WESTMINSTER, Md. (AP) — Maryland State Police say a Mount Airy man has died nine days after a crash in Carroll County.

Troopers were called out to state Route 27 on April 18 for a crash between a Toyota Corolla and a Ford Freestar minivan. Police say the Corolla rearended the minivan that was waiting to make a left turn.

Both drivers were taken to the hospital. The driver of the minivan was treated for minor injuries and released, but police say the driver of the Corolla, 72-year-old Robert Knust, died of his injuries Wednesday at Shock Trauma in Baltimore.

Anyone with information on the crash is asked to contact police.

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Comments (3)
  1. sheriff says:

    Wonder if the Minivan driver had their turn signal on?…Nobody uses turn signals anymore, guess they assume we’re all mind readers or too frakin lazy to push the lever.

    1. GroceryGurl.0 says:

      Perhaps the 70 year old man should pay attention to traffic stopped in the road. He was clearly in the wrong yet lets blame the guy who you assume didn’t have his friggin blinker on!

      1. Bullfrog says:

        I hate to be contrary but I have and shall continue to use my turn signals because that is the way that I was taught. With the younger generation well that is another story, they ( the younger generation) feel entitlement, if they don’t want to they are not going to. As far as this elderly gentleman goes, may I first say, MAY HE REST IN PEACE and may his family find solace in memories of him. Is it possible that something caused him pain that resulted in him not looking forward, There must be at least 6 different reasons for this accident but only one for this man’s death, it was time for him. (Think about it).

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