COLUMBIA, Md. (WJZ)—Pain at the pump. If you think gas prices are high now, there is a plan that could push them even higher.

Pat Warren tells us a hike in the gas tax could be just down the road.

A failed effort to increase the state tax on gasoline during the regular General Assembly session doesn’t mean the idea has gone away. The prospect of another bill may be proposed in a special session.

That’s right. Governor Martin O’Malley held a roundtable discussion on the transportation trust fund on Friday. And wouldn’t you know it, the gas tax came up.

This is where the rubber meets the road, and the wheel, and the axle and sometimes the muffler.

A plan to raise the state gas tax to cover road construction and repair was shot down in the General Assembly this session. As voters watched the price of gasoline go up and up, lawmakers backed off a plan to add their 12 cents to the existing 23.5 cents Marylanders already pay.

But that may not be the end of it. A special session in the fall could give the General Assembly another chance to pass it. But it may still be a long shot.

“There is one tax that the business community universally supports and that doesn’t matter what slice of it where you are and that is the gas tax. And there is one tax that the general public universally and unanimously opposes regardless of black neighborhood, white neighborhood, north, south, east and west and that is the gas tax,” O’Malley said.

But then, thousands of miles of bumpy roads could cause taxpayers to soften.

“I guess it depends on how much we’re talking,” said Katy Johnson. “It might be worth it. The roads definitely need to be improved.”

The money the state collects from the gas tax goes into the transportation trust fund, but that fund has been steadily depleted to cover budget deficits and put us on a bad road.

The General Assembly has to meet in a special session this fall to re-draw the lines for voting districts.

And when in session, other bills can come up.

Prices at the pump are creeping closer to the $4 mark. The WJZ pumpwatch shows we’re paying an average of $3.92 a gallon here in Baltimore. That’s more than 30 cents higher than prices last month.

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  1. PAUL E. MICELLI says:


    1. Fed up with Gas prices says:

      AMEN to that!

      1. ObamaLied says:

        You people in Maryland vote in democrats ad-nauseum and now you get to drink deep your own brew. This is what democrats do, and you keep voting for them, so enjoy your higher taxes…serves you right!

      2. john says:

        I agreeeeee

      3. amplitude jones says:

        they are probably too stupid to understand what you just said, accurately I will add, even if they can say the words aloud as they read it…That is why they choose parasitism. They know nothing else.

      4. WRTolkas says:

        I left maryland back in 1973 when I returned from overseas. The best decision I have ever made. You maryland socialist sheeple voted for this mess. Now sleep in it. P.S. Stay Home. We don’t want your infection in other states except maybe california or new york.

      5. Fed up with MD as well says:

        Moving out of MD was the best decision I ever made as well. Those fools can have it, and pay for it. Baltimore is nothing more than a sucking leach draining life from the country side around it. Next to go will be business when they decide to raise the corporate taxes like the other democrat controled socialist states.

      6. Sean says:

        Hey, I live in Md and I do not vote democrat!. There are some sane people in the state, although not many. Yeah, I need to move…. I can’t beleive they keep electinh Hoyer, what a freaking joke. I’m sure you all know our great gov gave illegal aliens in state tuition here!! Maybe that’s really why taxes have to go up.

      7. harfcoedge says:

        Not all marylanders are sheeple. Most are however. I don’t vote democratic or republican. I vote for whoever is better. Such as John Paul. I never wanted Martin O F-ckup as govenor. When erhlich left as govenor, we had a surplus. Now because of malley, we have a huge deficit. All the sheeple need to wake the hell up and not vote for someone because they are popular or good looking. They need to weigh all the issues and decide from there. Marylanders in general are pathetic but there are still some of us who still retain our intelligence and common sense. So if you want to say something about sheeple, don’t say that its every marylander or that those of us who arent sheeple deserve this.

    2. Noneya Bizness says:

      You mean ( I shutter to say) re-elected officials.

      1. RON says:


    3. Willis Dikfitt says:

      Pat Warren just kissed his reelection bid goodbye .

      1. Fanny Forbes Franklen says:

        “If a politician found he had cannibals among his constituents, he would promise them missionaries for dinner.”
        ~ H. L. Mencken


      2. ObamaLied says:

        no he didn’t. you are in maryland, and that means you are a bunch of puppet democrats. you will vote democrat until your last breath. your vote is a sure thing, like a blind lemming. Democrat….democrat….democrat. he will get re-elected.

      3. An olive tree says:

        Loud and wrong.
        Pat Warren is the female reporter at WJZ.
        As the lone republican in Maryland, I recommend you educate yourself and then elect a fresh perspective (official) and you’ll get a new result.

    4. nickel says:

      You have the situation completely correct. As a Marylander for the last thirty years I am ashamed of the clear corruption and incompetence of our elected officals.

      Since Maryland doesn’t really have a functioning two party system, the Democrats spend and spend without any real concern for the reaction of the public since there is nothing we can do about it.

      1. MD resident says:

        I call our governor “governor prairie dog” because he pops his head up every so often to raise taxes then he’s gone, never to be heard of again till the next tax. MD’s economy is artificially supported by federal money spewing out to contractors and fed employees.

      2. JOhn says:

        We have the same thing in California!

      3. Matthew Jacobs says:

        The problem with the Democrats is they have no interest in policies to create wealth. They only want/need to redistribute wealth, that is their source of power.

      4. adriang1960 says:

        I was a Marylander for 44 years. I moved to Virginia … LMAO!

      5. mv says:

        It sounds like califorina

      6. tom says:

        I’m a native Californian and have never been to Maryland. But after reading his article “Ich Bin ein Marylander”

        God help us all after the democrats have bled us dry and our Chinese credit card is maxed out.

      7. Carl D. Hogg says:

        There is something you can do about it…move.

      8. Mr. Wright says:

        Nancy Pelosi was originally from Baltimore.

        Enough said.

    5. Commentary Cat says:

      Please raise the gas tax by 2 or 3 dollars. The government needs your money and you will not give. So many illegal aliens to educate, feed, house. You think this is for construction but its for ‘the children’.

      1. GF says:

        And to support the “benefits” of the parasite union thugs.

    6. Dan says:

      Dems load up the gun and put it to their heads yet again, eh?

      Aren’t city and state taxes, taxes tied to services and supplies enough during an inflated time period???????????????

      Just a push to go green. And we were tested back in 2008 so give it up already.

    7. Dave says:

      I suggest one of two things, or both.
      1) We start a movememt to remove our current legistators from office and replace them with people that have a clue what it is to work and try to pay bills.
      2) we boycott the state, if you live close enough to a neighboring state, go there for your gas, your food, beer or whatever you can cross the line to purchase. Let that tax hike actually cost them.

      Has anyone looked at what the illegals ( Im Sorry, New Americans) are costing the state?

      1. Heidi McGahan says:

        I worked for an American owned Gas station for 18 years in Maryland. Boycotting will only hurt the bloke who is trying to keep his employees and his store open. There have to be different ways!! If you work in the private market and you do a lousy job, you get fired, so why not fire your elected officials. America still belongs to the people, it’s just a matter of sticking together and take on government. In most cases everyone complains but nobody wants to work for a resolution. It still say:” We’re The People!!!!!!!!!!!!

      2. Godsmotive says:

        You won’t have to boycott …people will vote with their feet. Serves Maryland right for electing these idiots.

      3. richard bertoldi says:

        here, here, we need the ability to recall the gov

    8. Animal says:

      Caps lock, dude. It’s a wonderful thing.

    9. Tim says:

      tax and spend O’Malley. Leopards don’t change their colors.

      Don’t blame me folks, I voted for Erhlich.

      1. Sean says:

        As did I.

      2. MDconservative says:

        Here Here I voted for Erhlich as well ! Deomoncrats tax and spend period. I looked at the voting totals O’malley only took three counties(PG,Montgomery,Charles) and Baltimore city looks to me like the remainder of the state did not want more taxes or to raise the old ones!

    10. stateemployee says:

      State employees don’t receive cars or expense accounts or even a decent retirement plan. We go to work each day to do the people’s work and have taken pay cuts for the past three years.

      1. John says:

        Funny, I don’t feel bad for you. I have to contribute fully to my own retirment and I have to pay my own health insurance. Oh and I work for a small business that makes money by providing a desired service in the private sector.

    11. stateworker says:

      just to inform you I am a state employee, I have to use my PERSONAL car and my gas for work. I gross 840.00 bi-weekly so I really don’t think I could survive with a 33% decrease. Please refrain from making blanket statements like ALL state employees. I work hard and have taken on the duties of 3 separate positions due to the hiring freezes. Also I have not received a salary increase since 2007. I am sure that you like being rewarded for your efforts on the job. One day I would like to be able to be warm in the winter and be able to pay the phone & electric in the same month!!!!

