CROFTON, Md. (WJZ) — The family of a murdered Anne Arundel County teen reached a surprising settlement in civil court.  Christopher Jones, 14, was jumped and beaten to death while riding his bike two years ago.  Wednesday, the six defendants accused in that attack were ordered to pay the family.

Andrea Fujii explains the twist in the settlement.

Christopher Jones’ murder shocked suburban Anne Arundel County.  After switching schools to avoid gang violence, the 14-year-old was beaten to death by those same gang members while riding his bike home.

His parents have sued six of the boys.  Two are already serving time for the criminal charges.  Instead of going to court for more money, they settled on Wednesday.  The settlement includes sneakers that one defendant was wearing in court when he said he couldn’t pay the family anything.

“How can he come to court for a civil trial pleading poverty with a free lawyer, saying that he can’t afford to pay anything for his involvement in our son’s death, while he’s got on a new pair of shoes?” said Christopher’s mother, Jennifer Adkins.

So the judge ordered the sneakers off and the other five defendants will pay an undisclosed amount to the family.

“I haven’t smiled like this in two years, just because it was such a victory to humiliate him and take his pride and take his joy and to give him a sense of what it feels like to be stripped of that,” Adkins said.

It’s been two years of court appearances and begging for accountability.  Christopher’s parents never thought that a pair of shoes would be satisfying but they say it’s the kind of justice their 14-year-old would have appreciated.

“Go brag to your friends now.  When your friends ask you how court went, tell them that Chris’ mom took your shoes off of your feet,” Adkins said.

The family says they’re satisfied and the settlement and the shoes offer them closure to move forward.  They’re working with area police agencies to talk about gang violence with young offenders in hopes of preventing attacks like their son’s.

Two teens—one charged as an adult and the other as a juvenile—are expected to be released from jail after serving less than five years.

Comments (56)
  1. redwingshoes says:

    My momma always said you can tell a lot about a person by their shoes, where the go, where they’ve been. I’ve worn lots of shoes!!!!

  2. sheriff says:

    They should have taken his nuts also so he can’t breed any worthless POS like him in the future. It’s a disgrace, these thugs will be out in a few years & guaranteed you will be hearing from them again in a bad way. They’re bad seeds & in jail they’ll become even worse.

    1. Tammy says:

      I couldnt agree more. They should all be in jail for a long time. What kind of message are they sending these thugs? That you can beat someone to death and not go to jail?? Shoes? Please, They should have stripped him down and beat him senseless. He will just go out and steal more shoes tomorrow. If he couldnt pay now then they should garnish his paychecks for the rest of his worthless life to make him remember what he did to poor Chris.. I wonder if they will get jail time the next time they do this? Wake up society, it has to stop. Make low life criminals pay for their crimes.

    2. PMaria says:

      absolutely! Shoes vs A Life. I don’t get it.

  3. jessie says:

    You are right sheriff. They should have been beaten senseless to know what Chris felt like when he was dying. For their punishment, they should have been forced to dig his grave BY HAND as well as jail time. I know Chris’s mom felt that taking his shoes was symbolic for the kid that had no money to pay but he’ll just go out and buy another pair of expensive shoes and whatever else he wants with the ‘money that he doesn’t have.’ What a pathetic society we live in.. These nuts should have ALL been arrested and left to rot in jail.. the big boy jail… If you do the crime boys, you serve the time. God bless Chris and his family. That is all we ever hear about – thugs beating up on people, robbery and murder – totally senseless acts…. and it will continue until we start using the death penalty. I don’t care how old they are Maybe these thugs need to have the cr*p scared out of them – knowing that if they (at any age) commit murder, they too will lose their life. I personally and tired of paying for them to serve time

    1. Billiam says:

      While the thought of them spending many years in jail is a good one, our judicial system and the very state of MD in which we live will never allow that to happen. The state and some of the law systems feel these punks can be rehabilitated – we all know that isn’t true, but Maryland doesn’t want to allow anyone to see the state for really what it is. While individual justice is certainly warranted here, the parents may be smart enough to know that these thugs will be out sooner rather than later, but for those few moments, the boy who lost his shoes was embarrassed beyond belief. I wish nothing but the best to this family and hope they can find some solace at the end of the day. The shoes won’t replace their son, but in their own mind, if they truly believe this is what their son would have wanted, then good for them.

