BALTIMORE (WJZ)—A proposed merger with Chicago-based company Exelon would take Constellation Energy away from Baltimore. Yet, even without a Fortune 500 company, Baltimore has charm. But where is the wow factor?

That’s exactly what city leaders are hoping to add and it could come in the form of some interesting attractions.

Kai Jackson takes a look at some of the ideas.

Some feel Baltimore’s Harbor needs a big time makeover. But it’s not a pitch for a show, just reality.

The Inner Harbor, though popular, is only a part of all that’s Baltimore. But clearly it’s become the city’s crown jewel.

“What makes the Harbor great? All the stores and the site. Everything about it is nice,” said Erik Hoskins, of Southwest Baltimore.

Some feel that jewel has lost a bit of its luster over the years.

One person we spoke with said the Inner Harbor “looks the same, but that’s not what we want. We want it to look different. We want it to look updated.”

Some city leaders want the same thing. Now there are ideas to spruce up the Inner Harbor by building major attractions like a ferris wheel or an observation tower. There’s already beach volleyball during the spring and summer.

“Let’s say we add three or four new attractions to the Inner Harbor; that’s great for us. That’s great for tourism. You’ll have new product in the city people haven’t seen before,” said Tom Noonan, Visit Baltimore.

How does the Harbor rank with D.C.?

“It’s definitely not as nice as D.C., especially their new national Inner Harbor. It has a lot more things for people to do,” said Whitney Code, of Pikesville.

Whatever attraction graces Baltimore’s skyline in the future, those we spoke with say the time is clearly right for something new.

The Inner Harbor was the vision of the late William Donald Schaeffer and developer Jim Rouse. Yet even the Harbor’s biggest fans say this nationally recognized landmark needs more.

“Anything that can bring tourists down to the Inner Harbor is a great idea,” said Jake Spence, Sea Dog Boats.

Other attraction ideas include kayak tours, a trackless train and a zip line that would take you from Federal Hill over to the nearby visitor center.

Comments (17)
  1. david says:

    How about for starters leveling Harborplace & it’s cheesy shops, get rid of the thugs that are loud black gangs & criminals & keep the place clean with some quality restaurants & fair value attractions.

    1. Love says:

      there are loud white gangs & criminals down there too so lets keep it REAL! Its not about race!

      1. Paul Eric Kilmon says:

        THANK YOU! People are so one sided. Thugs come all shapes, sizes and colors.

  2. howard says:

    I agree, I moved here in1979. Like going down town. Last time I went it was urine smells and begers. Sad.

  3. Shirley Binko says:

    Leave it a lone and get rid of all the criminals and gangs that are hanging out there..I won’t go downtown for the reason…..afaird of getting robed or shot

  4. Pete says:

    I love ziplines.

  5. Sherry says:

    Sounds like a good way for Baltimore to bring in revenue. Maybe our taxes can drop when the $ starts rolling in! Smiles everyone, da plane da plane. Welcome to Fantasy Island!

  6. Callie says:

    I think we should add a fair or a ZIPLINE!!!! but its not up to me because i am a kid. But here is somthing VOTE FOR ZIPLINE LOL!!!!!!!!!!!:)

  7. outkasts says:

    FREE Parking?I don,t care what you do to the Harbour.You must make it safe, with worry free parking !Towing cost and parking meter tickets drive people away from this area also.I go to mall and watch a movie,have dinner,shop and never worry about my car !

  8. Colleena says:

    Yes DC is great. DC also has a free zoo n free museums unlike the inner habor
    I love the inner habor just wishes were cheaper. Be nice to have one or two free activities. Possibly advertise events more.

  9. frank coffee says:

    Now is not the time. We need to learn how to do less with less. Improve the quality not the quantity !

  10. Debbie says:

    Unless the drugs and crime in the area are cleaned up and the parking reduced in price it will just be more of the taxpayers money wasted, something our politicians seem to be very good at doing.

  11. Nick says:

    I have to agree Harborplace is a depressingly small, dark and packed mini-mall that just doesn’t feel nice compared to the rest of the structures around it. Maybe no leveling it, but more natural light and a couple less stores would work.

  12. Jesse dziedzic says:

    You couldnt be more right on..

  13. dripable service says:

    Thats an all round well thought out piece…

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    Thats an all around incredibly written piece…

  15. hébergement internet says:

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