UPPER MARLBORO, Md. (AP) — Prince George’s County police say an officer shot and killed a man who was struggling with a second officer over her gun. 

Officers were called Saturday to a home on Andean Goose Way in Upper Marlboro, where a woman told them her son was acting erratically. 

When officers tried to take the man to a hospital for an evaluation, police say he tried to flee and assaulted the officer
trying to stop him. Officers tried to stop him using a stun gun and other less-lethal methods, but when the man grabbed for one officer’s gun, police say the other officer fired at him. The man was taken to an area hospital where he was pronounced dead. 

Police have not yet released the names of the man or the officers. 

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Comments (34)
  1. DJR says:

    I can imagine how bad the mother feels for calling the cops. They never aim for the legs anymore.

  2. Doug says:

    Mom,you made a big mistake in calling the cops over of a mental illness.
    The boy needed a xanex or some sedative to calm him down, not a couple of over caffeinated trigger happy cops.
    Sorry for your loss

    1. Sheriff Arpaio says:

      Shut the hell up Moron! These cops did what they were trained to do and this idiot got what he asked for…you try to take an officer’s gun, they are going to shoot you…bottom line…if you die, well you asked for it! And how do you know this man didnt purposely try to take the officer’s gun purpose…”death by cop” syndrome, if he was mentally ill maybe he was also suicidal….think before you open that piehole, dougie…

    2. clay says:

      your a real dumb ass

    3. Deputy Don says:

      Doug, obviously you have never been in a situation that requires a life or death situation. The report indicates the Officers attempted to use less lethal means unsuccessfully.
      It is a terrible situation where a mentally disturbed individuals cannot all be safely restrained from hurting themselves or others.
      It happens.
      As a Deputy Sheriff I have fortunately never had to shoot a human. I pray that when faced with a decision to exercise deadly force or not, I will make an error and allow someone to injure or kill another because I was too slow to respond. Like the man in the article, I have a family , as do all of the Deputies with whom I work. Should we do as you seem to think and allow a subject we cannot restrain without lethal force, especially after trying to do so, kill an innocent person, or our partner.
      Or do you think all police should die before they are forced to harm another person?
      Who will you call if someone is breaking into your home and threatening your family? the ACLU?

      1. Mystick says:

        If someone is breaking into my home and threatening my family, I would handle the situation myself instead of waiting on someone else to come handle my problem. And that’s if it was even within the LEO’s “response policy” that some hot-air politico dreamed up. When seconds count, the police are only minutes away. We as a society have deferred way too much “problem solving” to third parties… it’s eating this country alive.

  3. Realistic says:

    Do you think the erratic behaving man was trying to take the officer’s gun in order to shoot her in the leg?

    It’s considered deadly force when a person is attempting to take a police officer’s gun away.

  4. lamont says:

    @ DJR… just to let you know, never EVER in the history of policing have officers been taught shoot to injure (that is what the less than lethal items are for), its always been shoot to nuetralize the threat. If they didn’t shoot him, and he did get the officers gun, he would have probably killed the cops and the mother too. If they wouldn’t have shot the man and he would have gotten the gun and killed his mother or someone else, people would be complaining anyways saying the cops didn’t do their job. The police did their job, no second guessing or monday morning quarterbacking.

  5. Doug says:

    Half a cup of coffee from now on,sheriff Short fuse.

    1. officer matt says:

      POS people like you make me sick

  6. pigeon says:

    I’m sorry for the mother’s loss; however, it could have been worse. Thank God it wasn’t.
    For those of you not in the know, I have yet to hear of a police officer get a good night’s sleep for quite some time after having shot let alone killed another human being. It may be their job but there’s no kind of training that can prepare you for the “afterwards”.
    Let’s see how fast a suit is filed.

    1. Wouldyouliketoknow says:

      All wait until everything comes out, he was right in front of my aunts home it did not happen like the media is saying effect he had a bible in his hand….

  7. rudy says:

    Doug is right in to some degree. The man had a mental illness issue and the police in most cases are not experienced in such situations. That poor guy needed a professional that deals with mental issues to handle the situation. When you are dealing with a mental patient you need to be sensitive to what is going on. Most police are always in attck mode due to the training and experiences on the the street. No way about it, it is a sad situation and the mother is hurting i’m sure.

    1. officer matt says:

      your a idoit to just like doug the man was reaching for the officers gun when a person does that there train to protect them seelves and everybody else around the police did the right thing so i guess you and doug want the cops to get shot or harmed idoit ppl i swear

    2. Hamilton girl says:

      So Rudy, since you are so well versed on how to handle these situations – tell us how YOU would have handled it…. IF you had someone pointing a gun at you.. If you could have done better, I would suggest that you contact the police dept and you could possibly work as a psychologist in these situations.. No one wins here. The police did everything they could. If you had a gun pointed at you, would you look the person in the eyes and try to talk him down?? I doubt it.. But if you would then you are better than most people in this world. I think there may be a job for you.

