Md. Rally Condemns McDonald’s Attack

ROSEDALE, Md. (WJZ) — Monday night, a  community stood together, demanding an end to senseless violence.  It’s all in response to a video that’s making national headlines.

Weijia Jiang has new reaction from the victim’s brother and the woman who tried to stop the attack.

The video has sparked outrage across the world.  Chrissy Polis, 22, was severely beaten inside a Rosedale McDonald’s.  Polis tells our media partner, the Baltimore Sun, she believes the suspects attacked her because she’s transgender.

“They kicked me in my face.  They really hurt me really bad and I’m afraid to go outside now,” Polis said.

Police charged a 14-year-old as a juvenile and 18-year-old Teonna Monae Brown, who faces several counts of assault.

On Monday night, hundreds gathered outside the restaurant to protest, including Polis’ twin brother, Matthew.

“It’s overwhelming. I’m so happy…to be here.  I’m his twin but everyone has a right to be here, just like I do,” Matthew Polis said.

Those who came lit candles, not only for Polis but for other victims in the transgender community.  Many say they found the video appalling but they were not surprised.

“We face a lot of violence and it has to stop.  I think all of us, in our heart…we know what it was about,” said Mara Keisling, National Center for Transgender Equality.

“They acted like animals,” said Vicky Thoms.

Thoms tried to stop the fight but ended up punched in the eye herself.  She said she stepped in because no one else would.  Only one employee tried to help.  Others can be heard laughing.  McDonald’s fired the on-duty worker who taped the beating.

“I have never in my life seen anything like that.  It was like they were gonna kill her,” Thoms said.

Polis said she had planned on coming, but in the end was too nervous to be around so many people.  Meanwhile, Brown is in police custody, held without bail.

Police reports reveal Brown was arrested last July after a fight at that same McDonald’s.  Those assault charges were later dropped.


One Comment

  1. Ex-Baltimore says:

    The NAACP should be at the forefront of this rally to not only condemn an obviously racial attack by blacks on a white person, but also against the general out of control violence from young blacks in this region on everyone. Black youths in our region are a menace! Look at all the crime being committed by them. From the jewelry heist at the Columbia Mall to all the shootings like the ones this past weekend. This group smack down on this white transgender individual is becoming a growing danger to anyone who is by themselves and has even the simplest dispute with a group of black teens in this area. Another case in point is the gang of black teens who beat up two whites on the Metro subway because they were told to please be quiet because of loud and obnoxious behavior typical of large groups of black youths. I’m black and I know my fellow blacks all too well. Something needs to be done to rein in these monsters or racial profiling and police harassment is going to be done more frequently encountered with dire consequences for all black people–including the law-abiding ones like me.

  2. Where's the NAACP ? says:

    This was pure hate on a white transgender PERSON. It was wrong and I hope to see everyone at this ralley protesting against this horrific HATE CRIME.

  3. Show your support says:

    Let’s get this ralley going, everyone twitter it and post it on facebook.

  4. leaving mexico says:

    he should have stayed in the closet, i love violent blacks, like they say the sqeakey wheel gets the oil. when we start to give the blacks thier justice we will be better off don;t blame the blacks they are the real victims, and what you reap you sow , so if you whites have a problem thank your greatgrand daddys the should have treated the black man whith commpasion , now their grand expieriment is coming back to bite them in the ass. right your wrongs and maybe their will be hope, start at the top and end when all racism is stamped out , until then thank your grand daddys.

    1. chalkie says:

      So because what happen over 150 years ago, makes it O.K. for blacks to beat up and murder people now a days is what your saying. That is just pure B.S.. No black person living today has any idea of what it was like to be a slave. If you ever did some reading, you will learn that some slaves were treated like family to some slave owners. Some slave owners actual took time to teach thier slaves and educate them. I am not saying all slave owners were like this, but not ever slave was treated like a peace of garbage and beat everyday just to be beat. This is something one of my black friends told me” If you really want to blame someone for slavery, blame your own people. Your tribal leaders are the ones who sold your people to get rich.” There are alot of colored people out thier who would disagree with you and your statements. And not every white person has ties to slavery. I like how people just love to run thier mouths and have nothing to back it up with. I am glad that the friends that I have are nothing like you.

  5. williejoe says:

    All the Blacks will be in D.C Today celebrating at the Zoo where they belong with the primate family members.

  6. Wish I knew the whole story says:

    I feel for the person who got beat up, but we don’t know the whole story like normal. We have no idea what took place before the 2 girls started to beat up this person. There maybe alot more to this story then just 2 black teenagers deciding to beat up this man or woman. We are only hearing the vicims side and we only see video after the fight had already started. I am not trying to defend these kids action, nor am I say that the victim started something. I would just like to know the whole story for once. There may have been alot more to this then we know, but everyone is looking to jump and cry racism right away. Crime is out of control in this state and none of our politicians are trying to do anything about it. I don’t agree with this person looking to sue McDonald’s and trying to get rich, they should sue the people that did this to them. But now a days everyone is trying to get rich quick by suing. I hope the judge throws it out. McDonalds cannot control every persons that walks into 1 of thier stores. And by law anyone who tried to break this up could be charge with assault, because they put thier hands on someone. Thats why most people don’t get involved in this type of matter and turn thier backs on crimes happening right in front of them. Everyone should be able to feel like they are safe, and the cops cannot be everywhere all the time.

    1. Really? says:

      You cant be serious! I dont give a s*** what happened before the beating. Even if the victim may have mouthed off a bit at these two ANIMALS, the victim did not deserve to be beaten SO bad that it caused her to have a seizure! Yes, there are always two sides to a story but it doesnt justify what these 2 monsters did to this person!
      So lets say someone cuts you off driving and you flick them off or whatever and they shoot you. It was ok because you mouthed off to them causing them to get mad? Get over it! What these two a$$holes did to that person is disgusting and I hope they rot in jail! They are nothing but hood rat thugs!

      1. Really? says:

        And Im sick of hearing the whole, “they could have gotten in trouble if they jumped in”. Thats a POOR excuse!! Any judge that would throw charges at a person trying to help a person being beat needs to lose their job! They could have done something to help this person! Anything! They did NOTHING but sit back and watch, videotape and laugh. Anyone who thinks that it was ok to not have done anything is a damn moron!

  7. Ex-Baltimore says:

    The obviously very stupid black person who is saying that it’s ok to go around beating up on white people for past wrongs only goes to show and justify everyone’s fear and hatred of you. If you are condoning and encouraging more of these reverse racism attacks then you have just made the biggest mistake of your life because what will now happen is what has happened in the state of Florida where wealthy white people who control the government, got sick of all the violent car jackings and beat down robberies from Haitians and Jamaicans down there, got the vote going in their state legislature for easy concealed weapons permits. White people then started packing and shooting back. What then occurred was a 75% drop in carjackings and armed robberies of individuals. All states that have easy concealed carry permits have all seen a drop in the above types of crimes. Maryland will one day see the same with people being fed up with violent crimes committed against them by blacks and us presuring our own Maryland legislature for easy concealed carry also. Once passed and peole legally packing there young gang hip hop black thugs will see fire returned on them. Again, be careful what you say. People will start to fight back once pushed too far. The gang punks will then find themselves horizontal on the ground!

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