ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — Authorities say an illegal rockfish net found off Tilghman Island had more than three tons of fish.

Maryland Natural Resources Police said an 80-foot work boat outfitted with a crane worked for several hours to gather the nearly mile-long net on Tuesday.

The net was found Sunday by recreational fishermen near a buoy midway between Tilghman Island and North Beach.

The seizure is the latest in a series in the bay this year. The commercial rockfish gill net season was shut down Feb. 4 after 10 tons of rockfish were confiscated from illegal nets. The season eventually was allowed to reopen for its final two days.

Authorities have seized almost 16 tons of illegally caught rockfish this year. Illegally caught fish are deducted from the amount commercial fishermen can catch.

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Comments (11)
  1. Taylor says:

    Ca n it not happen anywhere with anything. Raising prices on everything is causing it to happen. My God, I’m on a limited income and can’t move out of my apartment. I buy nothing, go nowhere only to the Doctors and grocery shopping. The idiots and fools running the country or trying to are the ones at fault This country will never be like it once was. The politicians have seen to that and I’d tell it to them right to their angelic faces.

  2. independent says:

    While I agree with Taylor on the politicians, the poachers need to be caught and prosecuted. We want identities.

  3. jason says:

    they take them to fish markets in philly were the vendors pay cash. no record of the sales…..they are worst then drug dealers, robbing the bay of its treasure, and legit fisherman of their profit. makes me sick

  4. Brett says:

    Wouldn’t be surprised if it is foreigners, indian, chinese, etc.

    1. Wah Wah says:

      Would’nt surprise be if it was’nt some white trailer trash looking for free food.Brett

  5. Poor white trash says:

    What happend to all of the fish? Was it used to feed the poor and homeless in the State?

    1. Allen says:

      Some were taken to homeless shelter and food banks

  6. Merry Danaceau says:

    We are a nation of laws. We elect legislators to enact laws for all the people. those who do this cut off their noses to spite their faces and we all suffer.

  7. George S says:

    Obviousy the penalties are not harsh enough or they would stop.

  8. Christopher Liedtka says:

    this is why stripers should be a recreational sport fish ! the commercial guys don’t give a damn !

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