      1. jessie says:

        Yes, it definitely sounded like the mom was saying that Chris would have wanted something like that. I just hate the way the justice system is now days.. Punks get away with so much and they will definitely be out on the street doing it all over again.

  4. jessie says:

    Sorry.. the first line should read “as well as given jail time.”

  5. jmiller17314 says:

    Its is amazing how kids from “low income” families can afford $100 shoes, $50 jeans, the girls have their nails done and hair done. But they live on state/federal money (rent assistance, energy assistance, food stamps, day care assistance, etc.). It is a shame how some people scam their government and honest hard working tax paying citizens!

    1. riarob says:

      What makes it worse is when hard working tax paying citizens are not able to utilize the programs that their tax dollars pay for.

    2. Betty says:

      I agree 100% and those on state funded programs should have drug testing done also so tired of our tax dollars be wastded on those that abuse the system….and we need harder punishment’s on the younger one to teach them bigger lesson’s not just a pair of shoe’s please

    3. bobbie says:

      i totally agree jmiller

      1. bobbie says:

        believe me it was a lot of justice for jenny – i am her best friend and have seen her fight this fight

  6. Chuck Welch says:

    I agree 100%

  7. deltasweetiepi says:

    These punks will go from the juvenile system to the big house in no time at all, because there is no remorse for what they have done. Their parents should be proud because they have done a poor job in rearing.

  8. Ramarro L. Smith says:

    These gang kids just think they are above any law or social responsibility, along with no sense of remorse in their antisocial world. What I do NOT see is any mention of the responsibility their PARENTS should have had.

  9. Logoboo says:

    I live in the neighborhood where Chris met his tragic end. It rocked our community so hard. It brings such a good feeling to know that his family has some small sense of justice. I agree that these criminals will go on to have many more “unafforadble” things, but that one moment of humility will last a lifetime.

  10. sheriff says:

    I’m familiar with Crofton & this is no inexpensive ghetto by any means. This family living there has money squirreled away or is just flat out lying. I would have gone over there finances with a fine tooth comb & made them pay an amount that would hurt. Forget the 50″ plasma t.v. payment every month & if missed, the family joins the POS son in the slammer because they are the ones responsible for raising him into the thing he has become…..Taking his sneakers had to hurt his pride & good for the Mom. A small victory.

  11. Ray Ray says:

    Don’t worry because he will get some new shoes because after Bubba bend him over again and again he will have all the shoes that he need because we know that this punk is now going to be a GIRL

  12. whatnow says:

    did I read the end of this story correctly – even the person tried as an adult will be out in less than 5 years – FOR MURDER!!!!!!! This state is atrocious!

  13. sabrina lumpkin says:

    Thats ridcoulous only less then five years for taking a childs life. This is why or country has become what it is!

  14. shawna 3 says:

    This is to prove what a childs life is worth. According to the courts nothing until it becomes one of there own. If you harm a child or animal you should not be given a right to live or a right to any freedom. Jail is too good for you. You should die by the way you harmed that person or animal. You will forever be known as a POS that you are and you should be labled that way. You must pay for this with every breath you take. If this were my kid you hurt or killed you would not be breathing.

    1. jessie says:

      So very well said.. We have a right to protect ourselves and our loved ones. How sad

  15. Doug says:

    6 on 1.
    Weren’t they a brave group of young wayward losers.
    Look.Prisons are very,very expensive.
    Over 50 k a loser per year and going up.
    Let’s execute them tonight and sell their sneakers on E- Bay.

    1. Travis Wayne Grynowicki says:

      AGREE 100000000%!!!!!

  16. C says:

    I feel for these parents. Its a “hate crime” when whites hurt blacks, but I dont see any mention of race here. Wonder why the race card wasnt played? stop wondering. Black on white crime is not a hate crime? (why) and these little POS’s get a few yrs each? So much for justice period. Drug Testing for social services and any govt benefit.. That would solve a lot of problems.

