Victim Says McDonald’s Beating Was A Hate Crime

ROSEDALE, Md. (WJZ) –A savage McDonald’s beating was seen by millions on the Internet. The victim says the attack was definitely a hate crime.

Weijia Jiang is following the new public outcry to the brutal video.

Dragged to the floor by her hair, repeatedly kicked and punched, that’s what happened to Chrissy Polis, 22, inside a McDonald’s restaurant on Kenwood Avenue in Rosedale.

For the first time since the brutal beating, Polis is speaking out. She tells WJZ‘s media partner The Baltimore Sun it was a hate crime. Click here to view her interview with the Sun.

Polis, who is a transgender woman, says her attackers called her a “dude” when she tried to go to the women’s bathroom and spit in her face before getting physical.

The video quickly went viral, sparking nationwide outrage.

“All of us are human beings,” said Sandy Rawls, Trans-United director. “We come from the same universe. For people to say it’s OK to beat you down because you’re trying to get French fries or go to the bathroom is deadly wrong.”

Rawls is the director of Trans-United, one of many transgender support groups calling for severe action against the 14- and 18-year-old suspects.

They’re also demanding answers from McDonald’s. The franchise owner says he fired the on-duty employee who was taking the cell phone video, and is considering discipline for the others who were working that night.

“Where’s the managers? Where’s everyone at? You don’t just let someone get beat up like that,” said Linda Bell, of Rosedale.

“They should get fired. That’s setting a bad example,” said Sebastian Johnson, of Rosedale.

Though one worker is seen trying to break up the fight, most are standing by, even heard laughing.

It was a customer who eventually stepped in right before Polis appears to have a violent seizure.

Polis tells the Sun she’s now afraid to leave the house.

Outreach groups for the transgender community are planning a rally in front of the Rosedale McDonald’s for Monday night at 7 p.m., hoping to send the message that what happened inside is unacceptable.

Click here to view the video of the assault.

Police have charged the 14-year-old as a juvenile, and the State’s Attorney is currently deciding what charges the 18- year-old will face.

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One Comment

  1. larry says:

    Every one of them should have been fired. The one with the cell phone should be charged with obstructing justice for warning them to leave before the police arrived. My grandchildren would have done more than anybody working in this joint. SHAME!!

  2. reality says:

    Wait, let me do it.” Crime happens everywhere. It gas nothing to do with race. They just show crimes that involve blacks” Did I say it right? These two “girls” are animals and should be caged!!!!

  3. PAUL E. MICELLI says:

    Animals don’t even attack their own kind, if they do they are rabid(rabies). this is the next generation that’s going to lead america? Both individuals need lessons on how to get along with their fellow man/woman. the employees who stood by are just as guilty, Well what can you expect, no discipline at home, no role models, no prayers in school, cannot learn anything in the schools that push students to the next level , no respect. The youth today are in a sad state of affairs, We only have ourselves to blame

    1. ohiocub says:

      what are you talking about…animals attack their own kind all the time for dominance, territory..etc. The sad part is we are supposed to be more civilized than other animals.

      1. Charlie's Angel says:

        More and more stories that people hit someone into coma for a parking space, beating up others for just the way they look like, shooting at other drivers because driving slower than the other car, and whatelse I haven’t heard of. People are turning into animals, and justice department still treating them like human. It will never end if we don’t do something about these criminals.

  4. tom the bomb says:

    another animalistic act performed by lower than animal creatures. what do you expect when we live in this political correctness era.

  5. jack johnson says:

    animals do attack eachother more than having rabies, extremely if its territorial, or over a female. Those girls are animals, they should have collars and a dog house chained up inside just like a dog

  6. Simon says:

    This should certainly be processed as a federal hate crime. The age of the super predator is upon us. Unless they are stopped and stopped cold we, the viewing public, will only become more desensitized to these abhorrent acts, and the problem will continue to devolve.

  7. sheriff says:

    Don’t call them animals, animals can at least be trained. These THINGS are some abnormal creatures released from Satan’s a$$-hole & others like them. Damm them to hell forever, they are evil.

  8. glynda says:

    The article reads of an assault opposed to battery. Also, the person videoing with the cell phone did not have consent and was also a co -conspirator when she warned them to leave before the cops come.

  9. sven says:




  10. George M Hopkins says:

    where is al sharpton now? the naacp will fight to get the employies job back. and will say it was not a hate crime

    1. retphxfire says:

      You’re just a fool.

  11. XoXo says:

    i am bothered by the fact that while this young lady was having a seizure no one seemed to care she was hittin her head on the wall and trash can, which lucky did not cause her more damage. i am also shocked that besides what looked like a manager and a customer tried to break this up, its rather disguesting. As for the boy who recorded this he should be charged to. It also seemed like he knew the girls who attacked this girl. I am also bothered by the fact they had such anger over using the bathroom, i mean really? Was her using the bathroom worth catching charges over?

  12. THE BLACK MAN says:


  13. open minded says:

    Is it really a black or white issue? What was said in the bathroom?
    Most black people only make problems? What about the whites, asian, hispanics that creates problems? Why place blame on one race when its all races. Its just that crimes committed by blacks make front page new and crimes commited by other races DONT. Regardless of the color of your skin we are all human.

  14. Disappointed says:

    I see that racism has raised its head in more than one way. More interest was placed on the race of the individuals than on the actual attack of an innocent person. Shame on you because Blacks are not going away.

