BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Losing weight and curing disease all naturally. That’s the promise of a new training method that’s just come to Maryland.

Andrea Fujii reports on the ALIVE fitness program.

In just three weeks, Barbara Rehak’s body has changed.

“A 10-pound weight loss, more muscle definition and lots of energy,” said Rehak.

She’s one of just 12 Marylanders in the new ALIVE fitness program.  The name stands for Aggressive Lifestyle Intervention Variable Exercise.

It teaches that clients can rid themselves of diabetes, hypertension and obesity with exercise and a change in eating habits.

“Sugary products, processed, it’s all natural, healthy foods,” said Rehak.

“This program has been designed to heal the person rather than just put them on medication as a temporary Band-Aid,” said Kelly Whalen, trainer.

A Florida trainer, Phil Kaplan, developed the program and Baltimore is the second city to have it.

The $450 eight-week program combines individual and group training sessions.

Once the eight weeks are over clients have been shown to stick with it.

Former rower Mary Sheehan hopes to get her athletic body back.

“I’m noticing my clothes are fitting better and I feel toner, so in that regard I’m feeling good about it,” said Sheehan, client.

She agrees with fellow client Rehak that this isn’t just a New Year’s resolution.

“I’ve seen such a change in the past three weeks that it’s just going to be part of my lifestyle,” said Rehak.

The ALIVE fitness program is only offered at Baltimore area Merritt Athletic Clubs. To learn more, click here.

Comments (11)
  1. sheriff says:

    You will pack it back on again in no time plus if you don’t change your lifestyle completely. Make up your mind folks , you can either drink your calories or eat them but not both. The real weight loss will be in your pocketbook!!……..RIP-OFF!

    1. trainer says:

      The ALIVE program involves synergy between supportive nutrition (each meal containing a lean protein, a starchy carb, and a fibrous carb- this is real food not a liquid diet fad), moderate cardiovascular exercise, and resistance training. The 8 weeks of the ALIVE program is only the beginning and prepares you for success on your health and fitness journey! I give credit to these participants who have the courage to try something new and change their lifestyle

  2. Dana Eden says:

    congratulations. Great idea. Fantastic to see someone helping others understand that exercise and healthy eating is a far better option than the “operation” that seems to being tagged everywhere as the new weight loss solution (Gastric Banding). Keep up the great work guys. All the best


  3. Bob says:

    This isnt new nor is it something people should be shocked or impressed by! How could you not know that changing your eating habits will help you lose weight and live a happier life????

  4. Aron says:

    What isnt mentioned in the report are the dramatic positive changes in blood sugar, cholesterol, blood pressure, and hormones.

    Go here to see for yourself from the guy who developed the protocol:

  5. Haunted Artists says:

    My 20+ years of body building and training helped me on so many levels it would take a book to fully comment. so, even if they fall off the wagon they will still have the power of the knowledge of how to do this if and when it should be needed later in life. Yeah, all this is obvious to some, but I have trained people who have no idea what a “healthy” lifestyle should be, and it had to be literally drummed into their heads for them to get it. Also, it costs a lot, so that al;one should make whoever does this at least try.

  6. Paul Eric Kilmon says:

    I always found eating less to do the trick.

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