      1. deborah says:

        Former state employee. Thank you. Well said!

  2. OweMalley Not says:

    If OweMalley and the other thieves in Annapolis hadn’t stolen the money from the transportation fund he wouldn’t have this problem. Stop wasting money !!!
    Light Rail should be eliminated. Buses should charge enough to cover their costs.

    1. YES WE CON! YES WE CON! says:

      And they just passed the IN-STATE TUITION BILL FOR ILLEGAL ALIENS!!


      1. Rob says:

        Yes, I wonder how much they could save if they didn’t spend it on people who don’t belong in the state…who drive on our roads.

    2. Bob says:

      These politicians are so removed from the economy and reality. Their only solution to any problem is to tax . The government needs to do what the average American has to do everyday LIVE WITH IN YOUR BUDGET . If you go to any government agency from the smallest town to the feds you can spot gov. waste in no time at all.

  3. Doug says:

    Sell a ” Highway” Bond .Say a 5 yr at 6%

    And market it heavily to Maryland residents.
    Give them a decent return rate.
    Show them you have a long term plan,
    not just patchwork.
    And you might be surprised how many people would invest.
    There is no need to raise taxes ,here..
    Could be a win,win.

    1. Get Real says:

      Are you kidding?? 6%!? They’ll have to raise taxes just to pay the interest so its a lose lose. Unless you put a toll in the roadway to pay the $$$ back, where is the money going to come from??Would YOU buy a Maryland bond? Its this type of liberal thinking that is dragging the state down.

    2. Mel Shapiro says:

      Hey Doug….. after you’ve “sold” the bond, how do you propose that it be “retired?” Just “sell” another at an even higher rate to pay-off the first one? Where does it end, aside from the Bankruptcy Court?

    3. Dan says:

      Ahh yes the Democrat way, we can just borrow the money; that way it it free. The complete lack of understanding of basic finance among the voting population is why Dems keep getting reelected. Unfortunately, you probably have a high ranking in the Obama Treasury Dept.

  4. sheriff says:

    OMalleys new & diverse plan includes raising taxes on gasoline!! Get used to it & if he does, we should take to the streets. It’s way beyond time to take a stand people.

    1. OBAMA = FRAUD says:

      Sheriff – Could you tell me why BHO has a CONNECTICUT SSN? After all he NEVER lived in CT. –

      1. THE TRUMP CARD says:

      2. sheriff says:

        I don’t know, you tell me. He was born in Hawaii but I don’t know if they assigned him a S.S. # back then like they do today. He went to Harvard & could have worked in Ct. at the time & applied as I did when I was 14. I was born in N.Y. But started work in Penna.

    2. Heidi McGahan says:

      Ditto that @ sheriff

      1. Portia says:

        They didn’t start handing children SS# to children until after BO was born. You got a SS# when you were 16, which is when you could work legally. He was in Hawaii at 16….Ct wasn’t even a glint in his eye.

        And the MD Democrats? They are the super libs in Montgomery County or the welfare Democrats in Baltimore and Prince Georges. They passed a millionaire’s tax and the millionaires left the state and revenues went down. They passed a cigarette tax and revenues went down because smokers buy their cigarettes out of state. MD is a small state and a great many residents live quite close to VA or WV or PA. Gas sales will go down and revenue will go down.

        Haven’t you all noticed that Democrats have a terrible time figuring out cause and effect? There are many of us who would love to leave MD, but since the Democrat-planned “everyone owns a home” program, our house won’t sale because no one in their right mind would actually move to this state..

  5. Robert Long says:

    Yea this loser is on something good. Not sure what it is but what ever it is it makes him think he lives in another planet where every one has billion dollar bill’s just stashed around the house for a rainy day. So how about we eject this super mega idiot out of office? I have already taken the 1st steps for a Pre-Recall Petition on O-Smally to have him recalled and thrown out of office.

    But it would take alot of people to sign. Like 157,000+ people. I am doing some more work to find out everything we need to finish it and what type’s of signing is legal. Example online and in person and such. Because online we would have it in a month. In person it would need to be a team effort thats for sure =P But im sure alot of you guys would help out if asked with it if i put everything online like the MD petition thing for the dream act thing.

    It will take some time out of my illegal immigrant hunting thing but it will be worth it. Take out the leader of the rights for immigrants and then work on them =P

    1. Noneya Bizness says:

      Where do I sign? I’ll sign.

    2. sheriff says:

      Robert Long, Under Md constitutional law OMalley can’t be removed from office unless someone whacks him & that’s not advisable. or legal.

    3. sven says:

      and what would the administration do about this dilemma ? Raise taxes to have more money to squander.

      These issues won’t go away by bringing in new crooks (republican or democrat) Come on robert can’t you come up with a better idea than “off with their heads?”

    4. Larry says:

      Take to long to force him out of office. Next election would be over by then. We need a good bussines man like Donald Trump in office wether we like him or not. He knows how to get us out of this financial mess.

  6. Rosedale Resident says:

    The next time people may wake up and put REPUBLICANS in office.

    1. j.kramer says:

      you must be joking. they are one in the same

      1. Carl Parsons says:

        So I guess your idea is to live with it, because no one will do anything differently? I guess you’re the kid who always took his ball and went home.

      2. Seg says:

        Thats because you guys vote in RInos Republicans in blue states..

        LOL, what a surprise that a deep blue state is raising taxes…..

        I live in Texas. 😛

    2. sheriff says:

      We don’t need a Republican or Democrat, we need someone with fiscal competence.

      1. Carl Parsons says:

        In other words, a Tea Party candidate.

  7. troy says:

    take the benefits from the state assembly and we will have more than enough money

  8. tired of omalleys lies says:

    let the state assembly actaully pay for their own gas , parking , etc i bet the gas prices will fall, people isnt it time to impeach omalley . trade trip to china my but sounds like a vacation didnt he do that scam to ireland a couple of times remember the winner of a politcal office is usually the best liar of the bunch oh yeah all the illegal aliens we now support thank you omalley my children w cuts in their education to support these rewarded lawbreakers thank you

  9. Noneya Bizness says:

    The people in Annapolis are idiots. Only in MD would, in such a strapped economy would even consider raising gas taxes. What the heck were these so called Casinos for just so OweMalley and his crew could have some extra chump change to carry around. It always amazes me at the timing these people have for doing stupid thing. Use some of the money you already have Annapolis and take your hands out of our wallets and purses. Ughhhhhhhhhhh Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  10. gary says:

    That they even thought of this tax is astonishing, that they plan to implement it is total insanity. The people of MD should converge on the capitol and physically and forcefully drag these liars and thieves from office, tar an feather them and send them on their way

  11. j.kramer says:

    It is time to disallow politicians to rob peter to pay paul. They are only hiding the truth. Roads are fully funded but they take money out of this fund to pay programs that are not funded. It is time for honesty in are govt. and politicians. If not they must be fired. That includes demogratic and republican. Yes they can be fired!!!!!

  12. Ronald G Miner Jr says:

    Owe Malley you need to check your facts. The business community no more supports a hike in the gasoline tax that the rest of the people. The cost of gasoline and diesel fuel directly impact the cost of doing business. It will cause lost jobs and an over all loss of revenue for the state as the unemployed don’t pay taxes…

  13. DON says:

    omalley got in office to see how much stealing he can get away for anybody but HIM…..HEis a theif……..

  14. Donald Holloway says:

    People are getting tired of buying speed cameras and stop light camera with their hard earn money. Family need to put food on their tables to feed their children.
    O Mailey needs to be fired. This is not the time for a gas tax, it will cost everyone for everything all prices will rise in this state.

  15. chuck says:

    When O’Malley gets his tax and fattens up the MDOT fund, he’ll just steal from it again !!

  16. Donald Holloway says:

    Where is all the money being wasted from the new slot machine in Perryville.
    Ask Mr. O Malley. Money being wasted on all state highways. Improve on helping out families, who needs to feed their children. Sure O Malley gets a big pay check and now his job is going to his big head.

  17. pigeon says:

    I do not see how anyone in today’s society with the slightest bit of brain matter, and knowing EVERYONE’s financal struggles can actually consider an increase in gas tax.
    How do we go about getting our governor out of office NOW? What legal course of action is there for us?

    1. sheriff says:

      Under Md constitutional law impeachment is not an option. Expiration of term or death can only remove him.

      1. pigeon says:

        DARN IT ALL!

