BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The Baltimore Orioles’ left fielder Luke Scott is at it again. During the offseason, he was critical of President Barack Obama. The president’s long form birth certificate does not seem to have quieted Scott down, though.

Scott, who was interviewed by Sam Mellinger of The Kansas City Star, remains skeptical about the president’s background. He thinks Obama’s birth certificate needs to be checked out to confirm that it is legitimate.

“[Obama’s] birth certificate has yet to be validated,” Scott said Tuesday. “If they can counterfeit $100 bills, I think it’s a million times easier to counterfeit a birth certificate, if you ask me. So, all it is, let’s just see if it’s real. Anybody can produce a document, so let’s check it out.”

Scott told Mellinger that it is his duty as an American to speak his mind while taking advantage of the platform given to him as a professional athlete.

“We all have that responsibility as Americans,” Scott said. “Whatever platform you have, large or small, fight for what’s right. Fight for what’s right and fight for the principles of honor, integrity, accountability, being a person. Responsible. Hard work. Discipline. Honesty. Things like that, try and pass those principles on to the next generation. Be a voice for that. Maybe being a baseball player and having a little bigger platform than the next [person], then my responsibility should be to stand up for those principles. If I was in construction or working in an office I should stand up for those principles as well.”

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  1. Certificate says:

    The Orioles are 1 game away from being in last place, shouldn’t they shut this “Clown Up”!!! Why aren’t they fining their players for talking out like that!!!!! Play Ball you “IDIOT”!!!!

    1. estiv0818 says:

      Fines for what? Free speech?

      1. YES WE CON! YES WE CON! says:

        BirtherReport. com

      2. Bob Ho says:

        Exactly, but the libs dont want fines, they want blood in the field.

      3. cjoy says:

        Liberals Hate free speech.

      4. hap says:

        exactly, his opinion is just as free as the next man’s. i’m with him, why hasn’t the press scrutinized the doc. that was the weakest thing, they expect us to buy off on that? you can enlarge it and see where they photoshopped different areas, such as dropping in signatures. the msn needs to show some credibility.

      5. sevanclaig says:

        Punishable speech codes, “Certificate”? Your idea of another American pastime?

        Tell you what Marxy, try using your real name, like this ballplayer does, when you voice your opinion. Like the player said, large platform such as his or minuscule platform such as yours, you can speak up for what YOU BELIEVE is right.
        The glaring difference is not your opposing opinions on the president’s birth certificate, but whereas the player does not hide behind an anonymous alias such. as you (“Certificate”).
        Further to my point, I doubt you would agree that your own employer- if you have one in your dear leader’s economy- should in fact issue a fine upon yourself for your publicly expressed opinion. I would even bet you’d think that should the team or league not fine him that the government should then step in and do so. Or maybe your fellow politically correct, anti-tort reform party members may encourage a defamation lawsuit against you for publicly expressing this ball player as an idiot without proof or just cause..

    2. pigeon says:

      This individual’s comments have nothing to do with the O’s being a lousy ball team!

      1. THE TRUMP CARD says:

      2. Joe says:

        No, but having this guy is part of their being a lousy team. He hits well for 2 or 3 games and then disappears. Has he ever questioned the birth place of any other President? No, and we know why, don’t we.

      3. CJoy says:

        Interesting about kerning. Never realized that typewriters could not do that. I think there are legit questions about why BO keeps his docs hidden. Yet when questions are asked, rather than answer the questioners are mocked. This kill the messenger mentality is getting old.

      4. Michael says:

        If actors can speak out and lead on issues, why can’t anyone else, including baseball players?

        I’m glad he spoke out.

      5. Damion Nelson says:

        Comment obama
        The main reason for this issue is primarily because he is black.There is no other presidents out there that was ask to provide there birth certificate.

        This is a racial issue ,in my opinion…..If he was white ,no one would ask him about his place or origin.

      6. Frank says:

        Actually I do recall McCain, who is as white as a ghost, getting heavily vetted by the liberal press over his birth certificate. He was born in an American military base in Panama. Now McCain is a terrible traitor for the most part, but Barry Obummer was given a free pass on any real vetting, hence the fallout now. And Nancy Pelosi certified Barry as eligible so she should b in prison for that too. In time, when it no longer matters, the truth will come out. Unfortunately the U.S. will look something like Mexico by then.

      7. DEE DEE says:

        @ Frank, Well since the USA is starting to resemble Mexico already, I hope that means the truth will come out soon..But for now, barack isnt eligible no matter how those lefty’s try to slice it.. Remember those of us who still want the truth are in the process of being called racists, in order to deflect from this issue..

    3. KarenB says:

      Wow. Calling him an “idiot” is a little harsh, don’t you think? He has a right to speak his opinion. Let’s leave name-calling to the elementary-age kids, ok?

      1. Dan says:

        No, if a person believes the president was born anywhere but the united states, they are an Idiot. It is not a matter of opnion, it is a matter of accepting or denying reality.

      2. Steve Burton says:

        No, Dan that’s not even remotely true. If a person believes the president was born anywhere but the united states it’s because he personally has allowed that to happen. He let people believe and the story to spread for YEARS before releasing his birth certificate. So if people are skeptical about his birth certificate being legit it’s because he waited this long to release it, there’s been too many conflicting stories about where it was or why it wasn’t released. Why is he releasing it now? Why would you wait until 40% of the population had doubts before releasing the damned thing?

        He brought any further scrutiny upon himself by releasing the thing and getting on Oprah to joke about it. It’s not a joke! It’s a serious friggin issue.

      3. powertool says:

        If a person believes the fraud in the whitehouse is qualified under the constitution they are an idiot. It is not a matter of opinion, it is a matter of fact. A “natural born citizen” has two American parents and is born on American soil. It is not a matter of opinion, it is a matter of fact.

      4. Albert E. says:

        Liberals are elementary-aged kids in intellect.

      5. Steve says:

        There needs to be a new bumper sticker for the left like the one Christians have: Obama (or cbsnbcabcmsnbccnnNYtimesWaPostetc.)said it I believe it that settles it.” Move along nothing to see (or think about) here.

      6. Wendy Weinbaum says:

        As a Jewess in the US, I can only tell Dan, listed below your remarks, Karen, that just because someone is born in the US, he or she is NOT necessarilly a Natural Born Citizen. For example, are the children born here to foreign diplomats on duty in the US citizens? NO! And, it appears that Obama’s father was NOT legally married to Stanley Ann Dunham, since he was already married in Kenya, so here we have an apparently illegitimate child of a foreign father claiming to be Natural Born. Quite a stretch!

      7. Justsayin' says:

        Every birth certificate I have ever seen was stamped and notarized as a copy of the original. You cannot get your own original birth certificate. You ALWAYS get a stamped “copy” of the original. The first copy is generally free. There is generally a fee more additional copies.
        The certificate presented by Obama’s team was not stamped so he may be correct, the certificate could be a conterfeit and it is suspcious and I would not doubt from this person that anything he does is legit. Howevr, It still doesn’t make any difference, He is a citizen the United States, period. His mother was a citizen, unless she forfeited HER citizenship which no one claims or proves she did, end of story.
        By the way Scott, congratulations. You got a base hit, you did not knock it out of the park, way to go. Go Orioles..

      8. Dennis says:

        Dan, like many on the left, believes whatever his liberal masters tell him to believe. Obama flashing his birth certificate without letting it be examined is like a phony cop who flashes a toy badge….only the gullible and naive accept it without question.

      9. Boyd Cott says:

        Does this clown have any endorsements I can boycott?

        Everyone needs to write letters to any companies he promotes so he can lose some money and then we’ll see how he feels about black people!!

      10. Ken Taylor says:

        We have seen the black side of Ogumbo, I keep waiting to see the white side. I guess (hahahaha) the dark side parasites gives him the most votes.

    4. Comanchepilot says:

      if Hollywood stars can have a political opinion I think a baseball player is entitled to his . . . he is no less ignorant that most of them . . .

      1. Wally Cleaver says:

        I would think that most, if not all Americans have a copy of their Birth Certificate in their personal file? Why would Obama need to have this so called Birth Certificate released from Hawaii? Doesn’t the president keep a copy in his records file. I forgot, he never had to show it during his school years, employment years.

    5. mark says:

      Let him make his comment! Quite frankly, his logic is pretty spot on regarding counterfitting. Personally, I think he is way off base and in my mind, I am certain he was born in the USA, but let him have his opinion. Amazes me that people on the left claim to be so tolerant of all people (unless it is someone they disagree with!)

      1. Tim says:

        Yes, and the righ truly showed how tolerant they were when Natalie Maines made her comments a few years back. Keep reading the “Kool Aid”. I can always tell when readers come in from Drudge. Oh, by the way – Al Qaida confirmed bin Laden is dead. So you can put that conspiracy to rest. At least now Trump won’t be demanding to see the death certificate.

      2. Jesse Ventura says:

        He can make any comment he wants, that’s his right as an American. However most people who have any sense of reality understand that this debate has entered the realm of conspiracy at this point. People can claim that Aliens have landed on earth, or Obama’s true Kenyan birth certificate is painted behind the Mona Lisai; frankly I don’t care. Because oftentimes, reality and common sense prevail. This debate has run it’s course and the only place that has room for it anymore is the drudgereport and incendiary message board comments. BTW we didn’t actually land on the moon.

      3. Bobd45 says:

        Just what are you “certain”? Are you certain BHO lived in Connecticut so the Social lSecurity number he received from that state is valid? Are you also “certain” he travelled to Pakistan on a US Passport? Are you “certain” his grades at harvard justified his appointment to be the editor of the Harvard Law Review? I am not “certain” of any of the aforementioned because they are questions left unanswered by BHO and his minions.

      4. Richard Farris says:

        “Liberals claim to want to hear all views but then are amazed and even offended to learn that there are other views” William F. Buckley

      5. Alky says:

        Born in the USA or not, both of O’s parents were not, so that in itself makes him ineligible to be President.

      6. SallyAl says:

        I think most athletes are more informed than most Hollywooders simply because they at least have been to college as a stepping stone to their pro careers and so they have something to help support their entreprenuerial(?) efforts once their sports careers have ended. (Unlike when Hollywooders get old and ugly and no longer are offered roles). His only mistake is that he leaves out the fact that Obie is a Brit by birth and therefore ineligible for that reason alone. Natural born citizen and dual citizen are mutually exclusive terms.

    6. Lopez says:

      Your comments are odd. A baseball player cannot have an opinion about the president? To help you, maybe you should insert George W. Bush in the place of Obama, and maybe that will change your world view, although I doubt it.

      1. OBAMA = FRAUD says:

        Why does Barry have a CONNECTICUT SSN? He NEVER lived there!

        Details –

    7. Dave says:

      Ever heard of freedom of speech?

      1. notamuslim says:

        Sure he is free to believe in the flying spagetti monster if he wants and he can preach about it’s devine love to his hearts content if he wants to. The other side of that is WE have the right to freely speak our absolute belief that he is a lunatic with no sense of reality and a mean streak a mile wide for people of any color not his own. WE have the right to freely speak too. And WE find him too stupid to speak in public without his mother present to swat his head for saying such foolishness.

