HAVE A CLUE!!!

  5. J says:

    these people cant get their stories right first it was at dundalk high now they are saying it started at dundalk middle….. seriously and i still wanna know why they arent mentioning the guy who was shooting at the camaro that these two men are driving

  6. tina says:

    Grow up and stop the hatin and start the hepin cause its only gonna get worse unless we all put in cards and stop the bamin each other . Its all not just 1 person or race.

    1. J says:

      i agree 100% but people just dont get it there is one guy on the other comments with the first video who is so disgusting he decided to calll me a a$$…hole because i pointed out the fact that all people can commit these crimes… and he told me i was in denial about my race…..

  7. tina says:

    Then ignore him cause deep down inside he knows …n just blind to it all gotta do is look around ….This is so crazy..

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