  18. chris says:

    These people only understand one thing, stealing from families that can least afford it. I travel the roads in Maryland and they are not nearly as bad as they make it out to be. They will collect more and steal that to. Common thieves they are!

  19. Aubrey Hellstrom says:

    the general assembly may as well kiss their jobs goodby if they pass a new ful tax..they should cut thier salaries first to help our economy. more gas increase and ai will have to give up my car. Hard on us on Social Security.

  20. Steven Cville says:

    They must be out of there mind!!!! The Transportation fund is for roads and they need more money because they took the money from it to balance there overspending elsewhere. Now they tell us they need to raise the gas tax for road repair and they want us to believe this money will go to roads. Perhaps they should cut elsewhere and return the money stolen from the fund in which tax payers paid already.
    This is what you get when idiots keep putting these people back in office just because they belong to a certain party. There is no balance in power to stop these thefts and they know that in Annapolis so they just have a special session and slip these increases onto the public.
    Remember all the commercials by O’malley against the previous administration and taxes and the famous a FEE is still a TAX. People don’t know how manny increases were stop by the Republican Governor at the time.
    Lets not forget he also Vetoed Red Light cameras four year in a row now you not only have them but speed cameras as well. O’Malley was even going to look at BGE and the increases and we see how much he worked on that. He is spending money on a federal heath plans that most states are fighting against on Constitutional basis and the fact they can not afford it as done. Looks like we can’t afford it either but Martin O’spending don’t care he’s not going to buck the system where he hopes for higher office on the backs of the uneducated that don’t know better.

  21. Mary says:

    Sheriff… are so right. We need someone with fiscal competence. Mr. Governor…. I can not believe you want to raise taxes on gas…when it is to the roof as of now. If you plan to run for Barbara’s senate seat (I have a feeling she will retire), do you think this will help you get elected? I would not do this if I were you. This plan will not be a popular move and the voters will remember this in 3 years when you run for office.

    1. sheriff says:

      Mary, Unfortunately voters have short memories & this is a very blue state. I moved here from Pa. back in 1970 & I can honestly say that the changes in the past twenty years are all for the worse. The amounts of monies given to just plain flat out bums & welfare people is astounding but the government wants to keep the peace much like 3rd world countries to keep the people from rioting in the streets. I saw this in Venezuela when I lived there, (I’m a Gringo) what a mess that country is. What a mess this state has become & now with the economy it’s falling faster than a rock.

  22. angie says:

    find your money somewhere else gas already cost way to much and is putting everyone in the hole stop taxing people

  23. HooDatIS? says:


  24. ratm33 says:

    If this ends up happening, I will see to it myself that we all rally up together and go down to these idiots houses, drag them out of their $5000 cozy little bed, and tell them to get out of our state or have us do to you what these other countries are doing to there government that they are tired of. omalley is a little bi*** and i would love to see him out in a public place. He will be the cause of the Maryland economy never coming back.

    1. sheriff says:

      Ratm33, Yeah , that’s the spirit. Put your feet & mouth where your fingers are online Hoss.

  25. OMalleyTaxesYouToDeath says:

    The Middle Class left Maryland in 2001. -RIP

    1. RNfromBalto says:

      I left in 1988. Maryland is a welfare state, and the people who get the free money are still out stealing and robbing and worse.

  26. sheriff says:

    OMalley is no leader but an opportunist, ? Yes!. He will meet his Waterloo one day & I hope to be there when the rain starts falling.

  27. donna says:

    Why and who, inside or outside, this country wants to bring our country to it’s knees. These insane gas prices are making my father who fought for this country and lost a lung for this country and for the Obama’s and Soros’ of this world…is rolling over in his grave. The housing fraud and fiassco wasn’t enough, eh? These prices are making it impossible for the poor and driving them even deeper into the poor house. The cost of the fuel is making it practically impossible to drive one’s self to work to earn housing and food money because it’s going into the tanks of cars that people will not be able to own or buy & into the pockets of thieves. The middle class who once earned a decent income can’t say that anymore. Good going crooks, you’ve achieved what you wanted the disintegration of a fairly decent life in America.

  28. Ares says:

    The bedwetting left is in self-destruct mode.

  29. Jeff says:

    Excellent idea. So many people are moving to MD as it is.

  30. Teddy Kennedy's SEARCH+RESCUE says:

  31. Luis says:

    The answer is always more taxes, and the people that elected these useless idiots are now hiding. It is interesting on how hard is to find those people that voted these band of thiefs.
    How come they do not mention cutting back on needless programs, and investigate fraud within the government, that should be the first step.
    I am glad this is coming up now, I am now looking forward to buying a house in VA….goodbye MD.

  32. paddy says:

    When will you people wake up. You keep re-electing these spend-a-holic democrats. Why do you think I left Maryland in the first place…………sick of the high taxes and sick of the ignorant electorate who kept on re-electing these clowns. You get what you deserve Marylanders. I honestly believe that you fools will only wake up when it is too late when the democrats have already spent us off the cliff just like that idiot in the white house.

  33. The Floyd says:

    Move to Connecticut. Gas tax hike (already highest in nation!) due to rise again under new budget. Aren’t democrats so bright??!!??

  34. Cogito says:

    Since the 1940’s every 2-year election cycle brought the same slogans year after year. I’ll close the tax loopholes. I’ll raise taxes on the wealth. It is all rhetoric.

    In the past 77 years Democrats have controlled the House of Representatives for 63 years and the Senate for 58 years. Any tax loopholes that still exist do so because Democrats want them to exist, and any of the wealthy that pay no taxes pay none because Democrats do not want them to pay taxes.

    If razing taxes on the wealthy would do any good, calculate for us how much it would add to the federal income tax revenue. The reason Democrats never tell us is because it wouldn’t help a bit. They can get more mileage out of frothing up their base.

    Plato said, “Rhetoric is the art of ruling the minds of men.” Democrat political elitists sure know Plato.

  35. Ursus Indomitus says:

    Republicans are ratbags, but DEMOCRATS SUCK.

  36. HA HA says:


  37. joeyusa says:

    Chris Christie Your COUNTRY needs you NOW get in the race –your time is NOW – Chris Christie for President and Paul Ryan for Vice President – UNBEATABLE- pack your bags Obama!!!!!!!!!

    1. sheriff says:

      Chris Christie is too busy eating his way to the grave. He has killed the working class because he can but leave the wealthy intact. More money in his pocket for hoagies & cheese steaks..

  38. Ima Seudenim says:

    I used to be disgusted,
    Now I try to be amused.

  39. Carl Parsons says:

    I’ve got an idea…why not fix those bumpy roads by opening up bidding to non-union contractors? Then you don’t have to raise gas taxes to pay for the union’s cadillac pension plans.

  40. Forz says:

    Ha Ha, Saw this on Drudge. This is why I left the state. Stop patronzing illegals and cut spending. Real easy.

  41. Historyshowsus says:

    Why do these people keep electing Democrats if they don’t want their taxes to go up? When will you learn that’s the left’s answer to EVERYTHING. raise taxes?

  42. Paul Begala says:

    There’s a reason your politicians sh|t all over you…it’s because they don’t fear you. You need to make them fear you. Let them know that any attempts to raise taxes, without first making massive budget cuts, will result in physical harm.

    1. Heide says:

      I’ll let you do that and wait to see how long before you go up on terroristic threat charges, become a felon, lose your ability to find a job, and so forth.

    2. sheriff says:

      Paul B., You wanna be the first one to fire a shot?

  43. KenInIowa says:

    News item. Summer is around the corner, and so are those who want to take vacations. Raise your taxes MD, and them folks will go elsewhere, guaranteed. Remember, you need us, we don’t need you!

  44. cuthean says:

    America has a very, very acute Communist problem.

    Drag these communists from office and make examples of them.

  45. Stymee says:

    I thought the “recovery Summer stimulus was going to fix all our roads and infrastructure. How’s that hope and change?

  46. Ms.Daisy says:

    I recently visited Maryland, as I try to do at least once per year. ( Moved away in 1988.) This trip, I put over 750 miles on the car, going everywhere from Baltimore to D.C. to Allegheny County. I think that I recognize some of the same potholes that were there when I left in 1988. To the person named Katy Johnson, who was quoted in the above article: Why don’t you question where your tax money, ear marked for road maintenance, has gone all these years. My guess is that it goes to paying for programs for free stuff for welfare recipients and illegals.

  47. Snock says:


    I’m fed up with all the O’s except the ones that play Baseball.

  48. rplat says:

    That’s right you liberal fool . . . just suck the blood out of the residents of Maryland.