    8. Make'emStop says:

      You should be banned from public speaking and commenting… since you can’t speak or type with any common sense. What are you, an Elementary student?

      1. dave says:

        What are you?


      2. democrat says:

        i don’t think that he should be able to say whatever he wants. he should be controlled. they should censor him. they should imprison him. he is an idiot and a detriment to society. how is this beneficial? his opinions are not in benefit for the country at all. the govt should silence him. has this govt lost control of it’s people? this is not freedom of speech this is something else entirely. his freedom is encroaching upon my freedoms.

      3. CC Ryder says:

        To Democrat,
        Your post confirms what I have saying for 30 years: We are too stupid to govern ourselves.

      4. Jason Price says:

        It is amazing that Liberals think it is OK to have someone decide for someone else what they can say… or what is right/wrong… this is the antithesis of liberty… Talk about an elementary school intellect!

      5. SevanClaig says:

        re: “democrat” comrade-
        How deeply brainwashed into a cult of personality does one have to be to think another person opining that a politician might be lying (ecspecially one who -VERIFIABLY- lies about even the most mundane points on a nearly daily basis) is somehow an encroachment upon your freedoms?

        That’s serious Kooool -Aid, comrade. Yeah, the spaceship is coming.

      6. Marbran says:

        I think that ‘Democrat’ was being facetious. At least I hope s/he was.

    9. B. McBride says:

      When it all shakes out, Mr. Scott is right. Too many questions remain unanswered. Any high school student could come up with a more conviencing Birth Certificate than that to buy beer with. It does not look like anyone elses B.C. and the number makes no sense. Names misspelled? Something just is not right about the way Obama and the Chicago mob is handling this.

      1. TRUTH says:

        All the Usuper-In-Chief daily news @

    10. Aksarben says:

      It is called free speech … just b/c he doesn’t share your views, doesn’t mean he isn’t free to express his own. Remember that little thing called the First Amendment?

      1. fouler says:

        the first amendment has failed us. we need to rewrite the whole thing so this doesn’t happen. how is ignorant bashing of our commander in chief gonna help… afterall it was his efforts that brought us osama bin laden

      2. RufusVonDufus says:

        Yes, fouler, the impostor in chief took his four wood into the battle and slayed the Usama dragon single handed. Now if he would only take that same four wood on a tour of all muslim countries and slay those who would cut our heads off I would forever be grateful to him.

    11. joe says:

      he is smarter than the holleywood types you listen to all the time michael moore clone.

    12. Tim says:

      You can’t fine Stupidity, unfortunately. Luke Scott has already proven his lack of knowledge in countless interviews… the fact that he has frightened himself into believing that EVERYTHING IS A LIE isn’t anything new.

      There are thousands more like him here. But, there are tens of millions here who can see past it and have moved their focus to real issues.

      1. Brad says:

        Stupidity is believing in a photoshopped/hoaxed birth certificate that almost all experts are claiming is a fraud!!!!

      2. Joan says:

        It’s unfortunate that so many people like yourself are so quick to drink the kool-aid and bury their heads in the sand. There are still too many questions as to why POTUS would spend $millions to have his records sealed. I’m looking forward to reading Jerome Corsi’s book when it comes out on the 17th of this month. It promises to be an eye-opener—-both for the readers and Obama himself. I suggest you reserve judgement until after you’ve read the book and done your own research.

    13. barbara says:

      Are you crazy? This is the USA where we are allowed to speak our opinions. The second amendment is there to protect all free speech not just the popular or common view.

      1. Don Henry says:

        I think you meant the first Amendment…..smh……At least become familiar with the basic principals of our nation before you continue to comment on them….

      2. dave says:

        well to be frank the second amendment probably allows you more freedom of speech than the first.

      3. Scott says:

        @Don Henry, I think you meant “principles”…at least become familiar with the English language before you continue to comment on others’ comments.

      4. dootise says:

        barbara..back to school for you….do you know what the second amendment says? clearly you know what the bill of rights is? clearly not. can’t be a patriot..if you don’t know the basics. really.

      5. Tony says:

        @Scott…well done, sir. Well done. I had a deep, hearty chuckle when I read that. Very nice.

      6. barbara says:

        Yes my mistake the first amendment. Thanks for correcting. Still aside from this blunder my POINT stands.

    14. Beau says:

      I feel the same way as Scott. I wouldn’t trust ONE MEMBER of this administration as far as I could throw ’em. They’re all a bunch of crooks and con men. Obama is the crookedest, dirtiest, lying-est person that has ever occupied the WH. How this buffoon ever got elected is the mystery of the century.

      1. BigBoa says:

        No mystery at all….. it’s called “White Guilt”…..

      2. Don Henry says:

        THEY ARE ALL CROOKS AND CONS! Remember Haliburton, No Bid Contracts, The illegal invasion of Iraq, Enron…..the list goes on and on and on and on…..

      3. Scott says:

        @Don Henry, the Iraq invasion was supported by 18 UN Security Council resolutions and authorized by Congress…at least become familiar with our system of laws before you continue to spout nonsense.

      4. dootise says:

        so how does it feel to be so upset that Osama Been ‘forgotten george bush….has now been eliminated by Obama…you must be bubbling in anger.

    15. BigBoa says:

      Something tells the mighty Boa that, if the role was reversed, and this guy was blasting George Bush for getting involved in a war, you would COMPLETELY support his 1st amendment right to say whatever he “felt compelled” to say……

      Shut up and go watch a basketball game….

      The mighty Boa might start supporting the Orioles despite living in Detroit JUST BECAUSE of this guy and the fact that the Orioles HAVEN’T interfered….

      1. Don Henry says:

        Do you always refer to yourself in the third person?

    16. Beau says:

      And Certificate…’re a moron, with a capital M!

    17. Ted K. says:

      As Daniel Moniyhan once said people are entitled to their own opinions but not there own facts. Given some of Scott’s other opinions regarding teammates, he might want to consider shutting up and just playing ball.

    18. CK says:

      Leave it to the left to champion restricting free speech. First Amendment? Nuthin’ but parchment, right?

    19. Tammy says:

      Try reading the Constitution…….! Where did you go to School or maybe you didn’t…!

      It’s All Our Right to say What we Want.

      This President is the The Dumbest Black ever born………..!

    20. Hugo says:

      Yes, you are so right. How dare they allow their players to express an opinion on anything outside of baseball? Don’t they know that that old dusty constitution that gave Americans the right of “free speech” is out of date and no longer relevant? Now, and for the future, every American must simply shut up and do as they are told by their betters!

    21. Bill Freider says:

      Why doesn’t your company fine you for idiotic statements that boil down to “take this man’s First Amendment Rights away”? Probably because they understand what made this nation great. You can disagree with a statement you don’t like, you don’t even have to listen to it or give it a care in the world.

      Good to be an American, isn’t it?

      And, before you go taking away someone else’s freedoms, you might want to make sure that “clown” and “idiot” isn’t just your reflection in the mirror.

    22. Geemo says:

      The Orioles may be nearing last place , but Obama is one step away from total lack of trust from the country and from those that voted for him. He is a coward to not go the distance if he has nothing to hide.

    23. RacerJim says:

      Not one of the five different birth certificates Obama has released from July 2008 throught today has had the embossed seal of the State of Hawaii Department of Health on it, so Obots should just shut up.

      1. RacistJim says:

        Yet the Governor, secretary of state, and every other official has verified it as real. The government of Hawaii has verified, and yet idiots like yourself think you know better.

    24. Scott says:

      It is a shame that Obama-supporters and liberals in general always seek to first question the intelligence and then suppress the free speech of those with whom they disagree.

      1. ScottTheIdiot says:

        No “liberal” is “suppressing” free speech. Are the people on here using government force to shut you up? No, please, educate yourself before you make yourself look like an idiot (well, I should say “confirm” that you’re an idiot).

    25. Hurricane says:

      Click here: Obama Birth Certificate Faked In Adobe Illustrator – Official Proof

      1. tfb says:

        AND it’s about the CONSTITUTION

        Obama is not a natural born citizen per article II because his father was never a US Citizen.

      2. hiway280z says:

        Subject: Hawaii The real certificate of live birth born in Kenya

        Today’s Surf Report
        Kauai News
        Big Island News

        Hawai’i turtles recovering from severe tumor disease UFC’s Penn enjoying adventure in Abu Dhabi
        Hawaii considering law to ignore Obama ‘birthers’
        By ar On March 18, 2010 · 2 Comments

        Obama’s Birth Certificate?

        Birthers beware: Hawaii may start ignoring your repeated requests for proof that President Barack Obama was born here.

        As the state continues to receive e-mails seeking Obama’s birth certificate, the state House Judiciary Committee heard a bill Tuesday permitting government officials to ignore people who won’t give up.

        “Sometimes we may be dealing with a cohort of people who believe lack of evidence is evidence of a conspiracy,” said Lorrin Kim, chief of the Hawaii Department of Health’s Office of Planning, Policy and Program Development.

        So-called “birthers” claim Obama is ineligible to be president because, they argue, he was actually born outside the United States, and therefore doesn’t meet a constitutional requirement for being president.

        Read more …

        Source: AP News / Hawaii Legislature

        google it the real one shows….won’t copy for some reason.I made copy before they pull it.

    26. UteDB23 says:

      Hey Marxist mental patient, move to Europe. They love hate-America Commies like you there. And quit drinking the Obama Kool-Aid you moron. Stupid people have no right to vote, right? Seeing how you hate free speech, maybe we should waterboard you for being a traitor.

    27. tfb says:

      Keep your eye on the target, they don’t want you to notice that Obama fails the Constitutional requirements for POTUS.

      Obama is not a natural born citizen per article II because his father was never a US Citizen. He also fails the 20th amendment. He is NOT a legal president.

    28. tfb says:


      ‘BORN IN-COUNTRY OF PARENTS WHO ARE ITS CITIZENS’ that is the requirement for a Natural Born Citizen

      1. Shorty Stuff says:

        Not only do the liberals not care, but evidently everyone inside the beltway doesn’t care either, which includes the Supreme Court. These government bureaucrats are becoming a threat to the United States, and are all contributing to it’s downfall.

    29. John C says:

      If someone makes political statements in the middle of a ball game or concert (like the Dixie chicks), they should be fined, fired, or their albums boycotted. If the remarks are made during an interview, it’s free expression of their opinion. If this clown had made a controversial statement about Bush having failed to get bin Laden, would you have complained then?

    30. Larry says:

      Luke Scott rocks.

      1. larry g says:

        you and he are AWM morons

    31. Izzy812 says:

      Because we do live in the United States and everyone has the freedom to speak his mind. Of course the press also has the freedom not to print comments that clearly aren’t newsworthy and we as the public have the right to not read read what a guy that can connect a bat and ball has to say.

    32. Abe Lincoln says:

      Get over it idiot! You must have been hit in the head with too many pitches.