  8. Craig says:

    Doug & Rudy,
    When is the wedding, you both live with blinders on!
    The police did the right thing in this action.
    God help people who think like you to, there will be a lot more unnecessary
    Remember they are cops not doctors.
    Maybe his mother should have called a doctor, no wait they don’t make house calls any more !

  9. Jeanne Clarke says:

    It’s a shame then, in a situation like this, that guns are even brought this closely to someone who is mentally ill. Perhaps if some unarmed officers had approached him? But then again, I guess there’s always the chance he could have been armed and they would have been at a disadvantage then…I guess it’s just a no win then? It just seems there’s always a better way…

    1. officer matt says:

      read the atricle he was reaching for the officers gun he also assaulted the officer you rudy and doug are really freaking stupid

    2. Hamilton girl says:

      You are right Jeanne.. They should have called the “White Coat Squad” that came prepared to give him a needle to bring him down, sort of like a tranquilizer and then they could cart him off to a psych ward somewhere.. Good idea but as far as I know it doesn’t exist. Maybe you and Doug and Rudy could propose the idea .. what a joke

  10. officer matt says:

    maybe the mom feared for her life maybe thats why she called the police you idot people ever think about that if you read what the article saids it saids the police tryed to take him to the hospital he assaulted the officer than fled they use a stun gun and other methods they where trained to do the man WAS KEY WORD PEOPLE WAS REACHING FOR THE OTHER OFFCIERS GUN thats when they other officer shot him YOU STUPID PEOPLE HAVE TO UNDERSTAND the offficers have familys at home when you reach for a cops gun you ARE GOING TO BE SHOT to protect them and everybody else


    1. Wouldyouliketoknow says:

      okay officer friendly how nice of you

  11. from the shore says:

    Rudy and Doug are fairies living in some fantasy land. Two officers were killed out here in Centreville by a mental case. The next time there is an issue with a mental case we’ll send Doug. He doesn’t drink coffe and doesn’t need a gun. WHAT AN A**HOLE.

  12. realist says:

    Doug you are a loser!!

  13. Dave says:

    He’s probably fat too!

  14. Shane Cooper says:

    hey rudy and doug, i will give you my address and leave the door unlocked! walk on in and meet the taurus judge loaded with some 00 buck shot! when someone feels threatened they will protect themselves! you cant expect anyone to care about someone else when it meansthat person not caring about seeing their own family!

  15. sheriff willie says:

    Wow, This thread is pretty lame & cold. I’ve been in the company of Eskimos with frozen a$$holes that were more warmer than this group. I’m taking the night off after a long days sailing. Need to get my rest to fight again for the right right’s come Monday. Night all.

  16. Gene says:

    Given the chance, I would have shot this guy myself. This isn’t a question of Police action in my oppinion, it’s a matter natural reaction. NO ONE reaches and fights for a weapon of any kind, with out ill intent . This situation could have gotten much worse, but instead it was stopped before it ever had a chance.

    I see both sides here, the man suffered from mental health issues and should have gotten help. He didn’t. Instead he made a decision to do what he did, and the result was he lost his life. It’s sad but it happens everywhere to people with out mental health issues. Certainly not exactally like this case, but the end result is the same.

    Let me be clear tho. To the cops like “officer matt” and his PRICELESS final word, in CAPS, to Doug (way to make your profession look professional) You’re no better than a pirate. Just do your job as a professional and you might have some respect in the community. Cops like you ruin any chance of hanging out with the cool kids. Just chill out matt.

    sheesh… did anyone screen this guy or what???

    1. officer matt says:

      lol your words are funny

  17. andy botwin says:

    most cops are AA holes!!!!!! especially Baltimore city cops!!!!!!!

  18. andy botwin says:

    gene your such a puss, your wife can kick your butt! so shut up! bi-itch

    1. Gene says:

      Everyone is a tough guy on the interwebs andy, I know this, but do you mind if I qoute you in my next arguments? You sound so educated!

  19. andy botwin says:

    officer matt, your such a bi-tch! like most cops

  20. Gry pl says:

    I do enjoy the way you have framed this specific difficulty plus it does indeed offer me personally a lot of fodder for thought. However, coming from what I have witnessed, I simply just wish as the actual reviews stack on that people stay on point and don’t get started upon a soap box regarding some other news of the day. Anyway, thank you for this fantastic piece and although I do not really go along with it in totality, I value the viewpoint.

  21. quack videos says:

    In this awesome pattern of things you’ll secure a B+ for effort. Exactly where you actually misplaced me was in the details. As people say, the devil is in the details… And that couldn’t be more accurate in this article. Having said that, permit me reveal to you what exactly did deliver the results. Your authoring is definitely pretty persuasive and this is possibly the reason why I am making the effort in order to comment. I do not really make it a regular habit of doing that. Next, whilst I can certainly notice a jumps in reason you come up with, I am not really confident of how you seem to connect your details that help to make the conclusion. For the moment I will yield to your point however trust in the near future you link your facts much better.

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