  49. Kenneth Glenn Koons says:

    It serves MD. Dems for always electing Dem minions who just tax and spend for the non-productives in our society. And they will vote for Bama too. Insane but they will do it. Liberals are just alien to American values, heritage and our economic foundations.

  50. Kenwood17 says:

    As long as they can keep Americans beileving the high price is the evil oil companies they will keep adding taxes. Here is proof anyone can research easily from our own government information. Americans are compensated for Oil through fed & state gasoline taxes which Average 46 cents per gallon. Yet many (including politicians) demonize an oil company for making 2 cents per gallon. Politicians are counting on Americans to be stupid enough to blame Exxon and not our leaders. Many say Exxon is bad for making 10.65 billion from us while the government made almost 244 Billion from us on these same sales. Isn’t it amazing – Government no risk for 244 Billion off us – Exxon major risk for 10.6 Billion.

  51. AceR says:

    Phew…got out of the Socialist State of Maryland just in the nick of time! Moved to Florida where my income is not taxed at the state level…that netted me an additional $500 a month. Since moving here, I understand Maryland legislators voted to provide in-state tuition costs for illegals…idiots. Guess that’s why Gov. O’Malley wants to raise the gas tax, to cover for all the people who are leaving the state in droves, and to continue to provide government milk for all the aliens who suck at the Maryland teat.

    1. sheriff says:

      AceR, You thought you had problems here in Md with Blacks & Hispanics? Laugh, just wait. If you are in any kind of medical situation, don’t check into a hospital in Florida, Md has some of the best in the world. Fla is run by a bunch of stiff necked reckless ex Cubans & your new Gov, Fox is a head case & already people are wanting a recall of him….Good Luck. It’s bad everywhere

  52. soon former marylanded says:

    O’Malley has to go. Raising cigarette taxes to give health care to illegals, now raising the gas tax to give raises to State workers and give illegals subsidized tuition after looting the transportation trust funds – but no cuts for his State cronies..

    Throw these BUMS out.

    Anyone who voted for this THIEF should be ashamed.

  53. jaline says:

    Dang it…don’t let your governor give our Gov. “Moonbeam” Jerry Brown any ideas. Our gas is already over $4/gal. for regular. We’ve got a deficit of $21 billion and rising. Don’t follow the lead of Kalifornia…’cause out here, we’re so bankrupt we’ll never see the light of day again.

  54. DVPFLA says:

    Why would the people of Maryland object to gasoline taxes going up? Maryland continually elects democrats over and over. The democrats want gasoline prices to go up. Democrats want taxes to go up. I am not sure what the problem is.

    Raise the taxes. Raise the price of gasoline in Maryland. It is the policy of the people you elect over and over.

    Good luck there.

  55. Blue State Disgust says:

    YES! YES! YES! Raise the gas tax. Raise it up big time! Squeeze Marylanders for everything they’ve got because their Democratic politicians still can’t grab enough money to squander. SPEND! SPEND! SPEND!

    Voters deserve higher gas taxes. They got what they wished for when they voted their creeps in. Now be happy!

  56. taxnspend says:

    Yaay! Just keep voting Democrat Maryland.

  57. Viking2002 says:

    I was born and raised in this state, my family still lives there, but I got out in ’96 and didn’t look back. I guess the Parasite Class and their Socialist overlords won’t be satisfied until they bleed everyone else dry, and there’s on one left in the state but themselves. What utter subhumans.

  58. concealled9mms says:

    well who cares, vote for your demos fools this is what you get i could care less i hope you fail like cali

  59. Dennis D says:

    Whats all the fuss? Anyone who voted for a Dem Governor knew tax increases would follow. Why the shock?

  60. Tom Amlie says:

    So, “The fund has been depleted to cover deficits”. Are we supposed to believe they won’t do the same with any additional money they get?

  61. Anson Mitchell says:

    If you voted for O’Malley or for any Democrat, you get what you deserve: a lower standard of living, higher taxes, and no jobs.

    Enjoy it, folks…because the rest of us are NOT going to bail you out. Suffer for your votes!

  62. Sick of Maryland Legislature says:

    You do know they already raised the tax on liquor statewide this session. The funny thing is the proceeds from that tax will only be going to three places- Prince George and Montgomery Counties and to Baltimore City. How does that happen? All Marylanders pay the tax, yet it won’t benefit all Marylanders. It’s a fact; check it out.

    Here’s an idea–since they only come up with these foolish things while in session, I say the legislature only hold session every OTHER year. That would save a ton of money right there. It would also save us from all of these laws that are tying us in tighter and tighter knots-and taking away more and more of our freedom- because these Bozos think they have to come up with new legislation every year just so they look like they are doing something.

    1. Kenneth Crips says:

      In Wyoming our State legislator meets to handle budgetary matters only every other year..

  63. Larry says:

    For all my Drudge Freinds who do not Live in the Peoples Republic of Maryland. A few things you have to understand.

    1. Maryland is a Deep Blue state. It is controlled top to bottom by liberal Dem’s

    2. Some the riches counties in the country are in Maryland.. As many of you know Maryland site right next to Washington DC.

    3. Maryland has more public workers than private.

    4.Maryland has one of the highest African American populations in America and they vote in mass for Dem’s Maryland.

    5. Gov. O’Malley beat the former Republican Gov. in the Fall 3 to 1

    They rasied taxes by 40% just two years ago and all those Dem’s got reelected in the fall.

    1. PCPSmoker says:

      good breakdown.

    2. Julius says:

      OMG..It’s worse than I thought…

  64. Mike Jefferson says:

    Democrats answers to everything = raise taxes. Their lunacy is astounding. These idiots need to stop worrying about giving immunity to illegals, banning trans-fats, and other inane endeavors and start behaving like adults.

  65. RS says:

    When are the people of Maryland going to wake up? One party rule does not work, here or in Red China. Maryland has been run by Democrats since President Lincoln through the general assemble in jail during the civil war. It is time to let someone else have a chance! Throw the Democrats OUT!

  66. oracle2world says:

    Blah, blah, raise taxes blah, blah, blah.

  67. Kevin says:

    The last thing before the collapse is to loot the treasury!

  68. perplexed and amused says:

    Haha suckers still in Maryland! The Democrats have been playing this shell game with you stupid Democratic voters since before I was born! Complain about the condition of the roads, use the complaints to justify a gas tax increase, supposedly to go into the “highway trust fund” – then rob the trust fund in the middle of the night to pay for “unmet needs across the state”! You suckers still in Maryland fall for this everytime!

    Born and bred Marylander! Long since wised up and moved to Virginia!

    1. Mike Jefferson says:

      I’m joining you. We’ve had enough of a state that gives amnesty to lawbreakers and releases rapists out of jail because they claim they don’t understand the proceedings despite having graduated from our schools. Maryland has become a farce – a joke of a state populated by global warming, trans-fat fearing, trust-fund babies along with their illegals who do all of the child rearing, cooking, building, etc.

  69. robertg says:

    What we need on MD is a None of the Above choice on the ballet.

  70. NJ Bob says:

    Just one more reason for NJ residents affected by the BRAC – Base Reakignment and Closure fiasco to appreciate MD. The infrastructure in the APG environs is abysmal, the living environment is substandard, the Army savings never existed. The new construction is inadequate and being rebuilt as soon as the initial build has finished. MD is a joke, a bad joke at that!

  71. m.w. says:

    Hopefully, if this moron raises the gas tax, people in this state will tar and feather him, then run him out of town on a rail, as an example to other like-minded politicians.

  72. Justin says:

    Good for him. You elected him. Glad I’m not living there but bravo to O’Malley. You’ve doing all you can to help everyone through these difficult times. Shared sacrifice I believe the progressives / democrats / marxist call it.

  73. Rick says:

    Why the hell do you keep voting for tax and spend democrat party members?

  74. Outsider says:

    If you live in MD and have realized that your elected officials have been a problem for a long time then move out. But If you are part of the problem then stay the hell there, cause you need to fix your own mess or live with it.

  75. Tony says:

    Good. I hope they vote for a 100% tax hike. You Marylanders deserve it for continuing to vote in these Democrats and for not siding with the Confederacy.

  76. SMACK says:

    How about dumiing the PREVAILING WAGE instead..Farm the road work out to the private sector. The TAX & SPEND DEMS just want to keep them UNION THUGS happy

  77. jim says:

    You all re- elected him , what did you expect?

  78. violet says:

    If you voted for O’Malley, I hope you’re happy with your sorry self. You liberal idiots! I suppose the money from a gas tax hike can continue the immoral state funding of abortions! Maryland needs to get rid of O’Malley and all of his loser followers!