    33. icetrout says:

      Certificate of :O

    34. Larry says:

      I’m sorry, but when you refer to the ball player as a “clown” — you’re making a mockery of the United States Constitution. The man is NOT an idiot. You are.

    35. lesstantolerant says:

      Certificate how did you get so stupid? his opinion has nothing to do with the O’s place.

      Besides the quoata puppet president is probably a liar about his BC

    36. dane46 says:

      Luke Scott is free to speak his mind. I’m also free to quit going to Orioles games as long as this idiot is in the lineup. Geezus! Don’t they have IQ tests for players to get into the big leagues?

    37. george 37 says:

      You are all wrong. Don’t you know that It is racial as is any criticism of Obama.

    38. PeterCPA says:

      We should fine tou for being stupid.

    39. Otaycec says:

      You have to wonder why Obama didn’t produce the birth certificate two years ago when all of this began. And why did he spend almost 2 million dollars in attorney fees to stop the certificate from being released. The whole thing smells. Hats off to Scott for having the cojones to speak what most people are thinking but afraid to say publicly.

    40. Useful Idiots says:

      It is counterfeit. If you don’t know, you haven’t done any research or you’re just a blind liberal boot licker.

    41. 'leen says:

      A clown just because he dares to question the birth certificate. My question is this, “Why did he spend one million plus trying to gt everyone shut down from searching for the real birth certificate.

    42. Greg Squires says:

      Why was it OK to question the birthplace of John McCain but it is racist to question the birthplace of Barack Obama? And, lest we not forget who started the whole “I don’t think he is qualified to run” question. None other than Hillary Clinton and her election team. She never get’s tarred with the racist stick, but any conservative that questions his legitimacy does. Seems somewhat unfair to me. But, then, that is the way the left and the press operate.

    43. Political Atheist says:

      Wow, way to crush a person’s First Amendment rights when it doesn’t support your ideas. How tolerant of you. I bet you were the same person who said the Dixie Chicks should be allowed to criticize G.W. Bush without being slammed in the public arena.

    44. amplitude jones says:

      hey… you know, they showed obama’s request to hawaii on tv- he requested his true certificate of live birth (the fake one having been what they first showed). That is still NOT the birth certificate, long form. Morons like you are so easy for the devil freaks to make fools of!

    45. Chris says:

      You don’t have to be smart to hit a fast ball…

    46. Hank says:

      What the heck does wheter in their 1st or last have tio do with the man expressing his opinion. Whether he’s a baseball player, a fish monger or unemployed (like so many) at least he has the chonies to speak out about the biggest con game ever played.

    47. cottoneyed says:

      I’m witcha’ brother, just everyone shut up, cause’ we need the Chicago street punk at the helm, to show ever American once and for all, just what the socialists of the democrat party are all about! You got it right there “certificate”, yes sirree bob! The longer he’s there, the greater the exposure. I’m sure “certificate” you will join me in wishing the street punk to have “peace be upon him”. As Conservatives, we believe he is OUR Messiah!

    48. orly says:

      this isn’t china YET, he can say whatever he wants, I’m surprised you didn’t call him a racist!

    49. apvbguy says:

      hmmm I guess you think that if someone becomes a pro ball player their right to speak freely is terminated?

      1. Certificate says:

        Yes, and I know that you’re not as stupid as you are portraying yourself to be!!

    50. Fanny Forbes Franklen says:

      It’s called freedom of speech and you’re the clown.

      Here’s a few more things I’d like to know from a impostor who has his finger on the thermal nuclear button that can kill us all.

      Obama/Dunham marriage license — Not released

      Soetoro/Dunham marriage license — Not released

      Soetoro adoption records — Not released

      Fransiskus Assisi School School application — Released

      Punahou School records — Not released

      Selective Service Registration — Released – Proven Counterfeit

      Occidental College records — Not released

      Passport (Pakistan) — Not released

      Columbia College records — Not released

      Columbia thesis — Not released

      Harvard College records — Not released

      Harvard Law Review articles — None (maybe 1, Not Signed)

      Baptism certificate — None

      Medical records — Not released

      Illinois State Senate records — None (Locked up to prohibit public view)

      Illinois State Senate schedule — Lost (All other Illinois state senators’ records are intact)

      Law practice client list — Not released

      University of Chicago scholarly articles — None


      1. taylor says:

        Fanny, you are a real expert on Obama. I gotta give it to you . And you don’t know sh**.

    51. jose says:

      Man, sports fans should just STFU about anything but sports. Really, it’s like you’re screaming “HEY EVERYBODY, LOOK HOW IGNORANT OF THE FACTS I AM”.

      Do a little research into the real world and forget about little boys games for a while.

      But be forewarned – it ain’t pretty.

    52. mqg25 says:

      At least he’s a well paid ballplayer who sounds like he’s has an IQ, unlike you who has a fat tubby belly flopped over your keyboard thats full of cheetoe crumbs. Your idea of making money is how to get on another government program.

    53. Paul Townsend says:

      Scott was the Orioles MVP for 2010. Likely they would own last place, if not for him. Also, he graduated from Oklahoma State.

      methinks you’re the “clown”.

    54. junior says:

      HERE, HERE, the bum should stick to baseball. Or quit, and run for office.

    55. timebomb says:

      makes more money than you and speaks freely ( a right in this land that is still somewhat free)

    56. Josh says:

      Amazing… Only 16 words into your comment, the name calling begins. Typical Liberal… None of you will ever change. It’s impossible to debate you on real issues because you allways sink to this point as soon as you can’t refute a fact.

    57. Jahnke says:

      You are an arrogant little person, aren’t you? Obama is a traitor to the United States of America, as are all his lazy, money-grubbing supporters. People who support him are criminals, welfare thugs, race hustlers, fake reverends, media sheep and communists.
      He was raised by a commie and a transsexual, he doesn’t have American values.

      2012 is coming, Obama is going.

    58. Dee says:

      You must be an Obama fan ! Free speech works for everyone in the USA

    59. deanks says:

      The birth certificate that the White House released lists Obama’s birth as August 4, 1961. It also lists Barack Hussein Obama as his father. No big deal, right? At the time of Obama’s birth, it also shows that his father is aged 25 years old, and that Obama’s father was born in ” Kenya , East Africa “. This wouldn’t seem like anything of concern, except the fact that Kenya did not even exist until 1963, two whole years after Obama’s birth, and 27 years after his father’s birth. How could have Obama’s father have been born in a country that did not yet exist? Up and until Kenya was formed in 1963, it was known as the “British East Africa Protectorate”. But, this is not the only thing that I found that just does not jive.
      The other item that I looked into was the hospital that Obama was born in. On the birth certificate released by the White House, the listed place of birth is “Kapi’olani Maternity & Gynecological Hospital”. This cannot be, because the hospital(s) in question in 1961 were called “KauiKeolani Children’s Hospital” and “Kapi’olani Maternity Home”, respectively. The name did not change to Kapi’olani Maternity & Gynecological Hospital until 1978, when these two hospitals merged. How can this particular name of the hospital be on a birth certificate dated 1961 if this name had not yet been applied to it until 1978?
      Go ahead, look it up. I am not talking crazy talk, these are the facts. Like I said, I thought that this was a non-issue until the actual certificate was released. Now that it has been released, of course I had to look into it. I have found these issues, now I know that something is up. If you doubt, just look at the following resources concerning the 1978 hospital merger here:

    60. Tammy says:

      There’s this little thing called FREE SPEECH. If that ever goes we have TYRANNY!

    61. Brian says:

      I think Mr. Scott should be required to demonstrate his ability to play baseball. Throughout his illustious career his play has yet to be validated and confirmed.

    62. whatsinaname says:

      I agree, if Scott wants something to talk about, why not talk about why he’s being paid so much money to be a loser! Can you say LOSER Scott!!!!!!

    63. Janice Crouch Gavin says:

      Is he not an american TOO!!!!!

    64. bpratt says:

      Does anybody really believe someone could become Commander in Chief of the U.S. without being an American citizen. Really. Don’t you think it was checked out thoroughly before he got that far.

    65. James Segal says:

      Delusion: A belief that is either mistaken or not substantiated that is held with vehemence.

  2. Linda says:

    This man is giving jocks a really bad name. I would like to ask Mr. Scott, if President Obama was white would this question be an issue?

    1. estiv0818 says:

      What does race have to do with it? Did Luke Scott mention mulatto or black? No, but you mentioned “not white”. The race card is a lame cop out.

      1. pigeon says:

        The race card has been, is currently, and always will be an issue – it’s the only thing some people can think of due to lack of using their brains intelligently. It’s “hate” is like a cancer – just keeps eating at you until there is nothing left but pain and misery.

      2. michael says:


      3. Jahnke says:

        Amen. The race card is played by half-wits, people that are not being genuine, or stupid sheep that are led by traitor race hustlers and anti-American, God-hating evil people.

    2. JerryT says:

      Always looking to inject race into the discussion right lib? What is the basis for your question? did he even remotely suggest race?

    3. Aksarben says:

      Linda — yes. It isn’t racial. It is Chicagoland politics at its finest.

    4. dave says:

      Gee Linda, if you weren’t black, would this even be of concern to you?

    5. dave says:

      he is white. half white.

    6. dewey.james says:

      Linda !!!!!!, Obama is just am much white as he is black. What is wrong with your thinking Linda. He socialist Mama was white as the driven snow.
      His grandparents on his Mama side were White. His daddy was a black man from Kenya Africa. It like what the AFLAX duck says Linda,– halfblack,halfbalck halfblack. Do you understand Linda!! He is half black and half white. What more can I say. 🙂

    7. RacerJim says:

      This question was an issue for McCain during the 2000 GOP primary and twice during the 2008 general election…in February and agian in April. Put to rest each time when McCain provided a “Certified Copy” of his original, hospital generated, typewritten, long-form “Birth Certificate. Last time I looked McCain was white. Look in a mirror and say “I am a racist”!

    8. UteDB23 says:

      Shut-up bigot. You sound stupid. Always covering the corruption by playing the Race Card. Typical Liberal.

    9. UteDB23 says:

      Linda, quit covering the Marxism and corruption with the race card. You sound stupid. And I bet you had lots of nice things to say about Bush, right? Typical gro.

    10. Larry says:

      It doesn’t matter what color the president is … if there’s a question regarding his eligibility, then it needs to be answered. This is a big issue especially because this person spent a very important part of his formative years in Indonesia, which is a Muslim country … and we know exactly how radical Muslims feel about the U.S. I seriously would question anyone’s loyalty to this country if they grew up in a 3rd world country where their religion denigrates women and advocates the slaughter of innocent people because they don’t happen to believe in Muhammad and the Islam religion.

    11. lessthantolerant says:

      What an ahole you are. Get back under your stone.

    12. John says:

      There you go again. When all else fails it’s race. You see racists everywhere don’t you? . Scott is no racist and you sad soul are a fool. I’m Black and damned proud that Scott speaks for me too.

