ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ) — Marylanders can decide online if they want to put in-state tuition for undocumented students up for a vote next year.

Political reporter Pat Warren reports a bill passed by the General Assembly this month is stirring controversy.

Chanting “Si, Se Puede” (“Yes, we can”), undocumented students moved lawmakers to break the barrier preventing them from taking advantage of the cheaper tuition rates afforded to students who are residents of Maryland.

“This is the last chance that I have before I go out to the real world and start working,” said Jaime Rivera.

But the bill is being challenged by lawmakers, who are asking voters to go online and sign a petition to put it on the ballot next year.

“And the way that they’re going to do it is by gathering signatures from their families and their neighbors,” said Delegate Neil Parrott.

Opponents of the bill call it unfair.

“At a time when Marylanders continue to struggle to pay their bills, their food bills, their gasoline bills…this state and this General Assembly is offering our taxpayer-provided benefits to people who are not even here legally,” said House Minority Leader Anthony O’Donnell.

But others continue to believe it’s the right thing to do.

“While I’m born in the U.S., I’m documented.  Most of my friends can’t go to college with me [because of the out-of-state tuition] and I feel that that’s ridiculous,” said one.

Petition organizers admit they have their work cut out for them.  They need 58,000 verified signatures by the end of June.

A spokesperson for Casa De Maryland, an immigrant outreach group, says they expect the attempt at referendum to fail.

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  1. Robert Long says:

    This makes me sick. Because they are expecting handout’s. Nice way to show law breakers. Break the law and win a prize. That must be too good to become citizin’s the right legal way all the other hard working citizen’s have done to become a part of our country. They come over and there parent’s throw down an anchor and expect to get a free ride for the rest of there lives. It’s bad enough we have to support those anchor babies.

    They need to hurt up and pass that new law that makes anchor babies non citizens. To be a resident one parent has to be a valid citizen. They need to do this. And do it now. They are the cause for all our the current finance issues we have in america today. Every single state suffers from them. And it’s time to put this to a stop!

    1. MEL says:

      I just don’t understand why they act like they cannot afford it. Nobody can it is called a loan step in line like everyone else. They are illegal who comes up with this stuff?

    2. Old line Maryland family says:

      I submit that according to the Maryland Constitution any elected official that has taken the oath of office as written below is in violation of their oath by covertly or overtly refusing to uphold the laws of the State of Maryland. This includes refusing to enforce the laws of the State of Maryland and the United States. They are subject to removal from office.

      SEC. 9. Every person elected, or appointed, to any office of profit or trust, under this Constitution, or under the Laws, made pursuant thereto, shall, before he enters upon the duties of such office, take and subscribe the following oath, or affirmation: I, _______________, do swear, (or affirm, as the case may be,) that I will support the Constitution of the United States; and that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to the State of Maryland, and support the Constitution and Laws thereof; and that I will, to the best of my skill and judgment, diligently and faithfully, without partiality or prejudice, execute the office of________________, according to the Constitution and Laws of this State, (and, if a Governor, Senator, Member of the House of Delegates, or Judge,) that I will not directly or indirectly, receive the profits or any part of the profits of any other office during the term of my acting as___________ (originally Article I, sec. 6, renumbered by Chapter 681, Acts of 1977, ratified Nov. 7, 1978).

      1. Robert Long says:

        So we need to get these idiot law breaker and supporters out of office and now!. What about USA wide. What about the whole obama issue with him supporting illegal’s and making it easier for them to get handouts and trying to condemn states who put there foot down like AZ and sue and say its wrong and this and that. When in fact they are saving the US and there state billions of dollar’s!

      2. Brian says:

        Maybe this needs to be sent to the Govenor and all who want to pass this law.
        Obviously the law makers don’t know the LAW.
        this makes a total mockery of these people who have gone through the legal process, (as I have) to live in the United States legally



  2. sven says:

    Who made these laws robert? White westerners who stole this land from Native Americans, which BTW extends all the way down to the tip of
    south america.

    Whose land was this originally?

    1. Robert Long says:

      Hey. Im half native american. So when you say they stole the land. Part of me was born here. So yea.. And i dont work my butt off to send people who broke the law to college using tax money that i pay. I wanted to go to college but couldn’t pay for it. So how do you figure its ok for some kid whos breaking the law to go to school?

      1. Sitting Bull Ish says:

        Robert if you are half Native American then your people receive the biggest handouts than anyone right now in AMerica so shut your trap.

      2. Robert Long says:

        I am half polish also. My family entered this county legally about 200 year’s ago. And dont talk about handout’s. The native American’s where born here. They didnt get anything until about 75 year’s ago or such. The people who still lived together in reservation’s stuck together and they live till this day. and talk about handout’s Most native’s run’s casino’s lol and pour ton’s of money into tax’s. So how does this illegal immigrant battle turn into a raciest battle? Im guessing you are an illegal immigrant. I must have hit a sore spot =P And before you talk about my people remember there are not many of us left. And also me or anyone in my family never had any issues with money. My side that came over from poland has money. And my side that is native american had there own business and never needed anyone’s help or handout’s. they dont collect anything in welfare they handle there own. the only thing they ever got like i said was land. and it wasn’t even good land. but they made the best of it and let that be.

    2. JoeFromAACounty says:


      1. Tiffany Jones says:

        “If they were better fighters they wouldn’t have lost their land?” NO, if they were barbaric, gun toting, disease carrying, money hungry cancer cells of mankind than maybe they would’ve won and kept their land. And since America is giving out handouts now, where the hell is the reparations for the architects of the country for 400 + years of servitude and millions of lives lost in the process?

    3. Get the Heck OUT says:

      sven, let me put in your language…I pick things up and put them down…you muscle head. These people are NOT paying taxes, are not equal to us and don’t have any rights to our priviledges and benefits. They have anchor babies and think they belong. If I were in office anchor babies and all would be deported back to their own Countries and let them take care of their own. Should you be reported to I.C.E as well? I’ve printed this Petition and already have over 80 signatures in 3 days. I’m only taking it to my Part Time job, but everyone I’ve talked to is TOTALLY AGAINST THIS! This should have been put on the Ballots along with the Slots issue. I will fight this bill to the very end. I don’t want these or anymore parasites in my State. People moan and complain about their taxes going up and if these illegals were paying taxes, other then buying cowboy boots and belt buckles to look good at the clubs, our State would not be in the position it is in. These people need to go home and take their lazy, uneducated children with them. WE DON’T WANT THEM HERE! Comprenda? Oh, and BTW, I am also half American Indian – Shawnee to be exact!