  79. eramthgin says:

    OK let me see if I have this correct. Maryland has been charging 23.5 cents per gallon for years. They amass a huge fund of money to repair the roads. Instead of using the money to repair the roads, the state “steals” the money to cover up their irresonsible spending. So now the state wants to increase the tax in order to have the money they should have had to repair the roads. Just proves that you cant trust politicians. They are all liars and thievs! Remember what your mother told you “you will be known by the company you keep”.

    1. Kenneth Crips says:

      I should point out in Wyoming it is illegal to mine the highway trust fund to balance the budget. We have what we call “The Rainy Day Account” it is money that is salted away in various investments it is from that we balance the budget but it can be used in only specific ways.

  80. billsv says:

    I must have missed it. To what political party does Governor Martin O’Malley belong?
    Oh my, the democratic party. I guess the reporter inadvertently left that info out.

  81. Don in New Jersey says:

    I’m trying to get Chris Christie to lower NJ gas tax because they will more than make up for it when shore people come to the Jersey shore this summer. They pay more gas tax in NY or Pennsylvania, so those people wait till they get to
    NJ to gas up, which raises the purchasing of gas in NJ. It was wise for Jersey to allow refineries to be built in Jersey, thus helping lower the prices of gas here.

  82. Fanny Forbes Franklen says:

    “The greater the number of laws and enactments, the more thieves and robbers there will be.”  ~ Lao-tzu


  83. tylerjake says:

    Why do people in Maryland KEEP voting for this foolishness?! Wait I forgot, it’s B’more and PG County where every 4 in 2 dead people vote DEMOCRAT!!

  84. Orr4444 says:

    O’malley needs to raise the gax tax so he and the libs can pillage the fund again to provide in state tuition to illegals! Love the libs. They’ll kill us all.
    Storm the Bastille!

  85. George says:

    Is there ANYTHING that democrats don’t like to tax?

  86. Dr. Robert Weed says:

    If you keep voting for Democrats this stuff will continue. It never ends.

  87. Yet Another MD tax refugee in PA says:

    Glad I moved to PA. Prices consistently 10 cents/gal cheaper (and that’s BEFORE this goofy tax). I don’t believe for a second that the business folks want higher taxes. At least in PA in can vote for a conservative who has a chance to be elected.

  88. firstpoppa says:

    Hey! You Maryland folks ever hear of “elections”. “Elections” have consequences. SUCK IT UP. YOUR government wants MORE MONEY!

  89. Tom Genin says:

    Well taxing the Rich worked soooo well….they left the state.

    I guess you better raise gas prices, so they have to pay while leaving.

  90. Pete Anderson says:

    I drive about 200 miles a week, and I will gladly pay higher gas taxes if it enables illegal aliens to attend Maryland Universities at reduced rates.

    1. John says:

      LOL! Very Funny. What is Sad is that you are probably serious.

  91. John C says:

    No better time for a gas tax increase than when gasoline prices are going up 6-10 cents a gal each week.

  92. Robert Kuehnl says:

    OK – Maryland you asked for it and now you got it…….4 more years of Dem Control ——so do not cry when your elected spenders just keep spending. So enjoy the higher gas tax that is coming to make up for money they spent out of Transportation Funds to put forth one of their feel good project. And how do you like all the ILLEGALS going to college on your money?

  93. Jasonn says:

    Why is the solution always higher taxes with these Bozos instead of less spending?

    1. Sam Smirks says:

      Because the democrat voters keep electing democrat politicians who want to raise taxes. Those voters deserve high taxes, it’s called “just desserts”

  94. N Grenne says:

    Stop supporting Welfare people to save money to fix the road when needed. Can’t keep robbing from honest working people. Especially for single guys, who only earns an honest living.

  95. Mahakala says:

    Got to love those democrat politicians. There isn’t a tax they don’t love. They don’t call them tax and spend liberals for nothing.

  96. perseus317 says:

    I have absolutely no sympathy for the citizens of Maryland. Just like I have no sympathy for the citizens of California. They keep re-electing Democrat legislatora and executives whose only idea of how to solve a budgetary crisis is to raise taxes somewhere. The voters have the means to change all of this, when they go to the ballot box in November, but the majority are too stupid to vote for candidates who have an alternative plan. Well folks, you made your bed, not you are gonna have to sleep in it.

    1. ObamaLied says:

      They sure did. bunch of idiots in MD. I hope they all go broke! and dont worry, they will be back voting Obama in 2012. There is no cure for stupidity.

    2. Jon says:

      Yeah, Maryland has always wanted to be California when it grows up. With high taxes, more and more taxes each year, and in-state tuition for illegals, we will get there. smh…..

  97. Kenneth Crips says:

    I live in Wyoming we have great roads which are maintained by a well funded highway trust fund. We have no state income tax, and are a right to work state so we are not being held hostage by municipal unions. The State worker’s retirement fund is also properly funded. Our constitution requires a balanced budget. We have and excellent business climate. We don’t have RINO’s and even our Democrats for the most part would be considered right wing bigots by the eastern establishment. If an elected politician proposed what your governor just did the recall petitions would be filed the next day.

  98. ObamaLied says:

    Good. You people in Maryland vote in democrats ad-nauseum and now you get to drink deep your own brew. This is what democrats do, and you keep voting for them, so enjoy your higher taxes…serves you right!

  99. Brian says:

    This is a liftwing rag (CBS) they only tell you when its a Repulican in there storys. As you can see NO WERE do they tell you its a DEMOCRAT that wants to raise TAXES.

  100. Sam Smirks says:

    Democrats deserve high taxes because democrats vote for democrats who want to raise taxes. You silly girls are getting what you want, so shut up and enjoy it

  101. Jackie Auburn says:


  102. Recovering democrat says:

    To Sherriff your just a Democratic sheep in drag ….probably on the government tit. Keep voting democrat you belong in the plantation. LOL

  103. DutchUncle says:

    The time has come when Americans’ will have to make a choice. Either become a productive member of society keep your Constitutional rights or allow a Socialist like this to destroy everything our famiilies have built over the last 250 yrs. There are way to many people living off of the hard work of others and not enough Being Americans and working for what they get. Higher taxes will only mean higher food and product prices because it’s all tide together. Look at the states that have NO state income tax and lower rates of other taxes, they are to only ones that have jobs available to wrkers…why do you think that is…Texas is one that this administration has been trying to punish them for doing so,,why? Wake up People,,this is not the way to pay your bills.

  104. Spanky T Smackme says:

    Its time for a 100% accounting of ALL taxes paid in, as to what they were for and where they are actually going.

  105. Hank Warren says:

    Gas tax hikes, yet another violation of our rights. Add it to the list of gov’t violations of our right:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by placing protesters in cages, banning books like “America Deceived II” and censoring the internet.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars for foreign countries.
    Impeach Obama and sweep out the Congress.
    (Last link of Banned Book):

  106. Russ says:

    That’s the liberal plan. Get the fuel prices so high that only the elite in life can drive.

    1. DutchUncle says:

      No, get the fuel prices so high that you stay home, use public transit and don’t have the money to feed your family so you will run to Uncle Sugar for a handout…with strings attached.. The “elite” worked for their money,,,YOU voted this idiot in. Live with it!!! Or, move the Texas where we have no State Income tax and the lowest fuel prices in the nation…but then again,,,we are mostly Republican too…imagine that,,,Hatefull Conservative working and living better then the warm-hearted Democrats….LOL

  107. Richard says:

    I’ve lived here all my life, It’s like living under King George the III, taxation without representation, high taxes, no services and pay for everybody else bad life choices. We will be leaving the state soon enough, so all the Mexicans can pay taxes for all the make work programs AMF!

  108. L7squared says:

    where the hell’s my comment?
    there was nothing but truth in it.

    Just basically said reap what you sow, maryland.

  109. tweezer says:

    Demrats. Demrats. Demrats. You vote for them in Maryland, you get your higher taxes. It’s a suffocating situation when all the taxes start to trickle in around you. Like the dirt filtering down into your self dug graves. You lie in the coffin thinking, wait why am I here? It’s your own damn fault. No sympathy for you guys. I hope you have to pay it through the knows. It’s the only way to teach an animal anything. Make them suffer the consequences.

  110. L7squared says:

    lol@maryland voters. You all are insane!
    Keep voting for tax and spend democrats and then get upset when they tax and spend.

    I moved out in 1998 when I saw there was no hope for the insanity to stop.

    I might move back when the voters collectively check themselves into Shep Pratt and get the help they need for doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

    You asked for it, you got it O’Malley! :))

    let’s see if the 3rd time is a charm.