    13. cottoneyed says:

      I’ll answer that sister woman, if the “white” guys father was a British subject from Kenya, and his momma’ was a 17 year old tramp, then yes, it would be an issue.

  3. bmore says:

    he is half white

    1. BHO has a Connecticut SSN? says:


  4. pat says:

    Aside from his dominate skin color, Obama is more white than black. Genetically he is 1/2 white, but when you factor in that he was raised by his single white mother and didn’t know his african father (surprise?) – I’d say he is more white.

    1. dimitri says:

      who cares if he is half white and half black. he has no black american ancestary.

      1. Jason Price says:

        Who cares what his race is… He acts like a selfcentered ego maniac. This man is the dark side of Bill Clinton… At least he had a sense of humor… President Obama behaves like someone from another country…

    2. lessthantolerant says:

      Color has nothing to do with the fact he ia an incompetent loser

  5. oriole or politician says:

    Sounds like Luke should have a pee test, the steroids are shrinking his brain and making talk like a teenager. Maybe he should concentrate more on getting his team above 500.

    1. pigeon says:

      “Team” is the word – his comments have nothing to do with the fact the “team” needs to work together to win – when you are a losing team you need someone to come down on, this time it’s Scott – who to blame next time?

  6. Howard says:

    What a true idiot. This guy needs to stick to swinging a bat & catching a ball versus trying to be a de facto politiciian.

    1. Kim says:

      Exactly. We wouldn’t want to confuse professional athletes with thinking men.

    2. Mdgirl says:

      Ridicule is the refuge of small minds. How about ditching the name-calling and letting others have their say?

      1. negreiro says:

        mdgirl…. awesome reply. i’d like to believe that it’s the right and responsibility of every citizen to contest challenge support and uphold the govt that they allow to be in place. without critical and educated thinking, we will be at a loss. bashing thoughts instead of logical and educated discussion is really just a move toward weakness and foulplay. to contest this man by saying he is a fool or by less noble ways is of no real benefit and just leads toward fickle decision making on whats popular. if he is a fool and wrong, may the truth of that be found though maturity. but if he is correct, may the truth be found yet still through maturity. so whatever he is fool or not may i at least be correct in my dealing with it.

    3. dave says:

      yes, lets leave being de facto politicians to the likes of Sean Penn, Babs Streisand, Michael Moore, and the other blubberring idiots who believe people give a rat’s patooti what they think

      1. Don Henry says:

        You mean like Trump, or Ted Nugent?

  7. Amanda Plaine says:

    Hey earth to Linda the prez is half white moron

  8. JackDaniels says:


    1. MuAngel says:

      Thank you.

    2. Jack Pollack says:

      Hey, JD, did you and Luke insist on seeing Geo Bush’s record with the Texas Air Natl Guard? Sounds very suspicious. Oh, yea, Obama is black. That explains it.

      By the way, Did patriot Luke do his duty as a good American and volunteer to fight in Iraq or Afghan?

      1. RG says:

        Hey Jack, give the race card a rest. It makes you sound ignorant and unintelligent

      2. MB22 says:

        Hey Pollack.. There is no way you cannot understand the difference between Bush’s service record (that the lib media was SO anxious to report that it cost an iconic news anchor his legacy) and Obama’s birth certificate, can you not? Bush would still be eligible to be president if there was a problem with his record. So weak, honestly.

    3. BigBoa says:

      He didn’t have to,,,,,, the marxist media made sure to reveal EVERYTHING about George Bush….. AND his family

    4. Don Henry says:

      Don’t try and pretend like conservatives in Hollywood don’t do the same damn thing….the list of them is HUGE….Stephen Baldwin,Wilfred Brimley,Adam Carolla,Drew Carey,Bo DerekClint Eastwood,Sara Evans,Mel Gibson,Lou Ferrigno,Mel Gibson,Kelsey Grammer,Angie Harmon,Dennis Hopper,Patricia Heaton,Dennis MillerElizabeth Hasslebeck,Ted Nugent,Tom Selleck,Sylvester Stallone,Bruce Willis……I could go on…..but I’m sure you got the point.

  9. MuAngel says:

    Wow. You all have your opinions, why can’t he?

    1. notamuslim says:

      He has the right to express ih opinionand we have the right to express ours freedom of speach does not come with a garauntee that anyone will agree with your speach or even that they will not laugh at your ideas. This is us laughing at this poor deluded soul’s stupid statement. It is all freedom of speach Because…We…Can…Speak…Disagree. That too is free speach so deal with it.

      1. Rosalind says:

        Please learn to spell SPEECH before you try to give one!!

  10. Larry says:

    People all over the world would never have known he was this STUPID if he had kept his mouth shut. Now we know.

    1. Bob says:

      And the same could be said of you

      1. Bill Frieder says:

        Doubly, accept, at least Luke Scott doesn’t hide behind an anonymous comment on a message board.

  11. tffolkes says:

    Congratulations Mr. Scott, forgive the fools who will accept anything. Only the people who ask for more and strive for it, succeed in life. Obama staged the Pakistani Raid to take the attention away from himself. Nothing more.

  12. Joe says:

    What makes this a great country is that everyone is entitled to speak about what they believe. I applaud Luke Scott for being a leader and not a follower. You don’t need to agree with him, but you can show some respect towards a fellow American. I agree with Luke on the principles he wrote about.

  13. Normal Human says:

    Why won’t Luke Scott submit to an HGH test? what is he trying to hide? Why won’t he provide proof he isn’t on steroids? Why won’t he prove to us he isn’t on amphetamines?

    1. Mdgirl says:

      Do you think that attempts to discredit him based on accusations of drug use take away his right to an opinion?

      Even if he were a drug abuser, he would still have the right to his own views. If someone wants to publish them, that’s their call.

      This is still the United States of America, not some totalitarian state that suppresses opposing opinions.

  14. Taylor says:

    Jesus H. Christ, can’t you people see he is not going to show his true identification papers and it’s not going to hit the papers until after he loses in the next election and then it’s all going to come popping out of the woodwork like roaches from a cupboard full of bread crumbs. Any, I mean any true, blue American would never hide things of that importance. Only a sneaky, sniveling little towel headed simpleton fool would. As far as the ones that voted for him all if have to say is, “forgive them Father for they knew not what they were doing., Off with their heads!

    1. Jack Pollack says:

      Taylor, Good to talk to someone who lives with roaches. And speaking of roaches, how long did good American Luke spend serving in the military in Iraq and Afghan? And how long did Geo Bush spend in Vietnam like the rest of his Tex Air Natl Guard mates? Did you insist on seeing his authenticated “service” record? No, he’s white.

      1. Jonathan Chiles says:

        Jack, your argument is bias. Because he didn’t follow your exact path, he isn’t a good American? You don’t have to serve in the Military to be a good American. It is a choice. Additionally, not all military personnel have been deployed. So basically your argument states that unless they have been deployed, then they are not “good american’s”.
        There is more than one way to be a good american, and as an American, he has the right to voice his opinion without the fear of death.

        Do not disrespect him as a person because you do not agree with how he thinks of believes. It means he has already won the argument, because the only rebuttal you could come up with is to be disrespectful. Much like “Normal Human”. Stupid comments like that don’t add any value to the argument / debate.

      2. Ratt says:

        Yea Jack, and just how long did Obambi Barry spend in the Military ? Your Messiah has hated the military all his live, yet he uses them to get the heat off of his fake birth certificate. You Liberals beat anything I have ever seen. You can’t get over the fact that your mulatto boy may just have been born in Mumbasa, Kenya .

        And to you Ron, go ahead and call us redneck crackers, we are still 3 steps ahead of you Kuta Kentay.

      3. lessthantolerant says:

        Jackie you are so sad. What in the world makes you think Obama is anything less than a Quota Puppet picked by leftist ashamed of being white?

        Give the race card a rest, Obama is a loser as is evidenced by his accomplishments.

        No BC
        No school records.
        No voting record while Senator
        and finally no brains.

      4. massai says:

        Jack You are 100% right. This is only about Obama being a black man. Some people just can’t accept this reality. Like Trump, this baseball “star” will never be satisfied, even if they saw a live birth video. They would assume Hawaii was not in the U.S.A.

    2. Tim says:

      Taylor, You are a poorly-educated alarmist. Go away… and take the “blue Americans” with you.

      1. Mary Sue says:

        Wow, you must feel threatened to stoop that low.

    3. BigBoa says:

      Right on, right on,,, right on,,,,,

      There is NO REASON to HIDE something,,,UNLESS YOU’RE HIDING SOMETHING!!!

      And how people DON’T understand THAT is really the puzzling part….

  15. Bill says:

    You Tell Them Luke

  16. charlie merkley says:

    Scott is a jerk, he has to worry about all the balls hit down the left field line that his slow ass can’t get too. Bench him and put Pie in their now his mouth is making the O’s look bad.

    1. pigeon says:

      Huh? You want to try that again?

    2. BigBoa says:

      Nice…… so you don’t like something someone says,,, and what do you resort to?

      THE TYPICAL marxist tactic……. character assassination……….

      Go f off and die,,,,,,,,

      God you marxists are REALLY getting annoying. It will be great once the GREAT WAR breaks out and we eradicate you vermin….

      1. Don Henry says:

        hmmmm you demean character assassination……and follow it up by calling people vermin….WTG MIGHTY BOA!……typical marxist tactic for sure …..

  17. Steve says:


  18. Idiots! says:

    I have to agree with Luke 100%. Also just LOVE how everyone wants to play the race card! “if he were a white man!” Christ just SHUT UP. I’d STILL would question him if he WAS white. God forbid ANYONE thinks Obama is a liar!

    1. Jack Pollack says:

      That’s a good name for you…IDIOTS. Did you insist on seeing G Bush’s record with the Tex Air Natl Guard? No, Bush is white…and you’re stupid.

      1. Red, White, and Blue says:

        Sounds like someone is holding onto the past, huh? I’m one to think that a man’s country of birth and service record in the Nat’l Guard are two VERY different things. And why does it matter if LUUUUUUKE didn’t serve time in the military? Did Barry? I dont believe so…There are many great Americans who haven’t served overseas, however that hardly rules someone incapable of giving their opinion, Right of Left…so get over it.

      2. BigBoa says:

        Dumba$$ would be right for YOU….

        SERVICE isn’t required to serve as president… however,,, the Constitution DOES require someone to be A NATURAL BORN CITIZEN….

        Gee,,,, how DARE we insist he be one eh??

        You need to go f off and die with the other marxist moron…..

      3. Don Henry says:

        @ Might Boa

        Nice…… so you don’t like something someone says,,, and what do you resort to?
        THE TYPICAL marxist tactic……. character assassination……….

  19. getjesusorilkillyou says:

    wow – ignorant hicks are something to behold, this is better than a trip to walmart.