      1. Robert Long says:

        Cherokee here =P

      2. Proud of my Native Blood! says:

        Well put, Get the Heck OUT!! 🙂 I agree with you to the fullest! Why should they get MY tax dollars to go to school, when they aren’t even here legally? Where is the logic in that? Whoever introduced this bill must be smoking something REAL good to think that it makes sense! By the way, I ALSO have Native blood running through my veins: Shawnee on my grandmother’s side and my Cherokee on my grandfathers side!! 🙂

      3. GAMMEE07 says:


    4. Bubbaliciousness says:

      Whose land was this originally? I don’t know — whoever the Indians took it away from probably.

      1. Robert Long says:

        We took it from the dinosaur’s lol

    5. Common Sense says:

      seriously? you want to go back in time to nulify the country we live in? Countries fight wars to defend and acuire land, such is history. But how can anybody seriously support giving a reward to someone who violates the law? Any politician who voted for this law should be tried for TREASON since they are supporting and encouraging illegal activity that violates the sovereignty of this nation.

      Coming to this country illegally and consuming resouces which you have not worked for is not a right, it’s theft. Those who support that concept should resign and/or be prosecuted.

  3. ali says:

    Hear Hear Robert – My daughter who is graduating college this year and I pay her tuition without assistance from the state. We struggle to make those payments and will be paying the loans back also. Enough with this govenment not understanding ILLEGAL means ILLEGAL. Same with O’Malley who feels that it’s ok to give them housing and everything free when Marylanders foot the bill. This Government makes me sick and I hope all the people who put them in office get big time affected. I didn’t vote for him and never would. God help us when he goes to DC and you can bet he will go and the stupid people in Maryland will vote for him again.

    1. fp says:

      100% agree wake up maryland the jerk you voted for is stupid cant you see that.

    2. Sitting Bull Ish says:

      You daughter should of went to school in state instead of you exporting your money to some other state for tuition.

      That is if I understand you right.

      Because this bill is to have illegal immigrants who liv in MD already pay in state tuition. Not to receive any other so called handouts as you allege.

      1. Robert Long says:

        Yup. You are a disgruntle illegal immigrant LOL. Awww are you worried about loosing your new free handout? and since you wanna pull race. I will say this much. I want to eat taco’s not send them to school 😉

        Aside from stepping down to your level for a second to just have a lil fun. Illegal immigrants do nothing but get handout’s and steal job’s and have kid’s and not speak english and they dont add anything but rack up bill’s to tax payer’s out of there pocket’s. Why dont you illegal’s just use a gun from now on? At least we would feel better knowing the face’s of the people who robbed us.

      2. Robert Long says:

        Hey Janes. How about you go back to what ever country you are from. And sorry. I am full blooded american. Born and raised by parents who where also born and raised. Legal citizen if you ever seen one.

        And who wants to work at taco bell? How about teenagers for work experience? And people who want part time job’s just to make a little extra cash. Or old people who can work a part time job so they have something to do. Or American’s who did not finish school and thats all they can get?

        I blow the whistle on every single illegal i see. And every time i have called ICE. Guess what. 2 weeks later they are never seen again LOL. And i makes me feel great to know i did my country a service. So how about you keep that tongue of yours in its cage and take your illegal immigrant huggin self back to where ever you are from.

        Oh and the next time you want to run your finger’s on here. Make sure you pick the right side to start a battle 😉 Not the loosing side. K-Thank’s bye 😉

    3. How's this for fair? says:

      Picture this….. I show up at the financial aid office at my college to complete my paperwork for the student LOANS I am receiving (that I will pay back). Next to me is a girl who can’t speak engish with a kid on her hip. She’s wearing extremely nice clothes, Coach bag, large gold hoop earrings, hair and makeup done impeccably. Her son is wearing high end clothes and REAL timberland boots. She’s there to pick up her check for her PELL GRANT – yes, FREE MONEY. I follow her out to the parking lot where she gets into a brand new Camry (still had the window sticker on it). I get into my beat up ancient Ford Escort, wearing my payless shoes and Wal Mart clothes. I’m still paying my student loans off….

      1. janes says:

        “Aside from stepping down to your level for a second to just have a lil fun. Illegal immigrants do nothing but get handout’s and steal job’s and have kid’s and not speak english and they dont add anything but rack up bill’s to tax payer’s out of …”
        STEALS jobs from who???? Since when americans wants to work at “TACO BELL” for $7 an hour lol or maybe built a house for $8 lol NOT US AMERICANS! So shut tha hall up you ignorant….You should disgrace to be an “american, i meant half american”

  4. Hector luis gonzales martinez smith says:

    With a name like Sven I would expect nothing else.

  5. sheriff says:

    Let’s get that petition online & distribute it to have all sign it. Time to s….t or get off the pot folks.

  6. Robert Long says:

    I see it like this. These idiot law maker’s have done us a favor. They have done what no one else could. They got into office and did the dumbest thing’s possible and expected every one to sit by and let this stuff fly by and no one would have anything to say about it. But i do. And so does every one else. They made us get out of our chairs and say… No this is to far and now they got us all worked up. And now its time for them to pay the price. When it comes time for reelection they are done.

    We have enough issues with this state being poor. And the state having to make a new tax every month to pay for these illegal’s. They already passed a new drinking tax to pay for these kid’s to go to school. It’s bad enough that to send our own kid’s to school that illegal children get priority to school these day’s. They always take the illegal immigrant children 1st. So when did a legal child become second class? and also using existing tax money to send them to school in the 1st place. Pre-K all the way to high school. I hate that i will have to fight to get my daughter into Pre-K soon. I almost didnt get my son into school. If 3 more family’s had kid’s in the area we lived that where illegal’s he would have waited till Kindergarden!