  111. robert bollinger says:

    And this was the guy who was on television before the election saying he had no intention of raising taxes. He lied through his teeth.

  112. Cramer says:

    I WAS a Marylander for 47 years. I moved to Delaware. What a great state…business friendly, low taxes, family friendly…Just stay away from Newcastle County…it kind of reminds me of the Baltimore City mentality. ROTFLMAO

    1. Rick Smith says:

      Me too. except West Virginia.
      Leave that socialist cesspool, and unlike Lot’s wife,
      Let the dead bury their dead.

  113. DutchUncle says:

    Have a nice life MD. YOU voted this wing-nut in now live with it,,,and HOPEFULLY you will learn from your mistake. People of welfare, food stamps and Section “8” DON”T pay taxes,,,but they vote for those who allow them to live FREE on YOUR hard work and taxes. Think about that next time you vote for a Democrat!!!

  114. RuRu says:

    Another Democrat feeling your pain. These Democrats are a joke. People can hardly buy gasoline to get to work so they can feed their children and this joker wants to raise the price. Unbelievable!!!

  115. toldyaso says:

    Hey Maryland, have you had enough of Democrats yet? How’s that hope and change working our for you?

  116. Forz says:

    Maybe they could generate some money by changing the license plate slogan from “Home of the Nataional Anthem” to the “Tax me State”. Charge $10 per tax… er tag.

  117. MW33 says:

    Sounds like Michigan. Our last governor felt the need to raise taxes, or should I say “fees”. Guess what happened, people found other alternatives to paying all of these new costs, one of their favorite things to do was to pack up and leave the state. Oh, and every year for six years straight, the state spent more and brought in less and less revenue as the REAL tax payers fled. Imagine that?

  118. Steven Dean says:

    Democrooks will always raise your taxes. Always!

  119. Lou says:

    How about a trade for Moonbeam Brown in California Maryland!! We’ll through in Pelosi and Boxer too..ya get a threefer!!!

  120. YouDeserveIt says:

    Maryland residents are so dumb. Why the hell do you keep voting demoncrat? Stuck on Stupid!

  121. Rick Smith says:

    Along with a gas tax hike, pass an amendment to Maryland’s
    Constitution making it a felony punishable by life imprisonment
    to use the gas taxes (all of them) for ANYTHING other than
    the purpose for which they are collected.
    As long as the thieves you hire to reign over you like kings,
    the criminals in pin-stripe suits, are free to steal your money
    to do with as they please, don’t expect them to
    “do the right thing”.

    1. perplexed and amused says:

      It used to be illegal for the State to raid the Highway Trust Fund, but the legislature overrode that in a special 2 AM session shortly after the last time they raised the gas tax. The media duly covered that up, since they are mostly the public relations arm of the Democratic Party in Maryland (just as they mysteriously fail to mention in this article that O’Malley is a Democrat). The game is rigged in Maryland for the government employees and the welfare vote, anyone who produces jobs and wealth can, should, and does leave.

  122. perplexed and amused says:

    As a former Marylander (I left in 2001 after having been born and bred there), I sincerely believe that Maryland should change its motto from “The Free State” to “The FORMERLY Free State”. I still love the state and its (native) Maryland people, but unfortunately the state has become overrun with liberal government employees and welfare dependents. Maryland voters from here on out will only vote for big government and big taxes and it will only get worse as the ridiculously heavy taxes drive the wealth creators out of the State. It will soon look like other bankrupt third-world states such as Michigan, Illinois, California, and New York.

    One thing I ask of you liberal Marylanders, please don’t leave as the consequences of your policies start to destroy your state. Please stay and wallow in the socialistic mess you have created, we do not need or want you in Red states!

  123. had enuff says:

    Self inflicted tax wounds you maryland fools. Keep reelecting the tax and spend liberals. Do yourselves a favor and buy good hiking boots and a bicycle. When your gas gets to 10 bucks a gallon they will come in handy. Great example of hope and change at work.

  124. Naru Hodo says:

    Keep voting for Democrats, you gullible liberal fools!

  125. steve says:

    Why was there absolutely no mention in the piece that the Governor is a democrat?? So much for non-biased reporting…

  126. ReConUSMC says:


  127. phil bloughman says:

    And the lemming just keep jumping off the cliff…Maryland has to be one of the worst states for taxes…and the people just keep voting them back in office. Go figure. I laugh every time I see Maryland or Montgomery County raise their taxes. People…you get what ya voted for…Ha Ha

  128. John says:

    What’s the problem? Democrats are always in favor of higher taxes; it’s all for the common good.

    And Democrats have been insisting we need higher gas prices to combat global warming, um climate change, I mean global climate disruption. Obama is on the record stating that he likes price spikes in gas, that he will bankrupt the coal industry. He’s even shut down all offshore domestic drilling.

    When combined with the decreased oil supply thanks to his new war in Libya, this is exactly what Democrats have been whining for for the last 10 years.

    So what’s the problem?

    1. Who Cares says:

      You hit the nail on head John, Maryland is a Dem stronghold state. You have to understand that when in vote Liberal Progress Democrats in office you must be prepared to give as much of your earnings to them as they see fit to be redistributed to those who don’t want to work. Vote buying is critical here. If you don’t like that scenario vote differently. If your a life long democrat voter suck it up and pay. You asked for and you got it.

  129. Mahakala says:

    The citizens of Maryland are getting what they deserve. I have no sympathy for them what so ever. They created their cesspool by electing the tax and spend democrats. Now they have lay in their own filth.

  130. chris says:

    And they wonder why people dislike politicians and feel their government is out of touch with the people. If you’d stop spending so damn much money you wouldn’t have had to raid the highway fund and thus wouldn’t be in the predicament of having to raise taxes in the face of surging oil prices in order to fix the roads.

  131. graywolf says:

    I LOVE it.
    You Maryland ultra liberals elected this bozo.
    Now, you get to live with it.
    I hope he raises gas taxes higher and higher.
    People get the government they deserve.

  132. Sick of Maryland Legislature says:

    He said he wouldn’t increase taxes, but one of his first moves-in the first month of his being governor-was to increase the state sales tax.It has been downhill since then. I hope you all remember this when Martin O’Malley tries to run for President after he’s finished ruining Maryland. Remember….. He’s a tax liar!

  133. Ex New Yorker says:

    My wife is from Baltimore, she says Maryland used to be called the “Free State”. No state or city ncome tax here in Wyoming, and I just filled up yesterday in Cheyenne for $3.409 per gal.

    The despot’s heel is on thy shore!
    Thy beaming sword shall never rust,
    Remember Carroll’s sacred trust,
    Remember Howard’s warlike thrust

    Looks like you need a new state song, perhaps The Beatles’ “Taxman”.

  134. Herb says:

    Increase gas tax! Increase all taxes, encourage all to cut their grass with scissors!

    Save the environment, let people die unless they find a cave to survive their last days!


  135. john says:

    Spoken like a true liberal politician. Under him and the Odumbo regime this country WILL be broke within 9 months. So bend over and kiss yourself BYEBYE!

  136. John says:

    By the way there in Deleware you vote heavily for the ODUMBO “change” along with the politician’s attached to it. How do you like these “Changes” Now????

  137. Gamle-ged says:

    Dems: “Ohhhh, look at these terribly-maintained roads, we MUST raise gasoline taxes to repair our vital infrastructure (and to allow us to continue to steal said funds for everything else we want except infrastructure”…

  138. Jofus says:

    I’m out of state, so I wish to ask: Does Maryland tack-on sales tax on top of gasoline taxes??

    If so, the price of gasoline could go up even further.

    There are actually some states where gasoline, after taxes, is subject to sales tax.

  139. Chris Wilson says:

    martin owemalley, the rest of the dums in the house and senate and ALL THE STUPID people who voted to reelect this weasel can all go straight to hell…all of you…you people who voted to reelect this turd have got to be the dumbest bunch of losers EVER…
    you actually BELIEVED this liar???
    STUPID STUPID STUPID!!! You don’t like being called stupid? Tough…you deserve it…

  140. Randall6666 says:

    In 1971 I spent some time at Aberdeen Proving Grounds while in the Army and simply loved MD and its people. I guess things have changed a lot since then, as in all of America. Remember this…poor people cannot pay taxes…no money; rich people will not pay taxes…exceptions in tax code; so who gets to cover the deficits? THE MIDDLE CLASS! I am still confused on why we have to pay for the poor? They need help for sure, but to provide a standard of living is beyond the capability of the MIDDLE CLASS. Simple facts: the middle class is shrinking (less taxes to government), the upper class is staying the same (no more or less taxes to the government), and the lower class is increasing and expanding (takes tax money from government). DO THE MATH! YOU SIMPLY HAVE TO MAKE THE LOWER CLASS PAY FOR GOODS AND SERVICES – OR THE MIDDLE CLASS WILL NOT SURVIVE!
    I for one do not want to pay more. I think I pay enough in taxes. It’s time for the poor to work to receive!
    When you look across the world…deficits prevail when programs are instituted to help the poor. There is not enough money in the world to support the number of growing children of the poor. CUT THE SUPPORT FOR CHILDREN AND YOU CUT THE SIZE OF FAMILIES SILLY!