    1. massai says:

      getjesus, you ain’t never lied. It is amazing to see the level of ignorance being displayed here. People continue to say the dumbest things like “race card” when they are the one’s spewing upchuck that is nothing but bigotry. There are quite a few PROUD bigots in the Drudge Report. But no matter what they say or think, A BLACK MAN, “BARRY” HUSSEIN OBAMA is PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA. And there ain’t a damn thing any of you can do about it–including this less than medicore baseball player in a losing town on a losing team–Barack Obama is on his way to being the GREATEST President since FDR. Go BARRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Rosalind says:

        You make intelligent, thinking blacks, like me, want to scream. You make everything about race. You have no higher level of discourse. No one mentioned race being why people are demanding to verify his eligibility. Sickening!!

        As I recall, the reason all these questions came up in the first place was because his grandmother in Kenya stated that she was present at his birth. It has nothing to do with his RACE!!

  20. Jeffrey says:

    I always thoght that if Mr. Obama wasn’t legitimate, that Hillary would have dug that dirt up in the primary.

    1. massai says:

      Jeffrey, good point. Or his Illinois State opponents, his U.S. Senate opponents like ALAN KEYES. Did all of the Republicans and Daley Machine folk he beat not think of this? Alice Palmer? Bobby Rush? John McCain? I assume he had to show his proof of citizenship to the FBI when they did the thorough background check. But no, it became an issue when racist ass people needed to tell themselves that at least his black half could not possibly be qualified. So he is our first affirmative action president. What a bunch of smart people they are. LOL. Wasn’t Martin Van Buren the FIRST U.S. President actually born in America? Doesn’t that include the likes of Washington, Adam, Jefferson,? Were they “legitimate”?

  21. Jason Robinson says:

    Luke Scott needs to concentrate on winning ball games rather than concentrating on things that he can’t do anything about. Given the political enemies Obama has Lukedid it ever occur to you that they would have come up with a legitimate charge against President Obama that would actually stick. Work on getting your team to the World Series rather than becoming a world class pathological conspiracist relative to President Obama’s birth certificate.

  22. Sarah says:


  23. GetReal!! says:

    It always amazes me the way some people react to the mention of race. come on!! almost everyone sees and has opinions on race. it’s just the way it is! it does not necessarily make you a bad person. i just find it incredible that people react that way. sure, Luke can have his opinion, but at the end of the day, it is just an opinion of a sub-par player on a sub-sub-par team!! Don’t get mad… just my opinion!!

  24. Imainfidel says:

    so let me get this right were supposed to believe a guy who hangs with terrorist hid his birth certificate for three years will not produce any college records passport records or any other useful information to verify his background, used a Connecticut ssn number even though hes supposed to be born in Hawaii solicits money from any were, no questions asked. I would have to be a fool not to want any information that comes from him verified and with 99% of the media being in the bag its going to be hard to get a unbiased debate on this subject or any other shady activity he may be involved in.

    1. get a brain, morans!!! says:

      you are really gonna hate it after he’s re-elected
      Obama/Biden 2012 ya’ll!!!

      1. Rosalind says:

        Learn to spell MORONS!!

  25. dee says:

    You birther will never be happy…you got both the long and short version of President Obama’s birth certificate. I am from Hawaii and what you all see in the news media is the actual birth certificate…Luke Scott play ball…or more like what ball are you playing with? I am so tired of you people…why are so angry…tell the truth…Are you mad because President Obama is black or because he is white. Last time I read his mother is white …therefore…he is part white and part black=A Biracial President…Like the people in Hawaii say, “This isn’t the Mainland.” Think about that statement….

    1. DJG says:

      Where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character

  26. pigeon says:

    Red and yellow, black and white – they are precious in His sight. Jesus loves the children of the world!

    1. dee says:

      I agree, but is all the other people’s problem? What are they hating? Why are they are sooooooooooooooo unhappy? Why do we still have to have that separation. Last time I check we are Americans and we live in the United States…Why do we hate so much?????

  27. sitsuc says:

    We are fortunate to live in a nation where freedom of speech is a right.Ask any immigrant and they’ll tell you the penalty for speaking out in some countries. We as Americans abuse that right when we are ignorant of facts and make assumptions. How many of us can trace our roots beyond 150 years in this country, which in laymans terms means the majority of us came to this country from somewhere else. Most people do not know that you do not have to be a U.S. citizen to serve in the military. And for those who think President Obama was the first president of color pick up a copy of Joel A. Rogers – Five Black Presidents. My point, we all have our own opinion. Many people thoughout the world hate Americans because of our attitudes. We need to be a nation standing together instead of one divided.

  28. JustAGuy says:

    Why did Ovbama spend $2 million and 3 years stalling and preventing any attempt to see his birth certificate? Then suddenly, he just releases it. If that were true, that would be a tremendous waste of money. It doesn’t pass the smell test.

    1. John Richard Walsh says:

      Obama’s latest con is a fake certificate of birth. Adobe Illustrator reveals Obama’s latest CON iwas created by Photoshop by taking anothers real Certificate and deleting the links between each level which enabled Obama to insert false info at each level. Obama was born at Coast province General Hospital in Mombasa, Kenya with his father and grandmother present. Hospital Imam named him Hussein. It has been so easy for Obama to CON USA that other foreigners are going to create their USA birth certificates similar to Mexicanos. An IMPOSTER in White House acting and posing as a president. Clueless Americans are to be pitied as their nation goes down into financial ruin under a foreign imposter Prez.

  29. Fat Lester says:

    Way to go Luke!!! I got your back, bro.

  30. Peggy says:

    Luke hit a raw nerve apparently. .I may not agree with his views on Obama, but it’s funny so many have written he should ‘just focus on his game’. It IS possible to have a career and have opinions too. Do we really want our professional athletes to be non-thinking, non-human robots? At least he doesn’t use guns while intoxicated or abuse women. If exercising his first amendment rights is his worst offense, then why call him mean names?

  31. lewnaticink says:

    if obama had to go under the same scrutney as bush did he would never have been aloud to run for office, the democrat double standard is so obvious. not one democrat living could pass the treatment..if the republicans grew a backbone and stood up to the thugs of communist democrat party. the dems would collapse. I mean look a the social rebates in the dem party, look at their criminal records. they are trailer park trash and are fitto only be on the jerry springer show

    1. Tim says:

      People like you (and the majority of responders on this article who came over from Drudgereport) are exactly why we should reintroduce mandatory testing at polling places.

      America, we need to weed out the scared, angry, fringe people and allow sound-minded, educated, patriots to determine our leadership. This name-calling business only perpetuates the “us versus them” mindset that has crippled the political process.

      For God’s sake, look at the low-quality of the grammar and spelling which is being used by some of the people here… it’s astounding!

  32. potvin says:

    Why couldn’t it be counterfeit?

  33. dave says:

    you’re all morons

  34. mip says:

    Luke Scott is awesome and has more guts than anyone in D.C. right now!

  35. ewew says:

    More athletes should grow some balls a speak up!

  36. CJ says:

    OF COURSE that birth certificate is FAKE!! After 4 years it MAGICALLY APPEARS!! How can Anyone be stupid enough to not KNOW that it is fake? That crew is capable of doing anything to keep that blowhard crowing!!

  37. Truth Detector says:

    I have news for you who are still giddy about Barack Hussein Obama. The “birth certificate” that he produced for us is frsudulent. So far, forensics experts have found 27 things on it to indicate that the so-called birth certificate is fraudulent through and through. I predicated two years ago that Obama is going to jail. I’ll stick to that predication.

    1. dootise says:

      tell us the credentials of the experts…who is paying for their expertise? If I told you I knew an expert who says rush limbaugh can’t get a stiffie…would you believe it?

  38. mip says:

    There are artists, counterfieters, and corrupt people in high places that can be intimidated and/or paid off to produce whatever BHO demands. Anyone remember a show called “The Agency”?

    1. dootise says:

      poor mip can’t decipher the difference between fact and fiction…couldn’t tell you where the bill of rights resides..if his life depended on it..nonetheless thinks he’s a big patriot.

  39. ste hul says:

    How can Obama be all the things his enemies say about him? There has to be a limit to this ever shifting story. How likely is it that he is an illegitimate foreign-born socialist Muslim liberal radical? Can’t you fools just admit your driven to distraction by the fact you know he is going win the next election?

  40. StaticKlingon says:

    This guy is appealing to a higher calling than sports. He’s talking about citizenship.
    No wonder it flies over the libs’ heads like a flock of ducks.

    And he certainly hasn’t played the race card. It’s the baseball card, and I’m collecting his. He’s a winner and knocked this one out of the park. Eat your hearts out Hollywood! The torpedo of truth just knocked down one of your fantasy castles. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  41. BayDane says:

    Luke is a sad case of a ball player whose brain got damaged by steroids without his playing abilities improving from same.

  42. Kevo says:

    If you look carefully. Back in 1962 when it came to labeling race, the birth certificate should say Negro, that’s how the printed it out back them. His says African. That’s one sign its a fake.

    1. DOOTISE says:

      His father was FROM…wait for it……AFRICA.

  43. fmc says:

    If the news media had jumped on the birth certificate in order to verify its authenticity (which they would have done if it were Bush or Reagan being questioned), then maybe this ballplayer’s comments could be discounted. As it is though, he’s just calling into question the king’s new clothes. About time someone did!

  44. tidewater says:

    Article II sec 1 requires the President to be a natural born citizen… not just a citizen. The birth certificate indicates his father was not an American and therefore Obama does not meet the requirement to qualify to be President.

    As a Constitutional law professor he knows this is true which is why he failed to produce the birth certificate in the first place.

    1. dootise says:

      did you learn this nonsense from the Tidewater School of Law? do you know how silly you are?

      1. get a brain, morans!!! says:

        didn’t you know?
        all the teabaggers are consitutional law scholars
        the paperwork is the prize in their Cracker Jacks

  45. Not a fan says:

    and just to clarify the error in the article-what was most recently released WAS NOT the so-called long-form birth certificate. The “long form” includes more information including footprints and an official state seal. Obama would like you to think this was one, but it is not.

  46. Joe Doakes says:

    Who cares. Nothing can change this disaster other than November 6, 2012. Focus on that effort. Obama provided something he wanted to hide, thats a win. On to the next thing:) Then on to victory!

  47. shelley says:

    We all agree that the fact he hired a lawyer, spent millions on an effort not to release his BC, and then it magically appeared when CNN was digging is odd. And, within the same week of it magically appearing, Bin Laden is found just hanging out 34 miles from Islamabad.

    Here’s the million dollar question: Since we’re only about a year from this term starting to end, why don’t we pin his damn a$$ to the wall on his perfomance? They did not create jobs. We are in over our heads in debt. He did not fulfill most of his promises. The one promise he filled, healthcare reform, is a complete bust. And, his wife was completely a failure as a first lady during troubled times (Personally, I disagree with the very expensive trips, the Wednesday parties at the WH, and some of the issues she decided to tackle.).

    Let’s bypass the birther issue because it’s almost a non-issue at this point and figure out how to get the independents to NOT endorse him again. This guy succeeded in making Jimmy Carter look like a good president.

