BALTIMORE COUNTY, Md. (WJZ) — A spring carnival is supposed to attract families for fun.  Instead, a Baltimore County fair turned into a violent fight among dozens of young people.

Kelly McPherson explains the changes the carnival is making now.

The carnival has been here for five years.  For the first time, organizers are forced to put up a fence and increase security after two people were stabbed next to the ferris wheel.

Dozens of young men are beating up, stomping on and even stabbing each other in a YouTube video during the Security Mall carnival.  The melee forced the family-friendly event to shut down Saturday night.

“It depends on the time of day.  If you go kind of early, they take the little kids on the rides and then in the evening, it’s just an outlet for the teenagers,” said Sharon Alexander.

“From watching the video, it looked like they were actually throwing things and fighting all over the place and I saw the police came and maced everybody and that’s just sad when you can’t take your family out and enjoy a nice carnival,” said Shedrick Williams.

In the end, two young men were stabbed and four arrested.

“At this time, our investigators are working on identifying suspects in the stabbing in this case,” said Lt. Robert McCullough, Baltimore County Police.

To stay in business, the carnival is enhancing security.

“This is the fifth year we have been here, never with any incident at all.  Never had to have a fence before,” said concessions manager David Furr.

“Jolly Shows” out of Annapolis runs this carnival and others across the state.  Its spokesperson said that during the fight, they had four off-duty officers here and there will be more this weekend.

“We’re looking for the types of patrons that are going to bring their children, have fun and we’re going to try to make this as secure as possible for those types of patrons,” said Furr.

Four young men were arrested for disorderly conduct, but no one has been charged with the stabbing.  Investigators are still piecing together how the fight happened; they don’t know what triggered the fight.

One victim has been released from Shock Trauma. The other is still in critical condition.

Comments (44)
  1. Tracey Reitterer says:

    Mob mentality.

  2. ron says:

    @ sheriff yeah white kids just kill there parents or bust there parents head open when they cant get cars and money for drugs. talk about raising, white people let there kids have parties where the parents go get the alcohol for them. look people are accountable for there own actions. its not where you were raised and how you were raised, these kids have there own mind. what do you say about the kid who had the best upbringing with a mom and dad in the home, the best schooling and lives in good neighborhood. all of a sudden this hid is a killer or a stone cold junky. let me guess its the parents fault rite.

  3. Mark says:

    How you are raised plays a major part in it. All nationalitys have their bad apples but it seems like everyday I look at this site or on tv and see nothing but black people committing the vast majority of the crimes going on right now. Take the time and look through the articles that are either robberies, assaults, etc. or any other violent crime and you will see who the majority of the people are committing them. You simply cant deny facts and there in black and white, plain and simple!

    1. nik says:


      1. sheriff says:

        NIK, You’re crazier than a s……t house rat & in denial. A conspiracy thing? Ha ha ha.

      2. Diane King says:

        Are you kidding nik?! It’s just the opposite. How many times has the press neglected to include a racial description in news stories of black people committing violent crimes even when a description is available because there was a witness. Happens all the time.

  4. Michael says:

    I moved into the Security Square area from Bel Air three years ago; mainly because of the closer proximity to my work and more affordable cost of living. Since being in this area my wife and I have refused to go to the mall, this carnival (at the mall) or frequent most of the businesses in the general area. We would much rather drive further to Owings Mills or Columbia so that we would feel safer while we shopped.

    On Saturday, we passed the carnival and my wife insisted we stop by. I begrudgingly and reluctantly agreed to take her and we went in. We were there for about twenty minutes before all of this nonsense happened. It was as ridiculous as portrayed in the media, I can assure you though; we won’t make that mistake again. You know… the mistake of going to a family oriented event in the evening while in the Security Square area. Disgraceful.

  5. troy says:

    folks stop the racist a race neutral human doesnt matter the color of your skin its always going to be 1 bad apple everywhere you go,city or county.

    1. Diane King says:

      Or, in some cases, only 1 good apple.

  6. Mary M. says:

    No white kids do commit crimes but their parents have money to cover up what they do. Give me a break they are on drugs legal or not because they parents have a medicine cabinet full of drugs given to them by Drs. They are either depress or bipolo can’t sleep or what ever. Also the media always can report the bad that our black youth do but when there is something positive going on the cameras are no where to be found. And yes sometimes the up bringing can play a part in the way a kid acts even into adulthood. So stop thinking white kids do nothing because they do.

    1. Diane King says:

      Do black folks really think that white’s commit just as many violent crimes but that they’re simply “covered up”?? I guess you can somehow convince yourself of this if it helps you get through the day. geez

  7. Ex-Baltimore says:

    Be realistic and not live in ultra-liberal denial! These kinds of mob fights and gang beat downs in the Baltimore/ DC region are only being committed by blacks! They should never again have this type of carnival at Security Square Mall again. This is a designated ghetto mall with all the persons of that category going there. I Security Square for what it has become over the past 16 years–another blighted ghetto just like anything that becomes all black. Move away when the poor underclass blacks come. I truly hate my fellows blacks who embrace ghetto thug culture. You have destroy all that was achieved during the Civil Rights Era.

  8. Mesu says:

    Im a 17 year old female reading this as i always do on my spare time and some of you should be ashamed of yourself blaming everything on race. Im pretty sure most of you are grown and any child could tell you how stupid you sound. I have lived in Baltimore city and currently live in Harford County and i could tell you personally it goes both ways. Things happen its called life. GROW UP! White kids do the same things Black kids do along with Asians and any other race you can name. It just so happens we live in an area populated with african americans so a majority of the crimes that take place are going to be black people, kids, women and men. smh Way to be role models.