  141. GF says:

    In the words of Gommer Pyle: ” Surprise! Surprise!” A democRAT overspending and raising taxes? And then the stupid people keep voting them in…

  142. kwells says:

    So am I to believe that the additional tax will only remain in the transportation funding and none of the revenue collected will be borrow once again to offset the general dept? Our road system is beginning to take on the same characteristics of a well known bridge in Brooklyn that has been sold countless times.
    Also, have no doubt, this will affect just about all consumer prices just not at the pump. Ask Mr. O’Mailey who gets disproportionately hurt the most from tax increases? Could it be the same people who the democrats are supposed to be the champions of?

  143. jack coyote says:

    Democrats. If it breathes, then tax it. If it doesn’t breathe, then tax it. If you’re not sure, then tax it anyway.

  144. Dave says:

    Hey Maryland, it could be worse, you could be California!

  145. jinx13 says:

    democrooks need to tax, spend and regulate like a fish needs water.

  146. John says:

    crazy huh the reason the roads have gone to heck is they spent the gas tax for other things like those who can work , don’t work and won’t work sad sad sad Social programs are killing this country hard to wean the puppies off the nipple.

  147. Rick Shaw says:


    Serves ’em right. Pay, you Democrats, PAY!

    Or, better, walk your arses back and forth to work. Or get out-of-work social program recipients as rickshaw-pullers. Two or three should get you moving fairly well.

  148. belleboy says:

    I wonder if this bum of a governor has a clue as to what the economy is doing to the taxpayers. Keep it up Governor and shortly you will only have to deal with your liberal created takers. There will not be any taxpaying givers left.

  149. Julius says:

    OMG..Idiots in high places means misery for us in low places..Who knew?This is what you get for electing these fools!

    I’m from Indiana and I have to say I’m thankful for it.I’m heading South soon, hopefully, haven’t picked yet…But Maryland is now off the list I’m afraid..

  150. exxjarhead says:

    Stop voting these democrats into office. All they know how to do is tax and tax some more.

  151. Htos1 says:

    Well,stupid IS as stupid does.Who’s smarter than a politician now?ANY fifth grader from my generation is.

  152. Superpower says:

    This is almost as brilliant as O’Malley’s letting the Baltimore City School District go bankrupt in 2003. Nice work, boy prince. I’ve never met a Democrat that didn’t like other people’s money.

  153. Peru says:

    Maryland voters suffer from a kind of battered wife syndrome.

  154. Ed says:

    We in Maryland pay a TOTAL of 41.9 cents A GALLON IN TAXES, that’s 23.5 cents to state & 18.4 cents to the fed. be glad we’re not in California… there total tax is 67.0 cents A gallon, 48.6 to the state & the across the board for all statse of 18.4 cents the fed. takes in. I understand Maryland hasn’t raised the state tax on a gallon of gas since the 90s’, but come on representatives, IT’S THE WRONG TIME!

  155. Former Marylander says:

    First the liberals came for the cigarette smokers, and when they raised the price to $8 per pack, I said nothing, because I wasn’t a cigarette smoker. Then they raised the price of a bottle of wine by $4, and I said nothing, because it was “for the children”. Then they came for the gasoline buyers, and there was no one left to speak up for me!

  156. David R. Rochefort says:

    Good for you Maryland! You get the government you deserve and you deserve a government that raises all your taxes. You just re-elected O’Malley last November along with a Democrat legislature. Are you surprised that they want to raise your taxes? It’s what Democrats do. I hope they raise your sales tax, your income tax, your property tax, your excise tax and any other tax that you might have. May all your dreams come true!

  157. Veronique DeRugy says:

    Marylanders voted for “hope and change”, now they’re getting it good and hard, anally. Nice to see these dedicated Democratic voters getting what they deserve!

  158. mark benas says:

    As a democrat (at least on my card), I am ashamed. Liberal, conservative, makes no difference – please keep our fiscal house in order. These folks are hired to make prudent decisions for the electorate, not for their re-elections. Like my family tries to do, spend what you have, pay as you go. Real simple. My god, do you think history will be kind?

  159. mark benas says:

    Sorry to rant, but another thing:
    Simplify the tax code (sorry you greedy politicians who suck up to those who have the funds to lobby your feeble souls), and everyone who should pay will pay with a consumption tax. The taxpayers know, and you should know too, that the time is coming for a taxpayer revolution to make things fair. You politicians are hired to do a job, so do it! Ignore re-election and serve the will of the people for god’s sake!

  160. Danny L. Newton says:

    We have a similar situation in Tennessee, but better than most of the east coast. Trucking firms want higher taxes, provided they get more mobility for their trucks. Other lobby groups like triple A , insurance and the engineering geek squads that design roads are for new user taxes to relieve the pending loss of mobility. People need reasonable commuting times and businesses need the same thing to draw people and products to their location in a reasonable time. The problem is that transportation is not focused on the work required to maintain or improve mobility. Instead, it is in the pavement welfare business.
    Stimulus money was focused on economically under performing counties but there was no data indicating areas that were under performing because of a transportation related deficiency. This caused a lot of bridges to get fixed that were not really broken, roads to be built that were OK for their current demand. Interchanges built to empty business parks and any area that was being strangled by congestion was neglected. Further damage was done by a project selection process that focused on economic development or trying to make something happen in the future at the expense of a current or ongoing need.
    Another problem we have in Tennessee is the constant upward pressure on administrative costs. The ratio of administrative costs to total cost seems to go up every year even though many positions have not been filled in the state DOT. The more you spend, the greater the administrative burden as a percentage. In other words, there seems to be no economy of scale. Small states like North Dakota and South Carolina have very low administrative costs. New Jersey has always been the leader in the ratio of administrative costs to total costs.

  161. Cathy says:

    Sigghh. I never voted for this guy, yet he keeps popping up to take money out of my wallet. No, do NOT raise gas taxes when we’re paying $4/gallon + for what we put in our tanks. Unlike our esteemed Maryland executive- and many of our beloved legislators,- I am NOT a millionaire. Neither are the poeple who must make their daily commute into work or drive large trucks filled with the goods we buy… Without a cushion of wealth, trips to get gas REALLY hurt our bottom line. To aid economic recovery, we should, if anything, LOWER the gas taxes. That woulld immediately lower the price and draw businesses to our lovely state, So, how about it governor?

  162. kharmin says:

    Taxes for roads? What happened to the stimulus money that was supposed to be for shovel-ready infrastructure projects like roads?

    1. jnsesq says:

      Oh, they had those shovels ready, all right…

  163. ElGringoViejo says:

    A couple weeks ago I sent the following letter to my local Md newspaper:

    Information Request
    I would like to request the addition of a very important task to the monthly work schedules of our local, state, and federal public servants.
    That task would be:
    In the first week of each month, report to the public all direct and indirect costs to your department of all services, materials, or money provided to illegal aliens in the previous month.
    For example, (not limited to…) what is the cost to provide education, medical services to illegal aliens? What is the cost to police, prisons? How many tax dollars were transferred to illegal-alien-support organizations. What is the cost of extra payments to unemployed citizens because those jobs are taken by illegal aliens? What is the cost of slowing class progress because illegal alien students have limited or no English ability?
    Is there some department that could also quantify illegal aliens’ cost to our society, that is such as the cost to victims of crime, the cost to attempt control of gangs.
    Yes, to state the obvious, legal immigration is indeed good. Having people breaking the laws to come into our country illegally is indeed not good. I am not “anti-foreigners.” I was in the far-east for several good years. I have also been studying Mandarin Chinese and other languages for many, many years.
    I believe citizens of our country have a right to know just what is going on in our government. What is the cost of not enforcing existing immigration laws?
    I believe if we taxpayers are well informed, if we know what supporting illegal aliens actually cost us, we can better assist our public servants in making wise decisions.

  164. Doug Piranha says:

    I have no sympathy for you people in Maryland. NONE! You elected these people knowing full well what they are about and what they do. Now bend over and take it from them. I hope they don’t even bother using KY so it hurts a lot. You deserve it.

