5-Year-Old Boy Attacked By Pit Bull

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A little boy’s leg was mangled by his neighbor’s dog in East Baltimore.

Kelly McPherson spoke to the brave 5-year-old and to the dog’s owner.

After a dog attack, the kindergartener is recovering with 106 stitches and 12 staples.

“I was going over there with my friend.  The dog came over out of the yard; he came under the gate and bit my leg,” said Khalil Willis.  “I told him to get off of me, but he kept biting my leg.”

“It was just last night he was asking me to ride the scooter and now that that happened, he won’t be riding the scooter for a while,” said Willis’ stepfather, Carlton Matthews.

The family says the attack happened in an East Baltimore alley Monday afternoon.  Bystanders threw bricks at the dog to scare it away.

Animal Control is taking the dog away from the owner.

“They have the wrong dog,” said the owner.

“There are a lot of dogs around here who look alike,” said the owner’s friend, Wayne Eggleston.

The owner also claimed not to know anything about another dog WJZ saw in the upstairs window where he lives.

A neighbor said off-camera that her son was bitten by the same dog recently when he got out of the fence but she didn’t press charges because the dog had had his shots.

The boy’s family wants the dog gone.

“I’d just rather see him come around and apologize and let us know that he’s really apologizing and just mean it from his heart and be sincere,” Matthews said.

There was a delay in responding to this attack due to the city’s furlough days.  That’s why the dog was taken away Tuesday.  The family is weighing their options about pressing charges.

Baltimore City police confirm officers filed a report.  No one has been charged in the case.

  • pigeon

    Mr. Eggleston, the dog’s owner is worse then the dog. He has out-and-out lied (no other dog on the premises but one was seen in an upstairs window). He is like the parent who would say “not my child; he or she wouldn’t do anything wrong) but instead indication “there are a lot of dogs around here who look alike”. Sir, you are arrogant and should not own ANY animal. Why was that dog, because of the type it is, allowed outside without supervision especially since there is, evidently, openings in the fence/gate allowing him/her (the dog) to get out.
    Shame on the “neighbor” for not reporting the dog bite to her child or press charges “because the dog had had his shots”. Evidently the parent didn’t have the smarts to know that kind of information is kept on record.
    As for Kahlil, I do pray the young child recovers without too much emotional distress and does not grow up thinking all dogs are vicious; dog can and do make wonderful pets.
    Now for the “kicker”. Just because of the city’s furlough days this dog wasn’t picked up until today. That’s just total BS! Do you mean also that no criminals were arrested during this same time period because of the furlough days. Sorry, even with many employees off, BUSINESS STILL GOES ON!. Look at how many people you put in danger because the city is short of money. Like I said – total BS!

    • Country Goin Out Da Bounds

      The dog was hungry in the wrong places. The dog should have gotten groceries so he can eat right. Remember the song, Looking for love in the wrong places? Country song!



      • sheriff

        Tell all your Coon friends who have a love affair with these killer dogs that we’re coming for them….Like you live there & you don’t already know who’s breeding? hellllooooo!!

      • sheriff Willie is a girl

        sticks and stones sheriff… you’re just so tough behind the computer

      • Notsure

        I think it might be around Paterson park n hoffman, the guy and the dogs look familiar and friends of mines used to live next door, and at that time the guy had two baby light brown pits.

      • Notsure

        Oh nvm that wasnt the same house i was tlkn bout

  • howard

    No dog is worth a human. PUT THE DOG DOWN. I have the same thing at my house. My next door neighbor’s dog put another neighbor in shock trama. He was told that it has to bite twice. Dog’s still there. Now when that dog comes to the fence, I go in the house. SAD. The man that lives there is a county police and the owner works for the county. At one time they had five dogs and denied it to athoritys. Wish the boy all the luck in the world.

    • Boy Becomes Dog's Meal Ticket

      Make sure the dog has plenty of groceries otherwise the children or elderly will become the groceries. The dog was hungry and wanted to enjoy a nice meal and the boy partly became the dog’s meal.