    1. michelle says: true of a statement…just look at the beating at McDonalds it was a white person who was beat by black girls…NO hate crime charges….only when a white person is the attacker is a hate crime charge put up…it will continue to happen as long as white people keep their mouths shut…what a judicial system we have here, a joke of one…also ADHD, lead paint, asthma or just a bad child due to no good parents and lets get a check…no wonder the gov’t is broke

  17. Heather says:

    Unfortunately Chris’ death has not stopped the B.S. and violence amongst the kids in the area…. still fighting and threats running rampant on facebook, in school, and at the local parks. God bless his mother and the rest of his family…. no parent should have to bury their child. I think about them often and am glad that she is able to feel a bit of peace although his potential earnings should be garnished for the rest of his life.

  18. RS says:

    Too hilarious. The punk had to turn over his brand spanking new New Balance sneakers (which usually are ranging from $60 on up) to the parents of the kid he helped murder. Yeah that’s definitely going to be a massive blow to the ego. The parents should go ahead and have them put in a special display case, so anyone who visits can get a good laugh.

  19. Michael in Columbus says:

    well i say an eye for eye in this instance. those punks should be stripped of everything including their ability to reproduce and left to rot in a ditch while every watches them die a slow miserable death. there is no excuse for what they did. if you want something, get off your lazy ass and get a job and work for it. their parents should be heald accountable too for fostering a sense of entitlement over a good work ethic.

  20. Michael in Columbus says:

    bring back the public hangings. that should put a stop to a lot of this.

  21. Newbalance sneaks says:

    This story is ridiculous….so you had the judge make the punk give up his shoes…who cares… that going to bring your child back…NO! Is that justice….umm..NO! Unless thats justice to you….like the other reader stated…what are u gonna do with them…put them in a display case for all to see when they come over for thanksgiving and christmas…? I feel for the family and their loss but ive seen this lady in the media since this happened and she seems to love the attention and this just seems like a spiteful move to me…i mean really to go on TV and brag about how u took the shoes of some punk who assisted in your son’s death…..what is this world coming to?

    1. Christie says:

      Trade places with the victim’s parents for just 10 minutes – then see if you don’t understand how taking the shoes off some thug’s feet can feel like such a victory. And the reason why you have seen Ms. Adkins in the media for the past two years? She has been fighting to change laws in this state, and working to build a youth center that can be a safe haven for kids, and she does this all to make our children safer. That’s not attention-seeking – that’s called making the world a better place.

      1. Billiam says:

        Christie – my reply was directed to Newbalance sneaks and not to your post.

    2. Billiam says:

      Your rambling comments couldn’t be more inappropriate or ridiculous.
      #1 – it wasn’t your child who was beaten to death so who are you to say what is correct punishment. #2 – Humility can be its own reward. #3 No, we know it’s not going to bring her child back, but I believe the mom when she says this is what he would have wanted. #4 – I hardly believe she is bragging. But my question to you is why did you use a name like “Newbalance sneaks?” That would indicate some type of problem to me.

    3. bobbie says:

      what the hell are u talking about newbalance u r too scared to even put ur name up there cuz u know how dumb u sound. The money isn’t the point it was the humiliation of him having to leave court with no shoes- nothing will bring her son back but do u really think she wants attention out of this- u try having ur son murdered and then talk to me- her best friend bobbie brown

    4. Missy Galich Brown says:

      Wow, how inappropriate. Jennifer is an intelligent woman who completely understands that none of this will bring her son back. However she has devoted herself to ensure that no other parent will have to endure what she has endured. We are not supposed to bury our children, especially not for something so senseless. Jennifer, thank you for devoting your time to stop this madness. Something needs to change when you actually hear minors say what’s the worst that can happen, I do time until i’m 18 and i’m out?

  22. Crystal says:

    To Newbalance sneaks – Seriously? SERIOUSLY!?? Mrs. Adkins & Mr. Jones have lost their son….THEIR SON. He was MURDERED at the age of 14 because he turned away from the violence he was consumed by. How dare you judge any of their families motives for raising awareness, fighting for a better communtiy that is SAFE. They have held countless fundraisers in Chris’ memory in order to have facilities built to fight violence. They have grieved a loss no parent should have to endure and you sit and criticize their motives?? REALLY? Those who don’t stand with them stand against them and that includes your point of view. This story is only ridiculous because of people like who discount loss and grief. It is ridiculous because young adults think of this kind of violence as a glamorous territorial marker. This is ridiculous because those of us who know the family, who knew Chris, have had to mourn his untimely death. Your opinion is not only immature and cold, but it’s a cruel slap in the face to the rest of us that are against any kind of violence among our youth. Get over yourself and get a new perspective on compassion. You suck & THAT IS THE BUTT UGLY TRUTH