  165. Mat says:

    Let’s all buy electric cars like the Gov has been urging. Then the state won’t get any gas tax money. But then he’ll tax electric cars. Time to move!

  166. amplitude jones says:

    I propose a tax on democrats, to read as follows: for ever having existed to the extent that you caused the suffering the cluster of you has caused, now therefore, a 100% death tax shall be imposed on democrats to be collected immediately, except that 5% of the total value of any particular democrat shall be paid to whomever drops the garbage off for confirmation. Bye mr soros! Then who’d be next, gates? buffet? obama? pelosi… you get the drift…

  167. Mike says:

    the people of MD deserve the people they elect to office.

  168. Charlie says:

    I bet all you Biden and Obama luvers really are gonna enjoy luvin this bad boy back in Mary’s Land now. Enjoy, enjoy! Glad it is you and not us! I bet yo really love them progressives now as you begin to get thier “changes.”

  169. nickinva says:

    Oh come on, the government knows best and only wants to protect us from ourselves and its for the children…
    Thank you sir, may I have another?!

  170. Robert Gandalf says:

    I am so glad I moved away from Maryland. You suckers keep voting in these Democrats…you deserve what you get. I am glad I am in AZ in spite of the problems along the border, just a few miles from my home. On a recent trip to California, I say many cars with Uhaul trailers and trucks..folks voting with their feet. Just like I did. You can take the whole East Coast North of Virginia and form your own country for all I care. Too dumb to vote intelligently, too dumb to leave.

  171. Lynne G Siegel says:

    O’ Taxey will make sure to get taxes out of you one way or another. If it’s not the gas tax, then it will be another tax. don’t worry!

  172. jnsesq says:

    Interesting: No mention of party affiliation. As if a tax hiker has to be identified as a Demmunist — er, Democrat. Still, nice try at giving cover, CBS.

  173. Tom says:

    The greed of government has no limits. It is time to put an end to the spending, borrowing, taxing and printing of money so government can continue to pay off the unions, companies like GE, expand its interference in the economy and in the lives of a free people, and pay for the votes through the tax code and income redistribution.

  174. Irene Chapman says:

    Here in GA we are being hit with a gas tax hike that is automatic with the INCREASE in gas prices. I don’t know what ding-dong politician came up with this one. It allows a “not my fault” tax hike that Gov. Deal has said he will not freeze. At least for us, it is just 3 cents a gallon with an extra 2 cents for certain municipalities that have done the same type of automatic up gas tax locally. We also get the increase for “boutique blended” gas for the summer. EPA rules. Stay and see Georgia this summer.(because you can’t afford to go anywhere else)

  175. R. Bryan says:

    I know it’s already been said, but I’ll say it again: You Marylanders keep voting for dems – and you get what you deserve. Excuse me while I try to pick myself up from the floor from laughing so hard.

  176. franklin808 says:

    Stop your belly-aching. Here in Illinois, we proudly pay the 66% income tax increase knowing that Democratic Governor Pat Quinn has his heart in what is best for the people of Illinois. The state workers’ pensions are underfunded and I will gladly pay more knowing that my money is going to good use.

  177. Jack Kennedy says:

    Thanks, obama

  178. magnoliabel says:

    Until the people in Maryland stop electing the tax and spend Democrats, they will always pay higher prices and taxes than others. Maryland is one of the highest tax and fee states in the US.

  179. Harry Canyon says:

    My Favorite Martian

  180. whatnow says:


  181. Lourdes says:


  182. Lourdes says:


    1. FLFSHRMN says:

      STOP VOTING FOR LIBS! The states with the highest taxes in the United States are all controlled by LIBS. That is not coincidental. Thats why they are called “TAX AND SPEND LIBERALS” Enough is never enough!

  183. lady daffodil says:

    Anybody notice that when coffers contract it’s the essential annoying stuff that the state ignores, in order to impress upon us the need to raise taxes.

  184. charles harper says:

    A gas tax for all marylanders is perfectly acceptable. it’s only the government gettingg some of their money back because 75% of the people in md are on welfare, food stamps etc.

    1. FLFSHRMN says:

      Its not government money….its your money! You all need to start to realize that reality. The Government has only what they TAKE from the Taxpayers. PERIOD!!

  185. sheriff says:

    Any attempt to raise the gas tax should be met with marching in the streets to Annapolis & the governors mansion in protest. Write you law makers asking them to stop this craziness. People on fixed incomes & unemployed are drowning. The state of Maryland is awash in cash due to the federal spending by the gov’t. If you are a lobbyist, contractor or wealthy politician you are living large.

  186. FLFSHRMN says:

    Ohh my. Are we all shocked that “Tax and Spend Liberals” are Taxing and Spending? Get a grip! Take a stand for a change. Stop voting Libs into office and some of these problems will go away. I will admit that you will hear different lies but, they will be the lesser of the evils.

  187. Jsmith says:

    Y’all up in Maryland have fun. Now you can pay more for gas and know that the money you’re paying is off-setting illegal aliens paying in-state tuition.

  188. fred says:


  189. jimmy says:

    OMalley wants to steal more money from the transportation fund to pay for his welfare programs. So, the only way he raise taxes is to lie and call it a gas tax.

  190. Robert Ryan says:

    Your rage should be focused on the speculator parasites who are pushing up the price of oil, gasoline, and diesel fuel at a time when the world is awash in oil!

    1. Mark says:

      HaHaHaHa. Surely you jest !!!

      You really don’t understand much do you if you think speculators are causing the rise in gas prices. What a dolt !!

    2. overtaxed says:

      So we shouldn’t be angry at the Democratic “leaders” who STOLE money We the Taxpayer have been forced to pay with road taxes, tolls and fees? The money was paid by us, taken from the fund it was supposed to be in, and now we hear to fix our roads we need to tax for it.

      Annapolis democrats = liars and thieves, and King O’Malley is the Thief in Chief

      Another liberal with head planted firmly in rear end.

  191. Michael C. Metalios says:

    Dear Governor O’Malley,

    If you get this to pass, Maryland better have the most pristine roads anyone has ever seen. Just because you don’t feel it, doesn’t mean we don’t. I won’t vote for you. Ever.

  192. justin says:

    just know that every other county except pg, montgomery, and baltimore (with the city)is a republican county. but as we all know, this country caters to the minority. my fellow carroll countians, lets succede from maryland!

  193. Mark says:

    There’s a lot to love about Maryland. Unfortunately our money hungry governor is not one of them. He was a POS when he was mayor of Baltimore City and has gotten worse with more power. Somehow our “brilliant voters” never learn.

  194. Jay37 says:

    I am one Marylander ready to vote with his feet! Just bought a place in South Carolina where taxes are reasonable and you can still buy a decent light bulb. Three subdivisions in Maryland control the majority of votes – two welfare subdivisions in Baltimore City and Prince Georges County and one ultra-lib in Montgomery County. The Dems have basically told the rest of the state where they can go, and I for one am going.

    1. stacie says:

      Didn’t MD already tax the Millionaires out of the state? Now the average Joe… You Progressive’s sure are STUPID!!!!! LoL!

  195. smokehouse56 says:

    Maryland is a liberal state. You get what you put in office. Same with MA, CA & NY. All liberal to the core and run by tax and spend liberals. And I’ll run this by you. 50% of the people in the USA don’t pay any taxes and yet vote into office tax and spenders. Baltimore anyone. Black to the core, the Fed probably gets $6.00 in tax money from the whole damn city.

  196. Anna Marie says:

    I will say it over and over again – “What are they doing with all that “toll money” that they collect at the toll booths? If I had a dollar for every car that drives through those toll booths, I would be living well. At a time when gas is so expensive, the “rocket scientist” who is the governor decides to add more tax to gas. Thank you to all you nitwits that voted him back into office.

  197. NO Sense says:

    Okay, so now we’re gonna raise the gas tax when we seem to have the funds to let illegal immigrants pay in-state tuition rate. Makes alot of sense…NOT!!

  198. RAYMOND says:

    Well,Gov. O’Mally and the Democratic legislature could have done what Republican Ehrlich did – raise every fee in the state and then claim “we didnt raise taxes”. I agree that now is not the time to be raising fuel taxes – we are already paying too much for the liquid gold. But at least the Gov. did call a spade a spade and said they want to raise taxes.

    1. overtaxed says:

      O’Malley raised fees, why do liberals have to go around with their heads in their rear end? O’Malley also had all of those “a fee is a tax” ads, while he is raising BOTH

      He has to raise the tax because he has to cover what he STOLE from the transportation fund.

      Liberalism is a mental disorder

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