House Democrat Files Suit Forcing Donor Disclosure

WASHINGTON (AP) — A top House Democrat is taking legal steps to force the names of political donors to be disclosed.

Maryland Rep. Chris Van Hollen filed a lawsuit against the Federal Election Commission Thursday, challenging a regulation allowing independent groups spending money on political campaigns to shield the identities of their donors.

Van Hollen’s lawsuit was filed in federal district court in Washington.

Since a Supreme Court ruling last year cleared the way for corporations and independent groups to spend freely on campaign activity, many have done so using money from anonymous donors.

Van Hollen said that practice violated an existing law requiring donor disclosure.

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  • whatnow

    We have a right to know who is buying our politicians!

  • williejoe

    The Supreme court in a blatant attempt to side with big business, money & influence & we all know the party of choice, the Republican party has attempted to handcuff American voters by making law instead of their judiciary function which is to interpret & uphold it.

    • whatnow

      ya got that backwards, williejoe. the dems are rewriting laws cancelling the constitution

      • Wheres common sense when you need it

        Republican, Democrate, they are all the same. One scratches the others back. They are two parties with the same outlook, and that is for themselves. The blame game that everyone plays is a distraction so they can continue to rob the country and its citizens blind. Neither party has the countries best interest in mind, only their own. Anything that this government does should be public information, with Very few exceptions. Anyone who disagrees with that has got something to hide. This is why our government keeps everything a secrect or makes getting any information such a HUGE pain in the ass that everyone gives up getting it. They ALL have something to hide!

      • williejoe

        What now, Uh uh, Take a close look @ the Supreme court’s ruling a year ago & now we are in a Republican controlled congress with the Tea party instructing them what to do.

  • Charles

    Van Hollen must have a hidden agenda for this lawsuit. Van Hollen
    along with Pelosi, Reid, Cardin, Babs, Hoyer, etc. pushed for Obamacare. They did not care what the people thought or what it will cost. They are cheerleaders for the President and his policy.

    • Bernard F Mc Kernan

      Charles, Don’t now your age but there was a choice between OBama care & the Republican’s version of “I don’t care”. Tell me how much health insurance your voucher for health care will buy you with no co-pays or restrictions when you are 65,70.80? There will not be an insurance company in business that would touch you if a pre-existing condition exists & your premiums would be $3k a month in today’s dollars.

  • Herman Glimsher


  • Doug

    As if it would make our corrupt government officials
    clean ans pure.
    Get to work Van Hollen.
    Your crusade is pointless,and nothing changes.

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