    • Livelihood

      Tell that to Mike Vick!!!!!

  • Tiffany Jones

    Everybody in this video is mad ignorant and it’s embarassing! And how dare the DUG’s owner act so nochalant? I saw a picture of the mother on another station and she was atrocious!!!!

  • Zaidi

    Not surprised. The dog is reflecting the mental state of the owner.

  • Surprise!!!


  • Ken

    Pit bull…bred for fighting…need I say more?

    • ha ha

      yes, you need to say more…that’s like saying, “well, the drunk guy got behind the wheel of the car and put a 5 year old in the hospital… cars, need I say more?”

      • kr

        No the statement will be Drunk guy behind the wheel put a 5 yr old in hospital (killed another and another) DUI=Death need I say more?

      • ha ha

        ok, so is it the guy drinking or is it the alcohol or the car? is it the owner responsible for proper care and treatment of his charge or is it the dog?

    • livelihood

      I’ve been saying this all along, when are you ppl gonna listen! Probably when it hits home..

  • HooDatIS?


    • kevin

      You know what? I have been attacked by a few dogs myself! And a few of them have been Pitbulls, but I have 3 Pits myself. It is how you train those dogs. If you treat them like killers and do not socialize them, than they will attack and kill someone. My 3 dogs are lovable, they wont bite someone but they sure will lick them silly. I treat my dogs like family, and they give me love daily.

  • Lady Shirley

    The owner of the dog does not know anything about the dog in HIS window? Come now, we’re not idiots. The owner, and all owners, of dangerous breed dogs that attack and injure someone should be fined a minimum of $5,000, serve a minimum of 3 yrs. in jail, not allowed to ever own another dog, and pay the visctim’s medical bills. That is more that fair. I wish a complete and speedy recovery to the little boy in this story.

    • sheriff

      Lady Shirley, Might as well fine them 5 million dollars, They’re never gonna pay it. Haul there a$$ off to jail for a month & let them sit in the general population.

    • kr


  • http://wjznews Williams

    All pit bulls need to be taken from there owners,if u cnt control your Dog why get 1. Lil man stay strong and Keep fighting.

    • bullymom

      Not ALL pitbulls need to be taken from their owners! You should really do your homework before making a statement like that! You are saying that ALL pitbulls are bad dogs. THEY ARE NOT! Some are therapy dogs…even a few of the rehabilitated Vick dogs are therapy dogs! My bully was a show dog! He nuzzles the orphaned kittens that I raise and he tries to lick them clean like their own mothers would! My dachshund, however, isn’t as nice. So, should we remove all dachshunds from their owners?

  • YouALLMakeMeSick

    wow … i love all the people on here talking trash about pit bulls … HELLO ALL DOGS BITE!!! … I’ve owned my pitbull for 3 years and not once has he attempted to bite anyone or anything. I have a 1 year old daughter who chases him and plays with him everyday. You all need to be angry with the owner for allowing his dog to be that way. It’s how the dogs are raised that make them so dangerous. I have a guy in my neighborhood who has a golden retriever that is nasty. But oh if he bit anyone you guys would be on here talking about someone must have provoked the dog to bite them since it’s a retriever. NOT ALL PITBULLS ARE DANGEROUS!!!! GET OVER IT!!!

    • Sybil

      No, but when he does bite someone, it’s not gonna be pretty!!

    • chuck

      “all dogs bite”? why is it that every single instance of a dog bite is a pit bull? Gas all of them.

    • George

      NOT ALL PITBULLS ARE DANGEROUS but most are. Remember that time when that child got mauled by a (insert any breed other than pit) and received 106 stiches? Me neither! It just doesn’t happen. Maybe it is a bad owner, but if he had a poodle that little boy wouldn’t be sitting in a wheel chair. Why do people in the city need such a big dog? Home protection? Did you see the house and neighborhood on the News. Get rid of the dog, use the money you save on dog food to fix up your home and get out and clean your alley. It’s your neighborhood – take some pride. Maybe I’ll leave that issue for another day.