    1. dootise says:

      Shelley…why do you hate your country so? Obama just bagged Osama…and you can’t stand it….because in fact your racism supercedes your alleged love of your country..I’d be willing to bet you couldn’t find the Bill of Rights if your life depended on it. study the U.S. Constitution much?

    2. dootise says: specifically is Michelle Obama a failure? The long form birth certificate from which the State of Hawaii issued a copy …..that long form is not given to anyone..YOu can request to see your long form..but the short form is the one given to those entitled. The president’s long form birth certificate was issued after the president petitioned the court in the State of Hawaii..and it was issued pursuant to a court order…. the copy for you to appraise.. Are you saying in your racist fervor that the courts in Hawaii are corrupt? go back some actual studying of the process by which the Court ordered that a copy be made in this instance ..due to the ignorance of pea brains like yourself..shame on you.

  48. v says:

    When confronted with a question of race don’t we all answer Human?

  49. Justaguy says:

    Google “Photoshopped Obama Birth Certificate” There are legitimate questions about the pdf file you can download from

    Seems like it may have been digitally altered…

  50. National Geographic says:

    From looking at Obamas low poll ratings … some where in Kenya there are a group of people wearing reed underwear, living in grass huts and holding spears; clucking and clicking at each other about the fact he was too dumb to be born in Kenya!

    Seems like we always take the brunt of worlds problems.

  51. Jon Phillips says:

    He has every right to voice his opinion. This is a right every one has. I wish more people in his position would speak their mind. Most are too afraid of what everyone thinks. It has nothing to do with baseball and everything to do with being an American.

    The birth certificate drama was purely theatrical. Obama proved nothing by releasing the so-called birth certificate. It was meant to be a distraction.

    1. dootise says:

      it has everything to do with having a very low intellect..his position??? playing with balls? soo impressive.

  52. jon says:

    This is absurd. He has a responsibility to speak his mind? really? Last time I checked, baseball players are not, in fact, required to speak on issues of national politics as part of their job description. In the same way that actors, singers, and other celebrities invariably overextend themselves when attempting to address issues beyond their purview, this schmuck has no idea of what he is talking about.

  53. Alex says:

    Who cares where Obama was born? He’s done his damage. The way to resolve it is to make sure he loses in 2012. His birth certificate is just a friggin distraction.

  54. StaticKlingon says:

    I, for one, am ready to acknowledge that we have reached the logical conclusion to affirmative action and will no longer give any serious credence to race-baiting. It’s over.

  55. Ed says:

    what a smart guy. This character Obama is so secretive and scary. Why didn’t he just release the information sooner? Why doesn’t he give details on his actual, legal name (Obama or Soetoro) and his adoption? Why doesn’t he explain his suspect social security number(s)? Why doesn’t he release he passport(s) and travel data? Why can’t we see his school records?

  56. vladimir says:

    Luke Scott is not a “five tool” player. He”s simply a tool. He should STFU already.

  57. dootise says:

    the long form birth certificate from Hawaii was produced pursuant to a court order..Is this baseball fellow contending that the courts in Hawaii are corrupt?

    1. powertool says:

      There was no court order.

  58. Bernie says:

    Had to smile when I read the statement about Obumers birth certificate. Watch the video below and see what you think……interesting, no?

  59. Steven says:

    Obama’s birth certificate says his father was born in Kenya. obama was born in 1961. Kenya didn’t become a country until 1963. maybe I’m an idiot as well Dan.

  60. Seairail says:

    Luke Scott. An American who definitely knows the score. This game with the biased scorekeepers is not over by a long shot. Keep swinging Luke. An umpire’s “reversal call” in the ninth inning is in the cards.

  61. StaticKlingon says:

    The “content of character” standard is high enough off the ground that many are tempted to crawl under it. We know who you are! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  62. John says:

    Obama is a miserable lying failure as much as some of you don’t want to accept. You voted in an absolute looser. The problem is you drag all of us that have a brain and think down with you.Come up with a way we can sever ties with you ” IDIOTS ” and we’ll all be happy. Primate One finally got into the White House. Thanks America you lazy slugs as Obama refers to us as.

  63. Charles says:

    Obama is the worst President ever and that is not in question. Who cares where he was born, when his Marxist policies are destroying our Country? He may have been born here, but his policies are un-American!!!

    1. paladin says:

      please identify one marxist policy with some precision so that we might verify your opinion. How is it that an American can hold an un-American policy? Please explain.

      1. get a brain, morans!!! says:

        don’t do that
        if you go confusing reason and facts with dime store “philosophizin” someone is going to get hurt

  64. redactormate says:

    The Birth Certificate is a fake. It can be verified if opened in Adobe illustrator. The pieces have been deliberately placed. Can;t say why, but it is not real. Two experts have reviewed and there is no doubt. Also, the background pattern does not curve around as the paper rolls on the left. Why would you add a background? To cover smudges? In Illustrator you can se the smudges – and the proof is right from

  65. Tom M. says:

    He has a point….

  66. Cal Ripken says:

    I’m pretty sure the FBI already checked it out, fool.

  67. StaticKlingon says:

    No, dootise. What’s a bad thing is not getting your story straight about what you’ve done, and disposing of the evidence so that everyone has take your word for it.
    Typical gangland slaying. Snuff the key witness and dump the body in the lake. It stinks to high heaven.

  68. Bob Pasciuto says:

    If Obama’s 1961 birth certificate says his father was from Kenya – and history books say that British East Africa became The Republic of Kenya in 1963, do we need to re-write the history books?

    Target 107

    1. paladin says:

      Actually, it was known as the Kenya Colony since 1920! Check your facts before you make wild claims and you won’t embarass yourself in public!

  69. ozzie rabbit says:

    Watch out for those beanballs Luke! They will be coming your way. And thanks for speaking out against the red menace we have in our White House.

  70. Andrew says:

    Why do we care what this racist says.

  71. Albert says:

    All of you are Idiots….. That is what is wrong with this country. All of you get on the band wagon about his birth certificate, when in reality, the congress keeps you busy arguing about his birth certificate instead all of you should be complaining about how bad the economy is right now. Why don’t all of you put all your effort into writing your congressman or woman to see what they are doing to get us back on track. As for Luke Scott…. he is an overpaid player…. Tell him to try and get a job in this economy and see if the birth certificate really matters.

  72. Refreshthetree says:

    He wouldn’t have been suspicious if Obama had not spent millions refusing to show it, and not releasing it until almost 3 years after he was supposed to have for vetting purposes. He is right to be suspicious, as am I.

  73. paladin says:

    Clearly a slow news day!

  74. rob says:

    Actuaklly, doesn’t “natural born” specifically mean that you were born without an epidural or cesarian? What am I missing here?

  75. Tracy Lee says:

    It stands to reason that since Obama is the CIC of all the military he should have to prove his citizenship just as EVERY military person has done to enlist. How can he be the leader of our military if he is not held to the same SOP? As to Luke Scott,why don’t you commend him for using his brain and being a free thinker instead of condemning him? I would rather my sons look up to him as a hero instead of those other yokels who are constantly in trouble.

  76. United we stand, divided we fall says:

    Please send me Luke Scott’s birth certificate, social security number, credit card and bank account numbers so that it can be determined if he has a legal right to free speech as an American citizen. Thank you!

  77. Suzanne says:

    As the birth place of Obama’s father Kenya was not officially a country name until 1963, when Kenyatta helped win freedom and wouldn’t they record his birth as negroid instead of African? Also, the name of the hospital is incorrect. The proof is out there.

  78. Bob Smith says:

    I believe Obama was born in Hawaii, but I believe the birth certificate recently released is a forgery, and a bad one at that. Why would a forgery be produced if he was born in Hawaii you might ask? Because there is information on the real birth certificate Obama wants to keep concealed, and I also believe he just likes to toy with anyone who would doubt his “greatness” (in his mind, anyway).

  79. Goldfinger 007 says:

    This moron Luck Scott is on steroid or some chemical that affect the brain cells. People like hime, are stupid, ignorant, racists, who would not accept the fact that a black man is smarter than them, has an ivoy league unversities degrees, and is the president of the USA. I say they are dying of envy, hatred ,and stupidity. It is just eating them, like cancer eating the body ofsick minded teabagers rightwing neonazifascist.

  80. ByteRider says:

    I think what bothers people is a) how did he have 2 passports? That’s not possible if you are a US citizen; b) why did his grandmother say he was born in Kenya; and, c) how was his parents able to fly into Honolulu 3 weeks AFTER he was born? Wouldn’t that mean he was born somewhere else? Duh.

    Sorry… too many unanswered questions and I knew, for one, that the b/c wouldn’t even come close to explain what is going on. We could use a real good, professional, unbiased study on this topic … maybe it can all get cleared up?

  81. mike says:

    NO LUKE !!! your ORIOLES ever making the Playoffs is FAKE.

  82. Cojonius Maximus says:

    The Kommies have a new hobby it seems…for the longest time they had the second amendment in their sights (ha!) now its the first amendment….
    As with gun control, it’s about CONTROL…If you aren’t in line for the koolaid you need to sit down and shut up.

    #1 The Warren Commission
    #2 The Lone Gunman
    #3 Charlie Brown, Lucy and the Football

  83. ryan says:

    Obama didn’t get Bin Laden, our armed forces did. Get it right dumb @ss!



    NO RW ,, If president Obama NEVER SIGN ON to pursue Bin laden… he doesn’t get catch .. NICE TRY. Any mission starts and end with the COMMANDER in CHIEF.

  84. Eric says:

    When are the O’s adding John Rocker to the bullpen?

  85. tfb says:

    Obama is not a natural born citizen per article II because his father was never a US Citizen.

    1. paladin says:

      Check your source. Your parents do not have to be citizens for you to be born here and for you to be a natural born citizen of the United States of America

  86. lordy says:

    He does have a right to speech- no one serious denies that. Birthers have no idea how the great majority of people in the US (all sides) see them and how damaging it is for their credibility.

    The funny part is birthers really don’t seem to grasp how negatively they are shaping their preferred candidates chances in 2012. Go after the economy. Seriously.

  87. Joel says:

    If it is OK for Republicans to decry political opinions coming from Hollywood, then it should be OK for Democrats to do the same with world of sports. Actually, here is a better idea: since neither actors nor athletes are paid to research current events, why not ignore both?

  88. notamoronlikeluke says:

    What a tool. Not a racist, just a moron. Does the Prez need reel to reel video of him coming out of the birth canal with the flag of Hawaii hanging in the room in full site to prove he’s a citizen?!!?

    1. get a brain, morans!!! says:

      sorry……….we’ll need a polaroid with Diamond Head in the background, and maybe a shot of Grag Brady with the evil tiki neckalce for good measure

  89. arawak says:

    What a racist fool.

  90. Concerned for my COUNTRY says:

    He is h half white and half black .
    Now lets all leave the damn race card alone !

    Lets once and for all get the facts , not from The View or Oprah or from any other political hacks but find any true reporter somewhere in this great country of ours and have that person report on only the facts and not made up lies .

