BALTIMORE (WJZ)—There’s a disturbing warning for users of some popular Apple products. Your iPhone and iPad may be keeping track of everywhere you go.

Kendis Gibson explains the concerns.

It’s alarming news to the millions of users of Apple iPhones and iPads. Your mobile device may be spying on your whereabouts.

“I think it’s invasive,” said Christina Savage, iPhone user. “It’s very invasive, especially since we didn’t know about it. As a user, you know, and have a choice, have a choice to opt out of it.”

British researchers found iPhones that have Apple’s latest software, and iPads with 3G, track everywhere a user goes. They found the devices store the longitude and latitude along with a time stamp, and that information gets duplicated on a computer every time it is synchronized.

“It’s very intrusive. I wouldn’t want anyone to know where I’m going, especially a boyfriend. Eek,” said Emily Spencer, iPhone user.

Cell phone companies have always been able to track users’ movements and locations. But having that information unencrypted and visible could make that information available to anyone who accesses that phone.

“I’d be concerned, not worried. Remember this stuff is on your iPhone, your iPad and synced to your computer,” said Brian Cooley, “It’s not out in the wild on the Internet yet.”

Apple has not commented on the researchers ‘ findings, and hasn’t revealed if the function can be disabled. Until then privacy experts warn users to keep track of who has access to your iPhones, iPads, and computers.

The researchers found other smart phones do not have the same sort of tracking function.

Comments (6)
  1. sheriff willie says:

    All of this technology in the wrong hands or in the hands of idiots can & will cause people humiliation & angst.

  2. Matt says:

    I completely understand the concerns about privacy and intrusive “big brother” theories, but seriously? To the girl worried about her boyfriend tracking her…EEK…I say maybe you shouldn’t be going places to call your fidelity into question to start with. What do we really have to hide any more? Everyone’s business is all over the internet already, and it’s done by our choosing!

  3. Peter Smith Jr. says:

    I have encountered this when traveling abroad. My comment is that I was pleased with the Iphones ability to gather this data and give me directions while traveling in Europe. I even used my GPS and it synced right to my exact location. Funny thing is that when I used my Iphone to get onto Facebook it asked me to verify my who I was. Facebook also tracked my location as being out of the US. This was very interesting. I love technology, but in the wrong hands it can be abused.

    1. overtaxed says:

      And those wrong hands would be our very own government.

  4. Bill Adams says:

    The police department has a government version of this app and they can download your pictures and your files along with this GPS information.

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