    The people who side with thise they all say the same thing “Oh well they have to pay tax’s to be sent to school for at least 2 or so year’s.” Well guess what? The money they paid in tax’s for those year’s they still come up 30 grand plus short so where does this extra 30 grand come from? The tuition fairy you say? Oh so your people who agree with this sending illegal law breaker’s to college is ok? Then i got an idea. How about the people who are ok with it pay out of your pocket’s. Who ever dont sign the referendum to get this bill out of here will have a new 250 dollar a month tax or so for the average person’s income. And you guys can send every single illegal to college all you like. And of course that means the more illegal’s this attracts to maryland the more this tax goes up. It’s a magnet to them and they are in the process of moving to maryland because of the already unfair handout’s they get already!

    This is just the 1st step of many to give illegal’s even more rights in our state… and all across the USA…. This need’s to be stopped and stopped now! and we as legal citizen’s need to stand up and do something. Because we cant let this go on and keep letting these people think that it’s ok to break the law. You break the law and you get a free handout and cheaper college. Next is cheaper car payments and cheaper vacation’s for illegal’s to disney land and the Bahamas’ on a 14 day cruise line.. Its just sick!

    Every action has a reaction. You break the law you pay for it. You lie you get caught. A lie is a lie. A crime is a crime. There is no such thing as a ok crime. There parent’s broke the law and brought them into the country. If they are sad and upset and heart broken take it up with them. Because they broke the law and got away with it… The price they had to pay for breaking the law was not going to college. Or facing deportation. Thats that. I had nothing to do with them coming here…. i never said they could come over here. I never have liked the illegal’s coming to the US. And i already pay an arm and a leg for them to be here. Now they want half of our organ’s too. By the time they are done we will have nothing left.

    /rant off

  7. Doug says:

    The hand outs won’t last for much longer.
    The country is headed over the falls.

    1. Tiffany Jones says:

      I agree

  8. Robert Long says:

    What happened happened and we are where we are. The bad and the good choice’s every one made brought us here. But it’s no excuse to keep up the bad choices and just keep rolling out the stupid law’s. Example. We cant use firework’s because some parent’s are to stupid to teach there kid’s proper firework safety to even handle them safe there self.

    Just because some idiot light’s an M-80 And decides at that current second to see what time it is before he throw is. Why should every one else suffer because of those idiots? It’s just like the immigrants. Why should all the family’s who truly need the state assistance and they dont get hardly anything at all because there is no money in the program because it all get’s paid out to illegal immigrants. It’s a dumb system and it need’s to be changed now and fast! because each state is said to spend 3 billion dollar’s a year sending illegal immigrant’s to school each year…. Thats half of the maryland school budget!!! we had 5.7 billion this year to send all the kid’s to school. And we still fell short. Why? Take a guess.. And its said that each state spends about 10.4 billion per year on welfare. And its said that over 7.8 billion of that just for anchor babies and illegal immigrants. That means welfare amount’s would be 2x higher then they are now. or could go 25% higher and tax the state less. Or even stay where they are and cut the tax’s out of our pockets in half or more!

    So why do idiot’s love to support illegal’s and anchor babies? Why not pass a law to pay for them out of pocket family per family. Support an immigrant program. I bet you there would hardly be any illegals left in the country after they cut off there welfare and housing and medical. It really makes me angry to see how our state and the US just lets this slide…. They cost over half a trillion dollar’s a year in free handout’s. So why not put a stop to this?????

  9. what's next says:

    I do not think illegal citizens that enter this country and bypass the legal system instead of becoming a US citizen. I know of a young lady who started her education at Towson University while living here. She married a United States Naval office and lived briefly in Virginia until he went on a tour of duty for a year. The women returned to Maryland to live near her family. She signed up for courses at Towson University and was told she had to pay out of state tuition rate. So, we have a military wife has to pay more tuition but the illegal aliens get a break. The husband is serving in the Navy for his country but she pays out of state tuition. Something wrong with this.

    1. Robert Long says:

      Yea. It’s sick. They might as well run the country. Or they should just save time and put a welcome sign on the board welcoming them to the USA. And give each family a check for 250,000 dollar’s of tax money and a 7 year degree of there choice all paid with tax payer money of course. And change the law and make speaking english a crime punishable by death. Thats whats coming next. Well the only thing i can think of.

  10. Lynn says:

    Now is the time for all of you BIG MOUTH BLOWHARDS to do something. SIGN THIS PETITION. Honestly, Every single DUMBOCRAT who voted for this bill should be made an example of. VOTE FOR A REPUBLICAN OR INDEPENDENT NEXT TIME. TOO MANY DUMBOCRATS IN ANNAPOLIS..the power is imbalanced and it is STUPID. And, I am NO fan of the Repuklicans either. BUT,
    the dumbocrats have crossed the line. HOW do you vote for priveleges for ppl who are here ILlegally yet deny those citizens rights (gay americans)…HOW IN THE “F”…Sign the petition

    1. Robert Long says:

      I already signed it the second i heard it was up 😉 so i just cant wait until it is over turned and ripped to pieces 😉

  11. Lynn says:

    HAVE ANY OF YOU SIGNED THE PETITION???? Stop flapping your gums and SIGN the petition. It can be located on

    1. Get the Heck OUT says:

      See my post above. I have printed it and have received over 80 signatures in two days!

    2. Anita Svrjcek Rogers says:

      Thank you for the link to the petition Lynn. I am definitely going to print it out and get it signed. By the way, I am a Democrat and I DO NOT believe in giving illegal immigrants’ children the in-state tuition. I have a 16 yr old and have no clue how I am going to afford to pay for his college — it seems my hubby and I, though struggling with day to day living expenses, make too much money for any type of State assistance — heck when I was only receiving unemployment [now employed full time] and child support, I still made too much money on my own to get any type of State Assistance, i.e. The Fuel Fund assistance, food, etc. and I was born & raised in this Country as well as my parents.

