The strong storm system over the middle of the country is inching closer, and starting to show more effects on our weather.  It’s another warm and muggy one with temperatures on their way up to near 80 degrees.  There are more clouds for most of the eastern part of the state today, while sunshine has broken out farther west.  That has prompted a TORNADO WATCH for Washington and Allegany counties.  With the atmosphere already in place, that sunshine may be the spark needed for a round of strong to severe thunderstorms that could produce damaging winds, hail and possibly even a tornado.  For the rest of us, there is still the chance for scattered showers and thunderstorms as we move through the day.

A few showers or a thunderstorm could linger overnight before the main front itself comes through Maryland tomorrow.  The front will move west to east across the state, starting tomorrow morning.  By the time it crosses Maryland, it will have weakened dramatically from the widespread, long lived tornado outbreaks it was spawning over the middle of the country.  However, it will still have enough punch to give us our highest chance at strong/severe thunderstorms and heavy rain around here.  If any watches or warnings are issued, we will pass them along to you at the top of this website and on the TV side.

The storm will finally get a boot out to sea Friday. Behind it, gusty northwest winds will bring in cooler air.  Highs will drop back into the upper 60s, which is actually closer to average for this time of year.  Some clouds will build up during the day and they could produce a few showers – although most people won’t see anything.

Sunshine returns for a really nice start to the weekend. Highs will start recovering back up to near 70 degrees. Temperatures will keep on climbing in the 70s Sunday and Monday.  At the same time, a new storm will be moving this way.  It looks like showers will likely hold off until Monday, but we will continue to monitor the speed of this front and keep you updated.


Our fourth annual Weather Field Trip Day at Camden Yards is right around the corner. This year, it will be Thursday, May 26. If you are unfamiliar with the program, it’s a day full of fun. We start out with an action, graphics-filled weather program on the field that features helpers like Nicole Sherry (head groundskeeper), Chris Strong from the National Weather Service and, of course, the Bird. Then, everyone takes a lunch break before enjoying an afternoon Orioles game.

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  1. Stephanie says:

    FOR GOODNESS SAKE….WHY is Marty Bass talking to Tim Williams while he is DRIVING!!!!!! Especially in this kind of weather! I was down in my basement because of the warnings and I heard him say, Oh you’re in the car, not a problem. They have been talking for quite a while now. I hope to GOD Tim Williams has pulled off the road to continue this lengthy conversation!

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