      • ha ha

        Please provide the source for your facts.

  • Sick of stupid

    pigeon – not sure I could have said it better myself….people dont take responsibility for anything in their care anymore. Dogs, Kids, Older Family Members…our society has taught us that responsibility is not for us to take on. Shame on an animal owner who knows that their dog has a perpensity to bite, yet does nothing. Pitbulls can be very loving pets if they come from a responsible breeder and are raised in a responsible way. Any dog, any animal for that matter can bite. Kids bite…but we take the time to teach them its wrong and they can not do it. Responsible dog owners do that same. Unfortunately this poor animal who was never taught to behave will suffer for its owners neglect!

  • drifty2

    not all pit bulls are breed for fighting. All dogs bite. More than likely it is the owner that makes a dog on the edge. Also doe sanyone have any idea how that dog and if the dog was treated when it was outside. I have a lab that I do not trust do to the fact that when he is outsiade the kids tease him. So he is not able to pull out a gun and shoot you. (like people do today), There only defense is to bite. Take a look at the whole picture instead of the dog breed.

    • chuck

      again..”all dogs bite” but pits maul and kill..thats what they do…..gas em all!

      • drifty2

        How bout gasing the owners also. You seem very negitive on animals.

      • Angela Creswell Glass

        You are an idiot! I have owned a pit bull for 5 years. It’s the OWNER, not the breed. All dogs do bite – and I have seen some fierce bitings and killings that were not done by pit bulls. Grow up!

  • Terri

    It’s has always amazed me that every “pit bull” attack has been a wonderful pet; however, statistics show that about 80 percent of the attacks are within the household and a family member is maulled and the owner scratches his head and states “my pit bull was always so docile.” Imagine that!

    “Four pit bulls attack, kill N.M. woman on Easter
    Police say they had to shoot at pit bulls mauling N.M. woman to death to drive them off”.

    The UK prohibits Pit bulls and is legislating bans on all Pit bull breeds. When will the USA wake up: ”
    “Britain’s Ban on Pit Bulls Extended to Previously Legal Breeds
    Published on March 26, 2009 by Alison Green · 13 Comments
    “An anti breed specific legislation group has reacted in horror to the confirmation that previously legal dog breeds and cross breeds are to be caught up in the net designed to outlaw ‘Pit Bull Terrier type dogs’.

    “Legislators in the UK have put together a piece of law which will ban previously legal breeds and cross breeds. The bill will, it is promised, see Britain free from dog attacks by ‘the dangerous dog breeds’.
    Legislators behind the bill claim it will “eradicate the more dangerous dogs that can inflict injury upon children” and will better protect the public from serious, fatal dog attacks. They go on to set out the grounds of the new bill and exactly which dogs could fall foul of the new legislation.”

    (yea, all you dog nuts “go for it”…..)

  • deb

    When was the last time you heard of a chihuahua MAULING someone

    • Shannon

      You dont because no one reports when a little dog attacks someone. They think its cute when they nip!!

      • YouALLMakeMeSick

        exactly … no one reports any dog attack unless it’s a pit bull … it’s a shame

  • whatnow

    I was bitten by a chihuahua. They are vicious. They just don’t have the size to maul. The bite hurt and got infected and I have a permanent scar.

    • Irene

      Sorry about that, but did you get a severed femoral artery like my son did as a result of an attack by a pit bull breed?

      • Pit Bull Loving Mommy

        how old was your son when he was bitten? and where were you? and if he was older, then he should have been more careful…if he was younger, then YOU should have been more careful. Who was the dog’s owner? Which pitbul mauling story was yours? Because I’m sure it was in the news… please post a URL to the news story that would surely have been ranted over when your son was bitten.