      1. Bernadette Z says:

        Anita, you are so RIGHT!!!! Why should we keep paying for these people who broke the laws to get here and now we are stuck paying for them for LIFE….Let’s work together as CITIZENS not parties to OVERTURN THIS CRIMINAL LAW….

    3. sheriff says:

      Lynn, Thanks for the information, I downloaded it, signed it & mailed it off.

    4. GAMMEE07 says:


    5. GAMMEE07 says:


  12. Robert Long says:

    Yea. And this is for people who get lost lol. The direct link. GET BUSY AND SIGN THIS THING!!!!!! =)

  13. LadyD says:

    Last time I checked, education wasn’t actually an enumerated right. And by the way, we pay for our tuition and if you are not a legal resident of MD then you should have to pay the same as any other non-resident person attending our schools. I agree with a lot of folks on here – you don’t reward bad behavior (coming in and staying here illegally), you don’t give handouts to people who don’t have a hand in (if you don’t pay taxes then you should not be eligible for tax paid benefits), and it’s time for this government to back off and listen to the people rather than trying to mold the country to what their IDEAL of our country is.
    And technically the Constitution never intended to allow anchor babies – if you read the amendment it actually says if they are born here and subject to the jurisdiction — which foreigners (as illegals are) would not be — then they are a citizen. Of course, you can’t convince any one to read the stuff any more. We need to start enforcing laws and making sure that people are following them. That is a step in the right direction

    1. Robert Long says:

      I agree to a point. But it’s like this. It’s all based on a start in breaking a crime. The whole time no matter how much good you try and do. At the end of the day you are still breaking the law. Say a guy kill’s a bunch of kid’s about 20 year’s ago. Never get’s caught.

      He is still on the run. So he decides to play ball and not kill any more kid’s and live like a normal person. Starts over and such. Do you think he is right? I know you guys never killed anyone directly. But the % of illegal immigrant’s that pay tax’s vs the % that dont pay tax’s is a huge difference. you guys who pay tax’s still dont even come close. About 37% of the balance that illegal’s rack up each year is paid back. So as you see everything you guys do is still coming out of our pocket’s in the end.

      Just because it’s less money then it could be does not make it right. It’s all from illegal crime breaking immigrants who are here illegally. If you decide to rob someone of half the money in there wallet and not all there money does not make that person feel any better. And it does not make it ok to do. You see what i am saying? Just like a relationship with a person that was based on a huge lie at the start. It’s cursed from the start. I could go on and on about this… But the point is that no matter how much in tax’s you guys pay… Its still that you are all here illegally and if you want me or anyone else’s blessing’s. Then do the right thing like everyone else who worked hard to become a legal part of this country!. And become a legal citizen. Then you know what. Enjoy anything you want. Until then i still think they should all be deported.

    2. citizen says:

      Agreed. Let these individuals start the process of obtaining citizenship and THEN they can pay the in-state tuition.

  14. pigeon says:

    Sure immigrants have a right to education too. In the country where they are citizens. Illegal immigrants have NO rights except being jailed or returned to their mother land. I’ve paid taxes all my life and I’m paying tax on money that I already paid taxes on (i.e. tax refunds); no double jeopardy in crime but double taxation by the State. I’m raising a grandson whom I would love to sent to college but I can’t afford it and, believe it or not, being 70, retired, on SS, I make too damn much money. Now, think about that! If you are illegal you are a criminal. Plain and simple (like the people we put in gov’t. offices).
    Stop your bellyaching, become a citizens, work, pay taxes and then put yourself through school/college.

  15. Jack says:

    They should learn how to spell immigrants before making a poster.

  16. Steve says:

    Where is the petition? I’ll sign it.

  17. CM says:

    When illegal immigrants start serving our military and earn the title “Legal citizen” then and only then should they be allowed to attend our colleges. They don’t pay taxes, they already get free medical care AND they have come in and swooped up jobs from under law abiding citizens. It’s not about race- I’d expect the same in ANY country. I paid a lot of money to go to college, I didn’t get any breaks. I pay taxes, I pay for medical care… wanna talk about rights then let’s keep it fair.

  18. John says:

    I don”t think Illegal Immigrants should be rewarded. Most Illegal Immigrants are working here with false social security numbers . The reason the government isn’t doing nothing about this they make to much money in their tax revenue . The Illegal immigrants don”t file taxes because they are illegal. and in return the US government keeps their tax money return. The US government are both responsible republicans and democrats are responsible. Because they are not doing a dam thing about illegal immigrants!

  19. Local says:

    The Gov is breaking the law by harboring fugitives,but letting this happen. He should be locked up!

  20. Erinn says:

    I do truly believe that everyone should have the right to an education, but not if you are here illegally. Everyday people take the necessary steps to become a legal resident and/or citizen here. It does not make logical sense that you allow a person who by law is in the United States illegally to receive an education and/or any other benefits for that matter. If nothing else it is a slap in the face to those that have taken the steps to be in this country legally. If you are an ILLEGAL immigrant, then you have no rights.

  21. whatnow says:

    Illegal immigrants demanding their right to in-state tuition with a sign with a mispelling and chanting “Si, Se Puede”. What, that can’t speak English. This is all our fault. It started about 20 years ago when every sign and every grocery item starting showing up with spanish on it. I railed against it then and everyone said I was a hater (the word everyone uses when they don’t have an intelligent argument). This has become the US of Mexico. I can’t walk 10 feet without hearing spanish. What happened to the US of America?????

  22. Dale says:

    We all need to stay on task. This is simply a way for OMaiiey and others to
    try to gain support of illegal immigrants and their families. For political reasons only. With the current budget crisis in MD it IS rediculous to give illegals any
    benefits whatsoever when it is only going to come out of our childrens
    pockets. A point to remember is that even if in state tuition is voted in, illegal
    immigrants are just that; illegal and are still subject to deportation whether
    they are eligible for tuition benefits or not. This is why we all need to become more pro-active and report illegals to the local Govt. and demand their deportation immediately. It is a fact that BILLIONS of dollars leaves our economy
    every year from illegals making money here and sending it out of the country,
    never to be recirculated here again.DONT SIT SILENT STAND UP AND BE HEARD.

