By Mary Bubala

ORVILLE, Va. (WJZ)—The search for survivors continues in the south following the region’s worst tornado outbreak in nearly 40 years. The disaster touched several states, including Virginia, where the governor has declared a state of emergency.

Mary Bubala reports.

A massive tornado was captured Wednesday night in Orville, Va. It’s one of several twisters reported around the state.

“I seen so much lightning in the sky and a lot of rain and wind,” said Donald Shamburg, whose farm was destroyed. “When we looked out the window, the wife heard a bang right there. I said ‘That’s a roof.’”

Debris flew from Shamburg’s poultry farm in Shenandoah County. Everything was demolished from a twister barreling across his property.

“It’s all been blown away,” he said.

“You just get, I mean it was a feeling like I’ve never had before; it’s heartbreaking. You start shaking,” said David Cook, whose farm was also destroyed.

Twisted metal wrapped around trees. A 4-by-4 sliced into a camper. There’s devastation and debris everywhere you look.

Shamburg is just thankful his family is OK.

“I said thank the Lord that nobody’s hurt because my children all live right here in sight of me,” he said. “If it would have been down here instead of up there, it would be all of us killed.”

Others weren’t so lucky.  The storm claimed at least five lives in Virginia alone and left thousands without electricity. People in Caroline County say the storm was terrifying.

“All of us jumped on the floor and started praying; it came through in a minute,” said a Virginia resident.

Officials are still trying to determine exactly how many tornadoes touched down.

Comments (3)
  1. Doug says:

    My condolences to all.
    Scary stuff

  2. The World At A Climax says:

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  3. Great Tribulation Period In Progress says:

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