SEVERNA PARK, Md. (WJZ)—It was an elite group of Navy SEALs who took down Osama bin Laden.

Adam May spoke with a man who knew and helped train some of those Navy SEALs.

Stew Smith from Severna Park is a retired Navy SEAL who has been training future Navy SEALs for 10 years. The news of bin Laden’s death kept him up all night.

Smith: “It’s really neat to know that I know several guys who were on that helicopter.”

May: “You know some of those guys who were there?”

Smith:  “Absolutely.”

May: “Do you think you’ll get a chance to talk to them about the mission?”

Smith: “I don’t know. I don’t even want to ask them.”

Their knowledge: classified. Their identities: top secret. After killing bin Laden, SEAL Team 6 flew into Andrews Air Force base for a debriefing, possibly a private awards ceremony.

“For me it’s like being proud of my little brother; he did something phenomenal,” Smith said. “I’m super proud, but I am a little jealous.”

Smith says the operation appears textbook.  Twenty-four SEALs dropped into bin Laden’s compound Sunday, shooting the world’s most wanted terrorist.

May: “The SEAL who came eye-to-eye with bin Laden, what was like for him?”

Smith: “That had to be an amazing moment and a culminating moment because ever since 9-11, the SEALs’ No. 1 goal has been anti-terrorism and find Osama bin Laden.”

Preparing for that mission was beyond tough—80 percent of SEALs in training drop out. Those who make it may face danger one day then real life the next.

“Many of them are married,” Smith said. “They have families, and they come home, have a honey do list like everyone else. It’s really funny to talk to a guy who’s been overseas one day, and 48 hours later he’s mowing grass.”

Click here to view a photo gallery of reactions to bin Laden’s death.

Comments (13)
  1. Mizzle D Sketers says:

    I. Feel as though they killed osama bin laden because he was wanted for. Messin with our country aNd he needs to pay for his actions

  2. CarmanK says:

    The 25 million dollar reward should go into the veterans’ widows and orphans fund. Or at least into a trust fund to help veterans recover from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars of choice. They earned it, the vets should get it.

    1. ceagle1776 says:

      CarmanK,good idea.The OBAMA welfare bums haven’t earned it,or deserve it.Give it to the ones who lost loved ones because of that murdering PIG.And lets stop the foreign aid to PAKISTAN,His host for several years.If PAKISTAN needs money,let them get it from the convenience store crowd,after TAXES.

      1. JOJO DANCER says:

        @ceagle1776, and who exactly are the Obama welfare bums?

    2. JOJO DANCER says:

      I agree.

  3. Bob Helferstay says:

    In a perfect world, he should have been captured and put on trial. The world is not perfect. In the world that we live in, he needed to be killed. There was no other option, and should have been none.

  4. Ram Pillai says:

    United states poured billions in to Pakistan to fight terrorism all these years and and much more to get Bin Laden. .. a big mistake because Pakistan has done precious nothing but cover up terrorrists and making us look weak and desperate. Wed do not need them anymore because they are untrustworthy and cheaters.

  5. T says:

    This moron just made himself a target. Genius move.

  6. david says:

    Stew Smith will stew in his own juices. He must think he has big balls.

    1. TheSwabbie says:

      David, you’re a DUMB ASS.. Stew Smith Is a FORMER NAVY SEAL.. YES.. he IS A BAD ASS.. he has the RIGHT to HAVE BIG BALLS… what, you infatuated with his balls? Got a man crush on him? MORON.. check people out before you make STUPID STATEMENTS.

  7. ek says:

    @David, you can only dream of being the man Smith is. YOU would not be able to endure the training of our SEALS

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