  23. T says:

    Has anyone noticed that the supposed immigrant holding the sign in the picture mispelled “immigrant?”

    Doesn’t make me feel like supporting this at all when one of them can’t even correctly spell what they are. Not that i was ever supporting it. I WILL, however, support their efforts to become legal citizens.

    1. Wendy says:

      saw that
      and I agree – I support the LEGAL efforts

  24. Guest2 says:

    I will vote to put it on the petition and vote no to give the tuition to the illegals. If the parents came here illegally, the children are illegal also. The Immigration laws are not being enforced. I feel sorry for the children of illegals, but not to the point of giving them things that our own legal citizens can’t get. I will vote no when it comes up on the ballot. They have no rights and the Maryland Legislature and the Governor have done a great injustice to the People of the State of Maryland. The government of Maryland is also in error in giving out 4 Billion dollars to the illegals in the State of Maryland. That money belongs to the legal citizens of the State of Maryland and he gave it away to people that are not intitled to it. As far as I am concerned, Casa de Maryland is an illegal organization. The legal Hispanic citizens should be jumping up and down and hollering that the illegals are giving them a bad name.

  25. Jeff Werner says:

    In the words of Willie Don Schaefer, I would have signed the petition.

    1. sheriff says:

      Jeff, In the words of “Willie Don Schaefer”: Speak english when talking to me”. From an experience when W.D.S. was ordering food at a restaurant a number of years back.

  26. Jeff Werner says:

    I have been working Illegal Immigrant Issues for the past few years now and nothing disturbs me as much as MoCo always breaking the laws and the LiberCONS who voted for this bill. This bill is an atrocity. How are illegals paying taxes persay? Oh, they go to the Law offices of Gustavo Torres, Martin OMalley and Gansler, and if you need your 3 years of taxes done for you for proof, there are many in Annapolis willing to do it for you, IE, Ramirez, Ana Sol, Vallario, etc. This also has support from those dems who voted against it.

  27. Wendy says:

    1 – I would have appreciated a mention of the URL where one can find the petition

    2 – this is not a racial/ethnic discrimination issue – it is a matter of following the current laws (sorry, I agree about all the Native American issues, but that was then and this is now – we can’t undo what was done hundreds of years ago). If one is an ILLEGAL alien in this country, the only thing that person should be provided is a ticket back to the country of origin and assistance in filling out the appropriate paperwork to come here LEGALLY. I have no problem with the people coming here, but I want them to follow the rules, and I want the rules to be enforced consistently. If they can apply for a license, a scholarship, or a job, they can apply for legal immigration status. Then they can truly be contributing members of American society and also reap the benefits.

  28. PleaseLearn says:

    While I enjoy the rants. Please learn to properly use “there”, “their”, and they’re” properly. Here is a good reference to many of the words that are misspelled or improperly used on these various posts.

    1. SMH says:

      PleaseLearn- If you’re going to insist that people learn to use “there”, “their” and “they’re” correcftly, perhaps now is a good time to point out that you only need to use the word “properly” once in your sentence… two times is overkill, love. Example: “Please learn to properly use “there”, “their” and “they’re” or “Please learn to use “there”, “their” and “they’re” properly.”

      Just saying…

      1. SMH says:


    2. whatnow says:

      While I enjoy the rants. – That is not a complete sentence, it is a phrase which should be followed by a comma, and then the thought completed. With your obviously advanced education from which you are drawing to enlighten others, could you not find another word to use in the place of properly, i.e., correctly. When being high and mighty, one most proofread one’s own post, should they not. Or perhaps, like others, you were in a hurry and typing quickly to move on to another task, which precipated your honest mistakes for which I will not castigate you. I apologize in advance for any inaccuracies, be they grammatical or typographical, in this post. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

      1. LadyD says:

        Touche – well done!

  29. sheriff says:

    Please learn, Why don’t you stop picking the rat s…..t out of a comb & concentrate on the message rather than the grammar.

  30. R. Lynn says:

    Arrest all illegals and deport them now! That is the Federal law and they are violating it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, and any Maryland official who is supporting this should be removed from office for violating the law. If you want to immigrtate to the U.S. do it legally.

  31. MIJAXN says:


    1. Robert Long says:

      Ok you show me a family of illegal immigrant’s who where brought here kicking and screaming or at gun point to have there anchor baby. And i will have some very deep thing’s to think about on this whole issue. But thats why they are all American’s now because they where forced here. i dont see you finding anyone in the past 50 years that was forced here… lol so yea… And also this county was built by people who lived here and came here legally. so dont tell me that some special group of Mexican’s swam over across the ocean and build magic building’s from sand and then stayed and have been over looked because they build this county while we where all looking the other way and didnt even notice. so we should just make them all legal huh? lol get out of here with that stuff…

    2. sheriff says:

      The Blacks then as now didn’t do s…..t. The Chinese built the railroads, The Germans, Irish & Italians did verything else the Polish were too stupid to do. The Jews stole it from everybody & now the Mexicans want to pick up the crumbs.

  32. Robert Long says:

    I can say this and im sure you all will agree. Any law maker’s who are so in love with the illegal immigrant’s and want to make sure they get free handout’s and keep messing us over. They should be deported along with the illegal’s for breaking the law to overturn laws that have put in place with being sneaky and that breaks the law it’s self. So isnt that considered Aiding and abetting? then they are just as guilty as the illegal’s.

  33. Janet J says:

    My daughter and son-in-law are in the process right now of trying to obtain funding for my grandson to attend college in the fall. He has always been an excellent student and got a partial academic scholarship, however they need money for his room and board, etc. WHY do they, as natural born Americans, homeowners and TAXPAYERS, have to STRUGGLE to get what was just HANDED to ILLEGAL immigrants. THIS IS JUST WRONG AND UNFAIR. Early immigrants came to this country eager and willing to learn the language and the culture and become acclimate as legal citizens. HOW DARE this man present such a bill!! WHO EVEN THOUGHT OF SUCH AN UNFAIR BILL!! They profiled one illegal immigrant who was taking advantage of this “opportunity” and he even admitted having committed crimes when he first came here!! WHAT DOES THAT SAY ABOUT THIS BILL AND TO OTHER AMERICANS??? DOUBLE STANDARDS??? Come to America and don’t worry about the laws and rules here — they only apply to LEGAL citizens. They laws will be broken and bent for anyone who enters illegally.