  91. DEE DEE says:

    BRAVO TO LUKE SCOTT!! he’s spoke about what many are too afraid to mention.. Remember, the long form didnt exist at the start, that’s why they posted that cheap fake..2-1/2 years later suddenly the long form is presented??? With obvious corrections to it, and Obvious Very Questionable.
    It has to be Investigated, no questions asked..It is indeed Americas responsibility to know and find out the truth.

  92. get a brain, morans!!! says:

    He should be allowed to spout off on anything he wants- whoopdeedoo!!!!!


    Here’s wat I have to say:
    Obama/Biden 2012—four more years.!!!!!………………deal with it you quisling palinistas

    ……………a message for Luke- get hot or we’re gonna send you to Oakland for a AA pitcher and a bag of balls—– it’s not about policitcs, just hit the ball!!!!

    1. James says:

      “Get a brain ‘MORANS’? Bwahahahaha .. looks like you need one, and Obama can’t help you there!

      1. get a brain, morans!!! says:

        go trim your mullett, jimmy

  93. Concerned For My Country says:

    AGAIN !!!!!!!!! He is half white and half black !
    Now lets all leave the damn race card alone !

    Lets once and for all get the facts , not from The View or Oprah or from any other political hacks but find any true reporter somewhere in this great country of ours and have that person report on only the facts and not made up lies .

  94. Concerned For My Country ! says:

    If this guy is voted to a second term , it would be a bigger mistake than when Clinton was allowed to stay in office .
    And that is truly why we are over there to day and why the attacks on September 11 , !991 happened in the first place !

  95. Concerned For My Country says:

    If this guy is voted to a second term , it would be a bigger mistake than when Clinton was allowed to stay in office .
    And that is truly why we are over there to day and why the attacks on September 11 , 2001 happened in the first place !

    Sorry 2001 not 1991, was in a hurry, ooppsss

  96. Alex says:

    Yay, Luke! It’s nice to see such patriotism. And wouldn’t you know it’s coming out of Baltimore, the birth place of the Star-Spangled Banner! God bless you, your family, and the Orioles.

    And, for those who care, Osama Bin Laden’s bin dead for 10 years. Obama’s lying to you about that, too! When are you going to smart up and stop letting yourself be bamboozled?

  97. joeh says:

    wow all of you arew stupid all of you, listen to the nonsense that comes out of you……youre all dommed to be with each other forever

  98. keith wren says:

    Why do people keep calling that thing a “birth certificate”… It actually says right on it what it is and a “birth certificate” it is not. It is not a copy of a “birth certificate”

    It has no more value than the next attempt to “hood wink” the obama praise and worship crowd will have. get real…

  99. keith wren says:

    for people that missed it… From the original claim that it was his his and his along to kill osama, it went to his statement that it wasn’t his decision at all. It was the SEALS that made the decision. Why wouldn’t it “change” obama is about “change” and every claim they made from the original story was changed… yes, every single thing… look it up!

  100. milo says:

    Obama circus always lies, that birth certificate is in question and to me its false. Congress should investigate him big time.

  101. Milo Estrada says:

    Obama circus always lies, that birth certificate is in question and to me its false. Congress should investigate him big time. I cant wait for that Corsi book this month

  102. Annieover says:

    PLEASE LIBERALS ANSWER THIS. If Obama was adopted by his stepfather Soetoro and changed his name to Barry Soetoro and moved to Indonesia which does not recognize dual citizenship, then how did he come back to Hawaii and oops once again become Barack Obama?????????????? His mother hated the united states. Sorry folks you cannot UNDO a adoption just because it is convenient. And he had to of given up his citzenship by his mother to be adopted and live in Indonesia.

  103. Barry loves you says:

    Of course it is fake. Soetoro is the fake. Fake economic numbers, fake speeches, fake czars, fake wars – nothing but lies, spin and media controlled events populated with prescreened participants. The fool pays a fellow $100,000 for teleprompter lessons for Christ sake! They think we’re stupid. Well, most of us are, but enough are awake to see through this lying puppet.

    1. Dreamer says:

      wow — you are stupid if you spend all of your time being angry about this, life is to short and you have way too much time on your hands.

  104. Dreamer says:

    I cannot believe people are really stuck here, move on already. News flash—– the president has been president for almost 3 years. Isn’t there something else that bothering you like how is your life.

    1. Frank says:

      Life would be fine if it wasn’t for millions of government employees sucking off the actual workers. All led by a lying, corrupt regime and their puppet Barry who, between naps and basketball games, reads authoritatively from a pair of teleprompters. The man is a charlatan distracting as many as he can while the nation’s wealth is stolen and plans being laid for global governance. Be on the right side of history for once, troll.

  105. RealDan says:

    If that birth certificate is valid, Obama is not eligible to be President, therefore he is not President. I urge all loyal Americans to ignore any laws signed by this fake President..

  106. Sean says:

    It’s sad that the public school system has failed so many people. In order to be a U.S. citizen, one only needs to be born on U.S. soil. It doesn’t matter the nationality of the parents. The child may have dual citizenship depending on the country their parents are from, but they are very much a U.S. citizen. Please take some time to read the Constitution. The United States will be remembered for 3 things – jazz music, baseball, and The Constitution.

  107. Robert W says:

    Jeez, of course it is counterfeit. Does any thinking person actually believe otherwise? But at this point, there is no value in pursuing this issue. Too many people wouldn’t care even if you proved to them that it is counterfeit.

  108. JIm says:

    I always had a soft spot in my heart for the Baltimore Orioles.

  109. Trevor says:

    Until we can time travel the doubt will never be satisfied. There will be a vicious circle of demanding proof only to call them forgeries and conspiracies when they’re presented. People in touch with reality have two choices, and by all means choose whatever floats your boat, believe he was born in the United States or accept that there is no end to the possibilities of deceit. Regardless of what you choose just move on. Rome is burning and real issues aren’t getting the attention they deserve from both the people and the Government.

  110. Bumper says:

    The birth certificate is a forgery. This player has every right to express his opinion under the constitution. Which by the way, it is required that a President be a natural born citizen. There is doubts about this President being a natural born citizen. Here the link to show it’s a forgery:

  111. Free2speak2 says:

    He just want his brownie points to be invited to the Whitehouse to have a beer with Predident Obama. LOL!!!

  112. BRIAN says:


  113. bart simpson says:

    I was shocked, yes shocked, to learn the Orioles had a slugger.

  114. Deb says:

    Glad to see freedom of speech is still legal!

    I’m sure everyone has noticed; when the liberals are being loud and obnoxious, it’s called freedom of speech, when it is a conservative or anyone who questions authority, liberals request they be fined or fired.

  115. Kill A Bird says:

    What a dumb cracker ball olayer…. moron,,,

  116. reelman1946 says:

    Strange how when a jock spouts off conservative opinions he is hammered and smeared whereas when the hollyweirds or jocks back the fantasy socialist utopians…they get serious face-time for days as if they have some sort of auto cred….either both are equally free or the posters are ranting biased crybabies that cannot stand real free speech. (hint: its the latter)

  117. Chris says:

    You don’t have to be smart to hit a fast ball…


  118. Stella says:

    I voted for Obama to prove that I am not a racist. Who do I vote for to prove that I am not an idiot?

  119. Roddo says:

    WOW, what a clown. What does this man have to do for some of you people to believe that he too is an American? To become the President one MUST be Vetted (Investigated) Totally! Ignorant Beotch… I’d bet anything that if this man was of a different complexion there would be NONE of this foolishness. This is just part of the reason the USA is laughed at all over the world. Concentrate of baseball you over paid loser!!! You and those sorry A$$ED Orioles.

  120. Digital Texan says:

    Of course its counterfeit. Why is this news? Anyone that looked at the released PDF file can find a dozen edits and unexplainable errors in minutes.

  121. Steve says:

    Makes no sense….the DEMS know they should play the OBL caper card a year and a half from now, just as the election heats up. Two possibilities: 1. the DEMS panicked at the thought of running against Mr. Trump and felt they needed to play one of their aces to drive him off the front pages. 2. The DEMS have used the OBL caper as a foundation to get more mileage when O announces in Sept. 2012 he’s bringing home the troops to successfully get reelected.

  122. robert m says:

    I know when I’m getting “the bum’s rush” and that is exactly what the media is doing with this issue. Don’t try to humiliate me for checking important papers. Papers that should have been checked in the first place. Methinks the media owns this guy. Our law enforcement is a joke when you own the bosses.
    Maybe we will get the truth in the future, when honest and honorable men and women are in charge.

  123. Fred says:

    Listen to the Alex Jones show on the web. You will have all of your birther questions and more answered!

  124. Pat McCrotch says:

    Free speech does not extend to those who criticize Barak Hussain Obama.

  125. cuthean says:

    What are barry and his handlers hiding?

  126. Joel says:

    If one is not born in the U.S they cannot become President. Sooo…yeah, this guy IS an idiot.

  127. David says:

    ” The Baltimore Orioles’ left fielder Luke Scott is at it again. ”

    What, you mean expressing and opinion about politics? or expressing an opinion about Obama that isn’t gushing and glowing? Look, the bottom line here is this would be a non-issue had Obama released all of his birth records 5 years ago when Hillary Clinton’s campaign first brought it up during the primaries. Questioning why it took him so long to do so is more than reasonable.

  128. Dennis says:

    For all of the bigots, there are two main sites that check out frauds and have been doing this for years and years. and BOTH have checked out his Birth Cert. They went to Chicago and took hi-res pics of every facet of his birth cert. In addtion, don’t you think Hillary or McCain would have found out the truth years ago?

  129. dcs says:

    i find more problems with drudgereport calling luke scott a slugger than luke scott claiming the birth certificate could be fake.

  130. Rick says:

    Osama takes the heat off any questions regarding the authenticity of his BC. Also, off the rising gasoline costs. Also, off the fact that his father (legitimate or not – yet to be determined) was booted out of Harvard for insufficient funds and that he was a serial womanizer – having other wives – so what does that make Ann Dunham and Obama?

  131. Jonathan Berger says:

    This Gentleman is entitled to his opinion in any venue he sees fit, for whatever reason. Obama may or may not have been born a natural citizen, I don’t know. However I do not think he was qualified to take office. The results of the things he has done clearly point out he is incapable of leading. I point out this fiasco with Osama Bin laden (osama bin livin, but now he aint) took him 16 hours to decide to go into the compound? His men were waiting on his orders for 16 hours? taking 3 plus months to decide to put more troops in afghanistan? he’s the commander in chief, and yet he bows to foreign leaders? He goes to Egypt and trashes america? Not to mention the disaster that is healthcare.

    I’m waiting for it to come out that the united states allowed Bin laden to live where he did, and the reason that there were not more armed guards was because he had a promise of protection from the united States, which we took away from him when we killed him.

  132. david says:

    Love Luke Scott. He is now my favorite baseball player. Anybody who calls out the FRAUD-IN-CHIEF is the man. Sad how no one wants to be president anymore. It’s a slave job. All government jobs are SLAVE jobs now. Good luck America.

