BALTIMORE (AP) — If you’re looking to lower your energy use to save the environment or just to save money, Environment Maryland has some tips.

The environmental organization is releasing Friday — in time for Earth Day — a guide to energy saving.

Tips range from lowering the thermostat in the winter to help with installing rooftop solar panels. Information is also provided on the most energy-efficient household appliance choices and Maryland programs to help residents with energy conservation and clean energy systems.

Environment Maryland says turning down thermostats in the winter saves 3 percent on your gas bill for every degree, and the savings are greater when the thermostat is turned up in the summer to cut air conditioning use.

Click here for more information.

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  1. Doug says:

    If you really want to save the environment,
    Try having smaller families and living in smaller homes.

    Ouch !
    Don’t want to hear that.

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