Wine-Shipping Bill To Be Signed, Supporters Say

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — Wine lovers are saying Gov. Martin O’Malley will soon sign a bill legalizing shipping directly to consumers from wineries.

O’Malley is expected to sign the bill May 10, Marylanders for Better Beer and Wine Laws said Wednesday in an email to supporters.

The compromise measure approved by lawmakers this year allows wineries to ship directly to consumers, but not retailers. The measure had died the three previous years, under intense lobbying from Maryland’s alcohol distributor and retail lobby.

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  • Michael

    It’s about time. Thank you gents in Annapolis for finally doing something which makes sense.

  • Johny BUDZ

    How is this good?!?! did you read the fine print? WIneries have to pay 200 bux a month to ship to MAryland? why would wineries do that….also a 10 dollar bottle of wine will be about 20-30 bux because of shipping, tax, and they want that 200 back that they pay…did law makers think this through? Also you will not be able to get wine when you want…you can only get one box per year thats 12 to 18 bottles….and you cannot joing winery clubs…what a crock of bs! Come up with something that helps the consumer not the business!

    • Michael

      Your facts are slightly off the mark Johny:
      – Out of State Wineries can pay a $200 annual fee (not monthly) for the right to ship to Marylanders.
      – Residents can receive up to 18 cases per year (18 cases * 12 bottles = 216 bottles).
      – Retailers, including those who feature “wine of the month” clubs, may not ship to Maryland homes. (only about a dozen states even allow retailer shipping anyhow, no big deal)

      My wife and I are avid wine drinkers. It’s good that we will now be able to receive out of state wines. Unlike produce, where the mantra is locally grown is better; wineries from out of state/country tend to be a lot better than those produced here in MD. Now we will have the option to receive them without going through, and paying the up charges from, middleman local retailers.

  • Tim

    What about beer?

  • Hollywood55

    Beer? What about vodkas and tequilas who cares about wine!

  • Hollywood55

    This is about as good as no law at all. I don’t want to order wine from wineries. I want to be able to have wine shipped from retailers in other states. I want to have my Zagat wine club shipments sent to me instead of to my friends in Virginia.

  • Hollywood55

    The bill does not allow people to buy wine from retail outlets or auction houses.

    Read more at the Washington Examiner:

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