  15. Robert Long says:

    Well here is the inside info. There is a petition going on to press charges on all the people working there. I will put the address in a second. But as for what happend. it was 2 hate crimes that happend. One was that the women use to be a man. And Two. She is white. Not only did the workers make it worse by cheering on and making comments about her gender and color they where yelling at the attackers to beat her harder and murder her and one less white person and such. and laughing. and picking up the attackers things as they dropped and giving them back to them and then told them to leave quick before the cops come because the white lady called the police. so you see that the whole thing went down the way it did because of the people working there. and they are all going to be facing charges. alot of charges and also going to be fired. go here to sign it and get more info.

    1. iSeeStupidPeople says:

      I agree that it is a horrible crime no matter the race or gender. However, saying that blacks are the cause of it is ridiculous. You can’t judge a complete race by a few people….EVERY race, religion, and gender has its share of ignorant people that give them a bad name, but it DOES NOT make all of them bad.

      Nobody deserves to be treated this way!! It is a criminal offense and should be prosecuted as such. Any employee that did not try to help this person should be punished in some way. If it is determined that it was a hate crime, that should be prosecuted as well.

  16. I hate McDonalds says:

    No one, no matter who you are should ever go to this McDonalds again. Shut them down, get them in the wallet. It’s the only way to get them to listen.

    Fire them all, and If I was the person that was beaten, I would have the biggest civil lawsuit agains everyperson working that day, then I would go after Mcdonalds for their poor hiring process.

  17. Ex-Baltimore says:

    I’m black and I hate living with my own people because it’s true: blacks do cause a lot of problems. Particularly blacks 14 to 28. This 14-year age period for black people see the most crimes such as gang activity, mob beatings, assaults, robberies, loud obnoxious behavior, etc. I live mostly among college educated professional white people who simply do not act like this. Even my local McDonalds draws mostly upper class type people where you never have loud ignorant persons like you do in McDonalds in poor areas like Rosedale. As more Baltimore area blacks come into the surrounding counties, you’re going to see more and more and more of this senseless violence. Black youth of today scare me and I’m black!

  18. Lock them up forever says:

    Waive that 14 year old witch to an adult and see how fast she starts crying for her mother, if that little witch even has one.

  19. OHWELL says:

    Looks like that after making money for years from his franchise Its time that he pays out a large amount to this girl’s lawsuit

  20. Mike says:

    They need to make an example out of these two. If the roles were reversed the NAACP would be in an uproar. This victim needs to do what these animals would do if it was them. Sue these two, sue the Mcdonalds for doing nothing and hope they get charged accordingly. This is a Hate crime and it needs to be treated as such and they need to charge the parents for raising such animals. Im just waiting for when the NAACP gets on the news and tries to justify this! Maybe they will say they were defending themselves.

  21. hb says:

    If you ask me, this was attempted murder. They did not have to protect themselves, and it was unprovoked, not only that, with the brutal head kicks, the victim could have very easily sustained life threatening injuries they were willing to carry out. They wanted to kill that person. As what else can you justify that? With the little interference, at what point do you think they would have stopped, had the victim not had a seizure?

  22. j. kramer says:

    there are only a few simple questions here. 1. did the transgender have a right to be in the female restroom. answer is no. was he ask to leave? Probably yes. did he refused to leave. Probably yes. Did a whoopin ensue. Most definitley yes. Did the people putting the whopping cross the line. Most definiitely yes. was the person filming this a part of the problem? Yes and no, should Macdonalds be held responsible for this? No. Employees are taught to stay out of situations invoving customers but they should contact police rifgt away. Did they do that? The answer is no. Is Macdonalds liable for this assault. Most definitely Yes. Is the transgender victim at fault for this assault. The answer is YES. Are the two people responsible for their continued agression on this person. Without a doubt Yes. It indeed was more then necessary. They all should be punished, including Macdonalds and their staff.

  23. Bullfrog says:

    Put them in prison and let their cell mates take it from there, hopefully the ass whooping that they get in jail/prison will make this beat down look minor to what I can only hope they get. It appeared from the article that it was a hate crime, give the 18 year old 10 years and the 14 year old 4 years and for that period of time throw away the key or better yet I will hold the key for the duration of their sentence.

  24. chalkie says:

    It doesn’t matter how they are charge our court and prison system is a joke. They need to go back to hard labor in the prison system, so you don’t want to go back to jail after your done your time for your crime. But before you go to jail you have to go before the judge, which most are old lawyers looking to collect a pension after serving 4 years as a judge. But most of the judges out there won’t punish criminals like this the way they should be dealt with. Sorry these 2 girls continued to beat a person after they were done. To me the punishment should fit the crime and they should be tied down so this person can continue to stomp them until they have a seisure or die. We need to start making examples out of people. If you murder, rape or molestate a child, once sentenced you should be taken out back of the court and have a bullet put between your eyes. If you beat someone like this, you should be beat just as bad if not worse. But we have to many bleeding hearts in this state that will not allow capital punishment ( like O’Malley). Our system is broke and criminals have no respect for anyone or anything, including the cops!!!

  25. fraught says:

    A transgendered woman? There’s gonna be tussle’s at the restrooms occasionally, let’s be real.

  26. Jerry says:


  27. Jerry says:

    I passed the McDonalds where this happened today and 2 of he black employes were making the kicking motion like in the video and were laughing. Now tell whats wrong with hat picture.

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