  34. Jayjay says:

    Another question — why are business owners being fined or prosecuted for hiring (harboring) illegal employees, but THIS is allowed???? If it is a crime for the business owners, then why isn’t it a crime for our political leaders to permit exceptions like this. The key word that makes these people wrong to be here in the first place is — ILLEGAL !!! Why is that key word being overlooked?? If you are illegal, are you paying taxes and if not, WHO is footing the bill for this — take one guess. And REDUCED tuition at that!! I am forwarding this article to my daughter in the state in which she resides so she can see how they do things in this area.

  35. Williejoe says:

    Ok folks, here’s the skinny for those of you that are in the dark, not up to speed or who are brain dead. The reason it wasn’t put on the ballot is because it would have been overwhelmingly rejected. The lawmakers looking down the road, Democratsin particular want the Mexican vote or any illegals period. Pure & simple. They could give a fat rat’s A$$ about values, taxes, cost etc because their A$$es are taken care of. Nice salary, bennies, car, pensions etc. It’s all about the votes & staying in power. Let’s get these petitions signed folks & overturn this POS legislation & let them know in Annapolis we mean business when we say NO.

  36. SteveC says:

    Kind of interesting how the article states that Marylanders can vote online, but WJZ omits the web address where we can vote online….

  37. MIJAXN says:


  38. Somebody says:

    Schafer is rolling over in his grave and he just got there. SAD Maryland Very Sad.

  39. Larry says:

    Something to chew on: Research reviewed by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office indicates that between 50 percent and 75 percent of unauthorized immigrants pay federal, state, and local taxes.[12] Illegal immigrants are estimated to pay in about $7 billion per year into Social Security.[13] Even though they are not eligible to receive S.S. benefits. Compare that to the corporations we subsidize that avoid paying U.S. tax by sheltering their companies under Swiss residency. An estimated 7 BILLION dollar yearly loss. We spend too much time angry at the wrong people.

    1. sheriff says:

      Figures don’t lie but liars always figure. Remember that is our governments figures. Go figure for yourselves.

  40. Jeffrey says:

    I laugh at the fact that the sign being featured – about education – has the word “immigrants” spelled wrong.

  41. James D Jones says:

    Either it’s illegal to be in the country or it isn’t. Allowing “Illegals” to get instate tuition only perpetuates the problem. When are you liberals going to figure this out? DUH!

  42. Bryan Creveling says:

    Where do I sign the petition? Where can someone go online to put thier vote in for voter referendum. It’s amazing how a story from such an “objective” media outlet could leave that info out. Liberal agenda at WJZ, perhaps?

  43. J says:

    Sign me up! Where’s the link?

  44. Stacy says:

    This is crazy funny how our country works you do something ILLEGAL and you are rewarded. The gov is missing the keyword ILLEGAL!! If they are in our country legallly then fine allow them in state tuition price. I am a college grad and so is my husband who has family who are LEGAL immigrants we are hardworking tax paying citizens why should we pay for people who want the easy lazy way out? I am all for education ( I am an educator) I am not for people doing wrong and getting a break because of it. The sad thing is if the ILLEGALS are getting the discounted rate it is gonna take spots in our MD colleges from our Marylanders who do the right thing and pay their taxes! Where can I sign this petition!?!?!

  45. unreal says:

    They have no right to in state pricing. As far as I am concern they need to deport eveyone one of them when the come to register for school, then go to there home and send all of them back as well. I hope all of you people out there remember this when you go to vote. So where do I sign.

  46. Christina Marie Cruz says:

    Any person should have to pay taxes like the rest of us if they are here and any person here ideally should be here legally so they may fully be able to benefit from being here. Its supposed to be all are equal……There is no need to bash someone due to race. Let me tell u something… Ive seen more hispanic people who come to this country for a better life, to work, and provide for the kids or grandkids working than I see “americans” working.. They do not complain about the heat or the cold. They are not lazy. Dont deny a job because they dont like the uniform or the pay rate. They will get off their butts and work ( and work hard) when some of these idiots here in the U.S. born here and raised here wont go to work to pay taxes and they get a free ride through everything including school. Before you go talking ish bout someone due to the color of their skin take a good look at the people around you. Most of them are lazy… You pay for them cause they are born here so whats the difference if some kid wants to go to school to better himself. Hispanic, black, white, asian… who cares…. everyone deserves a chance… Get off your high horse and get a life…

    1. Robert Long says:

      Thats not the point. The point is they are breaking the law. There are alot of people who kill people and sell drug’s and such that work hard too. Should that be aloud to happen? Just because they work hard at it. And its just a crime what they do right? A lie is a lie and a crime is a crime. Breaking the law always has and always will be breaking the law. So if you want to have me or anyone else’s support in this state and in the US then they can take the time out (Especially because they are not scared of hard work) And learn to speak english. And become a legal citizen the right way and stop getting free handout’s and stop breaking the law!

      That reminds me.. if illegal immigrants are so hard working and so keen on doing the right thing.. Then explain why 8 out of 10 illegal’s dont speak a single word of english? Please respond. I am so waiting to hear your response.

      1. John from AAcounty says:

        You make me laugh out loud Robert Long. “8 out of 10 illegal’s don’t speak a word or English” Hate to break it to you man but the way the education is in our country our legal residents can barely speak proper English themselves. Neat little fact here, France, Greece, etc. people are required to learn at a minimum two languages. In Italy they are going back to three languages as the minimum requirement. While we struggle with one language in our country.

      2. Robert Long says:

        Hey john. I dont care. Why dont you move to one of those country’s. Maybe they will give a rat’s @ss. Because i speak english always have and always will. I dont want to learn another language. And from what is being talked about but maybe you just got a little off topic. We are talking about illegal’s sneaking into the US. Not france or greece. And one more thing. Why are you still here? Go back to what ever country you are from. Or find another to go to because you dont like living here. So go no one will miss you.

