PITTSBURGH (AP) — Police are pointing at two exhibition workers in the theft of two massive sets of elk antlers following the National Rifle Association’s annual meeting in Pittsburgh.

Investigators say Gary Felts, 46, and Stephen Lee, 44, abducted the antlers Sunday night while a vendor at the convention center waited to load a truck.

Police say the vendor reported the theft and the men were detained on a sidewalk outside with the antlers, valued at more than $500,000.

Felts, of Joppa, Md., and Lee, of Cumberland, Md., were charged with theft and conspiracy and released on $5,000 bail. Phone listings for both men are disconnected. Police say they work for a Maryland-based expo company.

The antlers were returned to the Rexburg, Idaho-based exhibitor.

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Comments (10)
  1. sheriff says:

    AARON, That theory has more holes in it than a rusty bucket.When was the last time someone really used their gun to ward off an intruder? Usually they wind up not getting to it or have it used against them & later used on the streets to commit a crime. The NRA is in the business of selling guns & gun gear. It’s their business. My business to prevent that as much as I can. Yeah, I also hear about if all guns were confiscated only criminals would have them. A few probably but when was the last time you heard or read about a cop shooting an innocent human being citizen?

    1. AARON says:

      2 years ago some little black thugs came in my house,one had a stolen gun the other was just along for the thrill. the cops took the one away missing a knee cap and the unarmed one sat there waiting praying for the cops to come.both were charged and the one is doing 5 years for armed burglury the other plea dealed and got 2 years. thankfully i was armed as the one was also suspected of commiting armed robbery a week prior. and dont worry i now live in a lot better area

    2. Dave says:

      hahaha…..guess Sheriff’s theory of “when was the last time someone really used their gun to ward off an intruder?” just got shoved back in his face by Aaron…..and let me do the same……I had an intruder try to break into my house…unlucky for him, I couldn’t sleep that night and was up working on my computer….he stepped into the sliding glass door that he shattered and as he stepped in, he ended up looking into the barrel of a Glock 22…..so how stupid do you feel now Sheriff?

      1. sheriff says:

        Any yahoo can cite an incident that favors their outcome if they want. For every success story cited here there are hundreds to one that the outcomes were not so favorable. Time & time again you read about a gun committed in a crime that was register to an owner & reported stolen or the subject was killed because he or she hesitated or how about the criminal sues & wins a case against the gun owner. So boys cheer all you want because this country would be a whole lot safer without guns.

  2. HooDatIS? says:

    ouch my antlers
    u fool give me back my ears
    code ten moose down
    call 911

  3. Pappy Anderson says:

    there is no way that antlers cost $599,999 unless they were solid gold.

  4. sheriff says:

    Leftyloon, Thomas Jefferson also had slaves but that’s ok because they all did back them eh? Tommy boy made that statement back in the 1700’s when the country & world were a vastly different place & we had no police force to protect us. Guns were used for that reason & we promptly went about killing one another at a rate so quickly we would have deleted the population in no time.

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