  • QT



    A friend of mine had a beautiful bit bull that was so sweet, gentle and huge, that’s the way she trained him to be. There’s a lot of fighting going on with these dogs in the city ane everyone knows about it. And let’s not forget about the Thug with a Dug status, they train the dogs to be just as vicious as they are!!!!!!!!. Look at the owner sticking up for his Duuuuug with no regard for the child. They should have hauled his butt away as well and took the dog they saw in the window!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How many more people have to mauled or killed before the city does something about this problem??????????????? Hey sheriff I agree with your comment pit bulls and blacks (and I’m a black woman) the truth is the truth.

    • YeahRight

      Sheriff called you, a black woman, a coon – and you agree with him???


    YeahRight, it’s not sheriff I’m worried about…. it’s you. I agree with the comment pit bulls and blacks. Re-read the comments. Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never, ever hurt me. THE TRUTH IS THE TRUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Proud Dog Owner

    YES, ALL DOGS BITE! I have a 12 yr old golden who recently bit an adult who stepped on her. It was a single puncture wound, but the person didn’t clean it and it got infected. I had Animal Control at my house, I had to verify her shot records, and quarantine her for 10 days. They returned to check her health in 10 days before lifting the quarantine. Pits get a bad rap due to two things: 1) idiot owners who should never own a dog because they don’t know how to raise them, and 2) when they do bite, they are so muscular, massive, and are generally those owned by itiots, that they can’t control their rage. I hope the little boy makes a full recovery and realizes that caution should be used around all dogs, not just pits.

    • whatnow

      You don’t have to be a dirty person who doesn’t clean a bite to get infected. I cleaned my wound and put on antibiotic cream but it got infected anyhow. The doctor said since I have allergies to most dogs, it would only stand to reason that I wouldn’t have the immunity to fight off an infection from a bite.

  • sheriff

    Dogs should be outlawed in the city period. Dogs need room to exercise & run, the city is no place plus the &*^%$# barking at night is a real PIA. Then they s….t everywhere & people step in it & it get’s washed down into the bay for the crabs to eat & you idiots eat crabs.

  • Sandra Perdue

    The truth be told I am a pit bull owner and if you are not going to take care when you own one then you should not have one a pit bull. All you pit bull HATERS need to get a grip they are not breed as fighting dog. Maybe if the news stations did their jobs right you would see that there are more dog bites and attacks by other breeds then by the breed i own and love.. she is a 60 lbs lap dog that loves to be loved. I don’t let anyone in my house with out letting them know i own a pit bull, she has never lunged or bit anyone in the 5 years i have had her. oh and I must be a really bad person because not only do i own a pit bull i also own a rotti … So everyone needs to get their facts right about the breed and stop reporting just pit bull attacks if you are not going to report on all dog attacks

  • Angela Creswell Glass


  • Patricia Smith

    Hello Sheriff, I’m not hiding….I have been on several sights and have seen your ignorance. You have mental health issues and are a troll.
    No body pays any mind to you because your mind “aint right”. Plus your spelling and words are atrocious.

  • El Jefe

    I’m really surprised about the ignorance of some of the comments. If you think that all pit bulls are bred to be vicious, you are just as ignorant as the Owner. I do not blame to dog one bit, yes it is sad, but its the owners responsibility. There are always two sides to a story. They say the kid was playing in the alley. I have a pit myself with a alley in my back yard, and I see kids all the time teasing my dog with sticks and running along the fence in teasing manner. All this story does make false assumption about Pit Bulls, the story has so many holes, I don’t know who to believe. The only Victim here is the Dog.

    • Sandra Perdue

      I am so happy to see pit bull owner post on here. you post could not be any more true … They are great dog

  • Meli Zen

    “All dogs bite”? I have been around and owned dogs my entire life. None have ever bit, other than gentle “play mouthing”. All dogs need to be trained and trained properly. Pit bulls are very people oriented by nature. A pittie that would bite a child is the result of poor breeding or training the dog deliberately to bite. My prayers for the young man’s complete recovery and that he is not made afraid of all dogs because of this.
    Speaking of breeding, I hope you’ve had a vasectomy, sheriff. This world doesn’t need any more of your brand of hate.

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