  23. Scott's County says:

    All Marylanders make me sick! None of you vote! And when you do, you always put Ultra-Liberals into office due to Maryland’s “legacy” of Liberalism. You just have to know that cities, counties, and states that have the worst crime and the most lenient treatment for violent offenders, are heavily Democratic and black.
    On another tangent, this black gang beat down crime is becoming quite common now. Just be very vigilant of large groups of black–especially males 14-28– this is your core group who commit most of these types of crime. Profile! Profile! Profile! Let them know their being watched and call the cops frequently. This is how we knocked out the plague of black gangs in Owings Mills New Town who were coming in as Section 8 renters of $370k townhomes from Baltimore’s always horrifically violent Eastside.

    1. whatnow says:

      Sorry to rain on your parade Scott’s County, but I am a Marylander, and I do vote, and I vote Republican or Independent so I thank you not to paint me with the same brush as the sheep who follow the Dumbocrats and are to stupid to realize that all the handouts have enslaved them all over again.

  24. James says:

    Rise up America! Take back our streets! All you have to do to see what’s coming is spend a day in a public high school. I should know, I teach math at a school in Maryland. These thugs are taking over our schools. They don’t want to be there, except for the captive audience of potential new drug clients. If you have a kid in public school, wake up! I for one took mine out, and I never regret the decision! Wake up America!

  25. navpooh says:

    Cool move, mom! Well done!!

  26. shelly says:

    They use to hang people who murdered others. And there was a saying “you ride with and outlaw, you die with an outlaw”

  27. Somebody says:

    The only thing this kid will learn from this is ” If you kill someone you only have to give up a pair a shoes to call ti even” Yeah I understand what the parents intent was, but these kids are to thick headed and only look at life on how they can get away with soemthing or get something for free.

  28. Jacob Jones says:

    senseless violence. This boy did not deserve to die. It sadens me to imagine this childs final moments. Out enjoying the day riding his bike in his own neighborhood when he is viciously attacked and beating by a bunch of getto punks who don’t even belong in the neighborhood in the first place.

  29. RD says:

    What kind of parent could go on living knowing these monsters were still walking the streets. I’m sorry but if it was my kid I’d spend every last breath eradicating them from this planet.

  30. Don Mars says:

    I don’t think I would want to look at those shoes everyday knowing that the dog in them killed my son! I would be so tempted to put billboards all over the state with a picture saying “the boy who killed my son wore these new shoes to court. He had free lawyer and will receive free food, shelter, education and healthcare.

  31. Frances says:

    I suspect all of the people, above, are republicans. Am I right?

  32. Lynn in NoCo says:

    The worst part of this is the realization that, given half a chance, the punk thug would cut the mom’s throat for “disrespecting” him like that. They’ve been taught to live by the obamanation socialist infantile way of thinking: If you aren’t content with what you have, just take what you want from someone else. Then, you can use the untaxed money you make selling drugs and pimping to buy high-fashion clothing, gaudy jewelry, big black Escalades, $40 cartons of Newports, the hottest cell phone with loud and obnoxious rapper ring tones, and as many grotesque tattoos as you can fit onto your slimy skin.
    What a work has been wrought by the brown-nosed liberal democrats who will do ANYTHING for a vote — even if it means selling out the futures of their own children. Freaking idiots.

  33. Frances says:

    You all really need to move further south. I’m really sorry for the family of the boy that was killed but you people are every bit as violent and racist as any group of people I’ve seen. Watch something other than Fox “News” and you might have a clue. Instead of being afraid and part of the problem, why not try being part of the solution.
    By the way, republicans (hacks for corporations and the ruling class) have found a very easy way to get you all to vote against your own best interests. Just make you afraid of your neighbor and hate anyone different and you’ll vote all of your rights away. Very clever. Social programs and your grandmother’s social security (which is an insurance program we all pay into) are not the problem. The fact that there is a very direct war on the working class (which I’m assuming we all belong it) is being demolished. Privatization is only benefitting the already rich and taking away from all of us little people.
    People! Wake up, before it’s too late.

  34. Newbalance kicks says:

    if you lay down with dogs you’re going to get fleas……

  35. BRENDA GARRETT says:


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