    1. Lbrown says:

      I am 31 years old and you took the words right out of my mouth YOUNG LADY!!!!! You keep doing what u doing!!!!! !:)

    2. Gina M. Adams says:

      I just wanted thank you Mesu for speaking up. I’m saddened by how the grown-ups act more like the children with their racist remarks. You cant blame color on this. It’s just how these kids deal with their anger today. They are out for blood, not even considering the consequences of their actions.
      I was always told if I didnt fight back I was a sissy, and if I got my butt whipped by someone the humiliation I felt was probably just as bad as being called a sissy. Today I try to avoid violence at all costs. I care today more about how my life is and what Im doing with it, instead of paying consequences.
      Oh and Im white and I know black people that show more respect to me and others than the racist people on here are showing eachother.

      1. sheriff says:

        Just remember folks, Black make up 12% of the nations population but 58% of the prison inmate population. Fact, U.S.Bureau of prisons statistics 2009. I rest my case. Blacks are probe to civil, criminal disobedience more so than any other race due to the non existent family structure. Chew on that all you N…….R lovers.

    3. Rodney K...LA says:

      I get your point Mesu…proper roll models would be nice…for ANY/ALL races.

  9. Benita says:

    This is, without question, one of the most horrifying comment threads I’ve ever read. Honestly, it makes me want to throw up and to revoke my American citizenship. Let’s all just stop making blanket statements about whites and blacks, and let’s just agree that, at the end of the day, carnival stabbings are bad. Black people aren’t bad. White people aren’t bad. Carnival stabbings — as well as whatever terrible life experiences contributed to the stabbings — are bad.

    1. sheriff says:

      Benita, Gina Adams, Let me ask you directly where you feel nost comfortable. Walking through the neighborhood of W.Baltimore on a weekend nigh or any night for that matter or walking through the Roland Park Ruxton neighborhood?…Be honest with yourselves. If you are white you would be nuts to say anything but Roland & Ruxton. If you are Black well, your dead meat in W.Baltimore anytime.Woodlawn should be renamed Hoodlawn.

      1. Gina M. Adams says:

        wow. do you have a God in your life? You are truly pathetic.
        It is what it is statistically speaking. But that doesnt give you a right to judge a race and name call. May God find mercy on you.

  10. Rodney King...LA says:


  11. Mike Lidinsky Jr says:

    As I always say “Only in Woodlawn and No Place else”. People on that end of town have no respect for anyone but they always want respect.

  12. over it says:

    Thats what happens what you let animals out of the zoo.

  13. mel4him says:

    Did you really expect anything different?! When I saw the signs for the carnival before it even took place I knew there would be trouble. There always trouble in that area of town.

  14. Tony says:

    I can’t believe that these type of comments are being written on a local news site.
    While us as American sit here and hate one other, the higher-ups sit back and plan more ways to control us. We need to bring love in the world instead of hate.

  15. Latasha says:

    It is so sad that people behave so terribly that you just don’t want to be anywhere near these teenagers. Their parents don’t want to be bothered, their disrespectful, dangerous and careless. I knew to avoid that carnival and I’m so glad I did. I’m worried about to violence this summer will bring

  16. sheriff says:

    Woodlawn is a Carnival 24/7 365 days a year. Remember folks, Blacks 13 to 30 are the group to avoid. These insolent arrogant plain dumb a$$es think their way is the only way.

  17. Katy says:

    It goes both ways, but one thing I have noticed. Kids who live in chaotic homes with a revolving door of caretakers and parents who don’t care, end up in trouble. There are more single parent, imprisoned, and high school dropout parents in the black community.

    1. sheriff says:

      Maybe just maybe because Blacks lack self control & are genetically inferior to other races. Plus, they are more frisky & sexually active. They subscribe to the theory: “If it feels good, do it:.

  18. Be honest says:

    I don’t know why this web site doesn’t just save these posts. They are the same every time. I violent, almost riot like crime occurrs with black youths at the center of it and you get white people writing about it and black people responding that all races commit crime. The probelm is all these occurrences involve black youths or young black adults. I think even black people deep inside know that the real threat to their safety comes from other blacks they just can’t admit it. If never admit there is a probelm you’ll never fix it. Someone (Ron) will write about what white kids do but won’t provide specific incidents. The next time there is a scene like this with a group of white kids Ron write in. It will happen, just not nearly as often.

    1. sheriff says:

      Be Honest, Well put sir. I was beginning to feel like the only flag out there with no wind to my back.

  19. Noname says:

    I disagree about the comments dealing with Woodlawn the carnival has provided family fun at Security for about 4 years and they have never experienced this type of outrage I blame it on our society more than anything. I guarantee that half the parents of this outraged children had no idea even where they were most less being involved with violence. If our society only cared more about one another just maybe the next generation would to violence does not discriminate and we shouldn’t either

  20. A very proud women of her race who doesnt look at color but the impotance of things says:

    That is wrong that is why blacks are treated this way if it werent for the white man who kept us confined to life or death just to get a meal or to keep your family in slavery blacks would not have to go against their own kind its survial of the fittest now thats the White mans fault he is the reason whhy we go against each othe but i m not here to talk about race i m sure thier were other people there besides just black people and I think its wrong that its blamed on black people because it is a prodomentaly black area. People should look past color and look at the bigger issue two people were stabbed!! i dont see anyone asking are they okay how did it get started or anything of importance.

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