    2. Robert Long says:

      And by the way. Everything you said was pretty much a waste of time. Because you are a hypocrite. Everything you said was talking about how people judge them. Then you judge us. Isnt that nice. Ever heard 2 wrong’s dont make a right. But at least for us we have the right to free speech because we are legal citizens =) So we can say anything we want.

      And talking about being lazy? This bill was the 1st step to get every one off there arse’s and giving them the energy to see that its time to act. We will show you how lazy American’s can be by making sure this bill dies. And that we Reform illegal immigrant law’s to make sure that anchor babies stop being auto citizens. And making sure that all current anchor babies who do not have at least 1 parent who was an american citizen at the time of birth will be deported back to there home country =) Done and done! =)

  47. janes says:

    You must dont know this but, back in the 80’s the USA used to give free citizenship for people from poor countries to come to work in the US. Thats how imimgration started. Do u think that the goverment is STUPID? no, they are not! back then they could control but, they didnt instead they want to .25c an hour for “them” built the country. I work in the health field for 18 years and ive been insurance consultant for 10 and guess wat? A lot AMERICAN CITIZENS dont have insurance EITHER honey… how about Jails? War? dnt come with this BS posting that illegal immigrants are “the one” sinking the country wen we have in our society someone like you, dont do nothing other criticize instead became more educated about it the situation. Today…who would build,clean,cook,wash and etc the country for $5 an hour (NO AN AMERICAN CITIZEN). So you should take a deep breath and clean your thoughts by the way by 2018 every 3 US citizens will be 1 immigrant WOW that means you would be OBLIGATE to know spanish to order on Mc Donalds ORALE!!!!

    1. Robert Long says:

      Run your fingers all you like. Because the US is on it’s way to change the law and make sure that all these current illegal’s with anchor babies are deported and that no more anchor babies happen here.

      Oh and you want to talk about that back in the 80’s. That was a program they ran. They shut it down and every one knows it was shut down. And that program was started to bring people here to become working citizen’s who do there part and not run over here drop a kid and free load every kid they pop out and sneak more and more family over. It’s wrong always will be wrong. So how about you keep your fingers away from the keyboard and go back to what ever country you are from.

      Because its all based off of breaking the law. And karma is a pain. And it will always come back and slap you in the face. Before you get deported your self and someone tracks your internet ip an finds where you are and call’s ICE. You dont think someone could make a phone call and find that IP and track you? LOL so i would keep those fingers down. And no i will keep ordering food and speaking english because if someone cant speak english then tough. Its time to call ICE 😉

    2. FedUP says:

      This is MY Country and no one is going to “obligate” me to know spanish or any other foreign language. That’s the problem – when someone truly comes here (and the right way of course) wanting a better life, they integrate into our society. They do not try to force their society on us. If you want to live here, learn the language and customs. You can still be proud of your heritage without disrepecting my country that you are coming to as a guest in hopes of becoming a LEGAL citizen. We should not be working around you – you should be integrating in to us. If your country and customs are so great and you can’t live without your language and culture, go the hell home.

      1. Robert Long says:

        Bingo 😉

      2. sheriff says:

        I think it’s wonderful & also an asset as a child to learn a second or third language. The world is growing smaller & we should not be so insular. Those who travel outside of the states especially to Europe , draw the ire of the locals who speak english but have no attempt to reciprocate in their native tongue. Don’t be so parochial folks.

  48. J.S.B. says:

    Anyone else notice that immigrant is spelled wrong on the sign? If you cant even spell it, what makes you think you should even be going to college in the first place?

  49. John from AAcounty says:

    If anyone read up on the law they would see that it would allow in-state community-college tuition for college-aged illegal immigrants who graduated from a state school and come from TAX-PAYING FAMILIES. The bill would allow eligible students to start in community college and, if they graduate, go on to pay in-state tuition at state-run, four-year universities. EDUCATE YOURSELF FIRST, READ THE LAW IN FULL before running off at the mouth. We give our children everything they want but not what they need. We need to push them to go to college and actually graduate. The world leaders look at how we are teaching our children as far as their education goes and sees the fact that we are basically letting our children run amuck. People talk about oh we are giving handouts. As immigrants arrived to this country via boat they were instantly HANDED OUT citizenship. Things are different now, but don’t sit and act like your better than them when if it wasn’t for your family making the decision to come to this new country where opportunities were available to start a new life, a better life. America is a country built on immigrants, it is a fact, and it is a part of our history. As a person of Irish decent, whose great grandparents immigrated here, I am starting to feel ashamed of how we act as a country. As the rest of the world laughs at us because we are not a country united, we are not one people, we are not true Americans. If these are tax-paying families why should they not get the same benefit of having the option to an education in the state in which they reside? Is that American? We throw our tax dollars out the window for useless things but when it comes to education it is always on the back burner. All of a sudden we care? Again, if anyone read up on the law they would see that it would allow in-state community-college tuition for college-aged illegal immigrants who graduated from a state school and come from TAX-PAYING FAMILIES. The bill would allow eligible students to start in community college and, if they graduate, go on to pay in-state tuition at state-run, four-year universities. EDUCATE YOURSELF FIRST, READ THE LAW IN FULL before running off at the mouth, you’re making us as Americans sound like idiots.

    1. Robert Long says:

      I will cut you short and keep this short John (Or should i call you) Jose? Might be your real name LOL. Just because you use that name (Guy with a totally american name that talks like a tough american) dont fool me. Any legal person who pay’s tax’s does not agree with this. So you fooled no one. You are an illegal immigrant and that is that.

      But what i was trying to say. i dont give a rats @ss if they paid 10 trillion dollar’s in tax’s or waxed everyone’s @ss 12 times a day. They are breaking the law by being here illegally and they should be deported. There should have never been a bill to make anything cheaper for them because they are here illegally and should not have anything at all what so ever.

      Do you think it would be ok for a church to take money that was taken from stabbing and killing old ladies and shooting little kid’s and taking there piggy banks? No. And or Drug money? No. It’s illegal money and they can go back to where ever they are from and get a job and pay tax’s to where they came from. Money made by breaking the law is dirty money. Thats this country’s issue right now. They are saying its ok to pay with dirty money. Money made with blood and crimes and by breaking the law.

