BALTIMORE (AP) — Federal prosecutors say a Middle River man has been sentenced to 30 months in prison for selling fraudulent documents to illegal immigrants.

 Jose Oscar Melendez, 40, was also sentenced on Friday to two years of supervised release.

According to his plea agreement, Melendez created and sold birth certificates and Social Security number cards to undocumented workers. Prosecutors say Melendez performed inspection services at construction sites and would offer to provide documents for illegal immigrants at the sites.

Melendez would charge as much as $6,000 for each set of fake documents.

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Comments (8)
  1. Richard Perry says:

    he should have goffen at least 10 years

  2. andy botwin says:

    yea richard he should have goffen 10yrs

  3. Doug says:

    Jose ?
    Deport him.
    One piece at a time.

  4. From New Mexico says:

    The punishment should be greater. Not much incentive for others doing the same to run for cover.

  5. Halsey says:

    Let’s now give all his customers the discounted college tuition.

  6. crawdog says:

    Thanks Andy, no need for spell check as long as your are here!!

  7. overtaxed says:

    For the third try, as WJZ censors strong points against O’Malley.

    O’Malley should be incarcerated and stripped of all political power. This forgery incident is a symptom of the main problem, and our state government is encouraging it. The only way illegals can file taxes is with a forged SSN.

    The Culture of Corruption is getting stronger than ever, and WJZ is waving thier flag by not calling out these obvious atrocities and patting the Democrats on the back constantly

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