Md. Woman Seeks $10M For Jailed Daughter’s Suicide

FREDERICK, Md. (AP) — A Frederick woman is seeking $10 million in damages from Frederick County following her daughter’s jailhouse suicide.

Tobie Hosie’s lawyer sent a claim notice to county commissioners earlier this month as a precursor to a civil lawsuit.

Sheriff Chuck Jenkins said Thursday that the claim has no merit.

It stems from the Oct. 17 death of Valerie Ann Miller. Authorities say Miller, 40, hanged herself with a bedsheet while being held at the county jail for an alleged probation violation.

The claim states she should have been on suicide watch because she had bipolar disorder, depression and substance-abuse problems.

Jenkins says Miller’s psychological evaluation didn’t identify her as a suicide risk.

Miller’s death was the third suicide at the jail since June 2009.

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  • J. Warner-Burke

    Third suicide at the jail since 2009? That sounds pretty grim. Many jails treat the people housed there like cattle…

    • Dena

      How should they be treated? Like fine, upstanding people who deserve the best our money can buy? The people housed (i.e. CRIMINALS) are there because of decisions they made. If they don’t want to be herded like cattle, maybe make better life choices.

  • Doug

    That’s just how we treat the mentally ill in America.
    Taser, then jail them.
    However,it’s very hard to determine WHO will become violent,
    in the eye’s of the law.

  • sillyman michaels

    don’t have the balls to print the truth..what a bunch of poop
    print this…………………….who reads these comments first a bunch of bleeding
    hearts that don’t have a glue as to whats going on

    • what's going on,


  • Owngs Mills

    Maybe if her daughter didn’t commit crimes, she’d still be alive. Bogus lawsuit.

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