      Well that end’s here and dont let the door hit you on the way out because everyone is standing up for this bill to be used as TP and then tore up and thrown in the trash where it belongs. And the next step is to remove any idiots who support the illegal immigrants from office and replace them with people who are willing to send them back to there home country’s and stop giving them free handout’s!.

      Me and some friend’s started a nice little thing about 2 year’s ago. We target illegal’s and take picture’s and some cool spy type stuff =P get all there info and turn them into ice. We have people active at all the major school’s and business’s. We have over 362 member’s and we get new member’s every day =P So far we have deported over 400 people. More to come. We cant wait if this bill does make it. They will waste there money just to be deported anyways LOL. So live in fear because you break the law you pay the price =)

      1. sheriff says:

        Robert Long, You be one bad Mo-Fo & that’s the Long & Short of it.

      2. Robert Long says:

        Well thank ya sheriff =) I just tell it like it is LOL. And yea it would be nice for my kid’s to learn to speak 3 or so languages. But i will never agree with being forced to speak one. But yea this whole thing need’s to be laid out and fixed now because it has gone on for to long. And it is just getting worse and worse day by day. Thats where we come in tho. If each of us take time out to speak our mind’s and let those idiot law maker’s that its not ok to give each illegal immigrant a brand new BMW and house after successfully crossing the boarder with tax payer money. Its ok tho because this bill was the 1st step and a wake up call to this state and the rest of the US. Its time to act and send these law breakers back to where they came from =)

    2. hub0000 says:

      John from AAcounty you are the real idiot. If you think it’s ok to pander to these illegal aliens then why don’t you move to LA and spend some time there. i guarantee you’ll be singing a different tune when you get back. Illegals cost the state of Maryl and over 1 billion dollars last year and AA county more than 152 million. This amount is the cost of public education, emergency healthcare and incarceration for illegal aliens. Not to mention the fact they send money out of the country and away from local economies and depress wage scales.
      I know this bill very well. First of all, they didn’t have to pay taxes, all they had to do was file a Maryland tax return. Also, they are given an out of state slot and pay in-state tuition. What this means is that schools will have less money coming in because of a drop in out of state tuition, which the schools depend on. Now where do you think they are going to make up that lost in income? They will either get it from tax money through the state or they will raise tuition for everybody again!

  50. Nicole says:

    This just is not right! My husband and I live on one income right now because I have two young children and it would not pay for me to go to work and pay for daycare. I had to refinance my house to pay for my to go to college online. I would of loved a little help since I have been paying taxes since I was 16 and I was born here. If the state has money to blow, I would rather see it go into reducing the gas prices or making college more affordable for all US CITIZENS not ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS!

  51. Janet Spink says:

    I do feel sorry for the children of illegal people in the United
    States but. Giving them a free ride just teaches them they can break the law when ever they want in the U.S. Immigrants helped build this country, but they did it the right way. They worked and paid taxes, then earned their citizenship. To give it to people free and no taxes now is making a joke of all the immigrants that paid taxes as an American. Law after law is being pushed aside. When is it going to stop. Make it right. No paying taxes, no free anything.

    1. Larry says:

      Like I said much earlier–they DO pay taxes. 7 BILLION dollars worth. Good old USA looses more than that by corporations hiding under Swiss registry. Many of your flag waving companies are stealing more money than we could spend in all of our life times. We are angry at the wrong people. They bank on us being too ignorant to do our own research. Start searching the records people they are public for a reason.

  52. honeybadger says:

    O.K. everybody – look – I think the point we’re all trying to make is this: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!! The American “melting pot” is now overflowing and we just can’t SUPPORT IT ANYMORE!! (Most) politicians are at the root of it all (the honorable Del. McDonough excluded!) because the more ‘bleeding hearts’, the more down-trodden, poor, ‘I don’t have anywhere else to go for a free ride’, etc., the more votes they get! Why can’t the immigrants stay in their own countries and fight for a better government for themselves with their own civil wars???!!!??? That’s what the American forefathers did for themselves!! Times change and some good things always come to an end. We, as tax-paying Americans, just can’t afford to support anyone but ourselves anymore!! I think it would really help if all of us stood up as one public unity and DEMANDED that things change! Any suggestions???

  53. troy says:

    im american indian and the illegals in md have got out of hand , my land was stole and my ancestors murdered and now u give more illegals benefits while real americans struggle , get a f——— grip stae leader either enforce the laws and constitution of get the hell out of office u cant ruen anymore in anne arundel county , glen burnie is a haven for the illegals its time to send them back not attract more if u cut their benefits off u be surprised of the surplus of money u save but omaaleys sad ass wants the hispanic vote , pretty soon americans will be the illegals needing a green card while thrid word lawbreakers reap the benefits of american fore fathers ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS HAVE NO RIGHTS

  54. Mr. Spooge says:

    If you can give in-state tuition to people who aren’t in the state legally, then it stands that someone from, say, Idaho should also qualify. If someone doesn’t have to be a LEGAL (keyword here) resident, then what restrictions could you realistically enforce to qualify for in-state tuition?

    Think about it, Lefties.

  55. M Grenne says:

    Don’t keep robbing the Tax-Payers and supporting all Illegal Immigrants and all the Welfare people. Who doesn’t work for it.It makes me sick. Stupid damn Goverment! That’s why America is in a deep hole right now.Start to get strickly about Population Policy for every family. they keep multuply like Roaches, that’s why the economy is so bad today.

  56. christina says:

    why go through the process of getting a green card when they will help you even as a ILLEGAL alien. Somethings just don’t even sound right let alone be fair.Wheres the help for the LEGAL BORN CITIZENS that wanna go to school,like my son, turned down cause his financial situation. Things just don’t add up for us Americans but it seems to go good if your a illegal or legal alien.

  57. smoofsStava says:

    Confermo. Mi unisco a tutte le suddette. Cerchiamo di discutere la questione. Qui, o nel pomeriggio.

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