  133. Frank says:

    Someday, soon, Navy Seals will be extracting Barry Soetoro, Reid, Pelosi, Holder, Geithner, Bernake and their ilk from a bunker to face justice for what they have done to this nation.

  134. david says:

    LUKE SCOTT for PRESIDENT!! Can’t do any worse than the CLOWN we have in there now. How’s that HOPE and CHANGE working for ya??

  135. JJ says:

    I won’t get into an argument on who is racist or isn’t … But for everyone who attacks anyone as liberal that defends or points on inconsistency in argument, get ready for me.

    You don’t need two American Citizens as parents, you simply need to be born on US soil to be a citizen of the US.

    Secondly, you *do* need two american parents if you’re born abroad (such as a diplomat or a child of someone in the Armed Services.)

    Stop repeating falsehood to support a false claim e.g. just because he was born in Hawaii he can’t be president.

    “No person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty-five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.”

    The 14th Amendment: “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.”

    Children born on US Soil in the United states are citizens regardless of where there parents are from, unless the parent is a an ambassador or diplomat from a foreign country.

    You can argue he wasn’t born in the US and that he has only one American parent and thus not eligible. Feel free to have it, though the argument at this point is simply silly.

    I don’t think it’s necessarily racist to argue as a birther, but something equally as dangerous long-term.

    I’m personally tired of both liberals and conservatives (e.g. 75% of the people in this forum) arguing a counter point and generally being disagreeable simply because the other person isn’t the same as them (e.g. republican or democrat). It’s embarrassing to see the people in this thread stoop to name calling simply because you disagree, especially when your argument can be used as a self-description. It makes all of us look bad in the long run.

    Argue/Disagree all day, but use facts and not rehashed opinions and falsehoods (on both sides) as “proof.”

    1. Jonathan Berger says:


      That was thoughtful. You sir have done well, thank you.

  136. DEE DEE says:

    @ DAN,
    it doesnt matter where he was born, His FATHER was a British subject, which makes him IN ELIGIBLE, As both his parents were not US CITIZENS!

    1. JJ says:

      Actually, not true at all in the least little bit. Which, you would know if you spent a little time reading about it on your own (and not relying on generally uninformed information from others).

      You argument should be that he wasn’t born on United States soil to two American Citizens.

      If he *was* born on US Soil (and last I checked Hawaii is) he would be eligible.

      That’s why the argument has and always will be, “Was he born in Hawaii?” Not what nation his father was from.

  137. Bob Maxx says:

    New Meaning to DUMB jock.

    Play ball and don’t even try to think,.,

  138. Kathy says:

    The birth certificate could be proven false beyond a doubt and leftists would still cry foul. Such are their inflated egos…

  139. nelly, san francisco, ca says:

    mlb should shut this guy up. i am boycotting watching any games involving the orioles.

  140. Gordon says:

    I agree, this guy is an idiot.

  141. rick says:

    Why does the BC show a different doctor than was said to have delivered Obummer? If it is a true certificate, it proves that he’s a UK citizen and not eligible to be president. His dad was kenyan under UK rule; his mom was underage and the law at the time was that she couldn’t confer citizenship on her son. At any rate, it still doesn’t explain his Conneticut Social Security number that was tracked back to a dead guy.

  142. Jeff says:

    I have yet to see anywhere, that this argument is wrong or at least misleading.

  143. Nuge says:

    Freedom of speech?! Remember that. This guy and Steeler’s running back Mendanhall has all teh right in the world to say what they believe in or simply state an opinion. Neither one are inciting violence or practicing hate speech. I tink we’ve forgotten this important element to our nation that makes us unique. Censoreship is no differetn from communism.

  144. James - Longdrycreek Ranch, Texas Panhandle says:

    The entire article puts Scott on a higher level than some of the comments. This is America and has a constitutional right to state his mind, as I do. I too wonder if this latest installment of the “official” birth certificate is not a fraud. This is the second attempt. What confirms fraud with this second release is that Obama hired nearly $2 million dollars worth of lawyer time to keep the certificate hidden from view, and the same with his records: work Harvard law review, Occidential, Columbia and Harvard Law. His state senator records in Illionois are off view as well.
    This fellow is a genuine fraud. Sooner or later, the truth will come out and it will be be reasssuring.

  145. †♥ Dianne ♥† says:

    The short form is more legit coz it had a seal from Hawaii. Why didn’t the long form have an official seal?

  146. The long form did not have an official seal of Hawaii. Why not? The short form did!!

  147. Jim from Boston says:

    Here’s the sad truth: Even if Mr. Obama was born in Abe Lincoln’s cabin, in full view of the entire Supreme Court, he’s still not qualified to be President.

    IMHO, he can’t speak coherently without a teleprompter, can’t make decisions, can’t tell the truth, and doesn’t believe in traditional American values.

  148. Morton says:

    Hollywood blackballs actors and other artists who are open Conservatives’ has again come to exposure. Many celebrity Conservatives withhold political donations since their names become published and their future work will be threatened. But, there are more ‘un-closeted’ Conservatives (some have passed) than most ppl know–here is a list of the ‘open’ Conservatives:

    Source: FreeRepublic

    Summary of living (as of 2001) conservative celebrities so far:

    Danny Aiello (Act)

    Kim Alexis (Act)

    Denise Austin (Sports)

    Alan Autry (Act/Fresno,CA Mayor)

    Bob Backlund (Wrestler/Pol. candidate)

    “Sir” Charles Barkley (Sports)

    Jeff “Skunk” Baxter (Music)

    Orson Bean (Act)

    Catherine Bell (Act)

    Belamy Brothers (Music)

    Tom Beringer (Act)

    Jan Berry of “Jan and Dean” (Music)

    Clint Black (Music)

    Lisa Hartman Black (Act)

    Ernest Borgnine (Act)

    Bruce Boxleitner (Act)

    George Brett (Sports)

    Jack Buck (Sports)

    Jim Bunning (Sports/KY US Senator)

    Delta Burke (Act)

    Kirk Cameron (Act)

    Drew Carey (Act) (Libertarian)

    Dixie Carter (Act)

    Nell Carter (Act)

    Harry Wayne “K.C.” Casey of “KC and the Sunshine Band” (Music)

    Tom Clancy (Author)

    Harry Connick Jr (Music/Act) (Democrat)

    Robert Conrad (Act)

    Charlie Daniels (Music)

    Tony Danza (Act)

    Doris Day (Act)

    Bo Derek (Act)

    C.C. Deville (Music)

    Mike Ditka (Sports)

    Shannon Doherty (Act)

    Jerry Doyle (Act/Pol. cand.)

    Fred Dryer (Sports/Act)

    Leslie Easterbrook (Act)

    Clint Eastwood (Act) (Libertarian)

    Buddy Ebsen (Act)

    John Elway (Sports)

    Chad Everett (Act)

    Brett Favre (Sports)

    Glenn Ford (Act)

    Haden Fry (Sports)

    John Gavin (Act/fmr. Amb. to Mexico)

    Crystal Gayle (Music)

    Sarah Michelle Gellar (Act)

    Joe Gibbs (Sports)

    Mel Gibson (Act)

    Melissa Gilbert (Act)

    Clarence Gilyard (Act)

    Rev. Billy Graham (Religious)

    Kelsey Grammar (Act)

    Fred Grandy (Act/Fmr. IA Congressman)

    Merle Haggard (Music)

    George Hamilton (Act)

    Paul Harvey (Radio)

    Patricia Heaton (Act)

    Charlton Heston (Act)

    Catherine Hicks (Act)

    Hal Holbrook (Act)

    Bob Hope (Act)

    Dennis Hopper (Act)

    Susan Howard (Act)

    Dale Jarrett (Sports)

    Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (Wrestler/Act)

    Jimmy Johnson (Sports)

    Christine Jones

    Shirley Jones (Act)

    Jeff Kent (Sports)

    Bobby Knight (Sports)

    Yaphet Kotto (Act)

    Steve Largent (Sports/OK Congressman & future Governor)

    John Larroquette (Act) (questionable)

    Tommy Lasorda (Sports)

    Jerry “The King” Lawler (Wrestler/Act/Pol. cand.)

    Al Leiter (Sports)

    Meat Loaf (Music/Act)

    Anne Lockhart (Sports)

    Heather Locklear (Act)

    Mike Love (Music)

    George Lucas (Director) (questionable)

    David Lynch (Director)

    Loretta Lynn (Music)

    Norm MacDonald (Act)

    Karl “The Mailman” Malone (Sports)

    Barbara Mandrell (Music)

    Louise Mandrell (Music)

    Jackie Mason (Comedian/Act)

    Johnny Mathis (Music)

    Charles McCord (of Imus In the Morning)

    Reba McEntire (Music/Act)

    Bernard McGuirk (of Imus In the Morning)

    Don McLean (Music)

    Linda McMahon (Sports)

    Gerald McRaney (Act)

    Al Michaels (Sports)

    John Milius (Director)

    Lorrie Morgan (Music)

    Julianne Morris (Act)

    Wendy Moten (Music)

    Jim Nabors (Act)

    Wayne Newton (Act)

    Chuck Norris (Act)

    Ted Nugent (Music)

    Gary Numan (Music)

    The Oak Ridge Boys (Music)

    Mike Oldfield (Music)

    Gary Oldman (Act)

    Tom Osborne (Sports/now NE Congressman)

    Ken Osmond (Act)

    Marie Osmond (Music/Act)

    Fess Parker (Act)

    Jameson Parker (Act)

    Joe Paterno (Sports)

    Joe Pesci (Act)

    Richard Petty (Sports/Pol. cand.)

    Regis Philbin (Act)

    John Popper (Music)

    Laura Prepon (Act)

    Nancy Davis Reagan (Act/First Lady)

    Ronald Reagan (Act/Governor/President)

    Dana Rohrabacher (CA Congressman)

    Roseanne (Act)

    Kurt Russell (Act) (Libertarian)

    Pat Sajak (Act)

    Pete Sampras (Sports)

    Rick Schroeder (Act)

    Jon Secada (Music)

    Tom Selleck (Act)

    Paul Shanklin (Satirist)

    Ricky Skaggs (Music)

    Paul Sorvino (Act)

    Robert Stack (Act)

    Nancy Stafford (Act)

    Ben Stein (Act)

    George Steinbrenner (Sports)

    Shirley Temple-Black (Act/fmr. Ambassador)

    Dave Thomas (Act) (SCTV, not Wendy’s)

    Fred Thompson (Act/TN US Senator)

    Dean Torrance of “Jan and Dean” (Music)

    Joe Torres (Sports)

    Travis Tritt (Music)

    Janine Turner (Act)

    Val Venis (Wrestler)

    Jimmy (J.J.) Walker (Act/Radio)

    Darrell Waltrip (Sports)

    Julius Caesar “J.C.” Watts, Jr. (Sports/OK Congressman)

    Patrick Wayne (Act)

    Ann Wedgeworth (Act)

    Lisa Whelchel (Act)

    Reggie White (Sports)

    Cindy Williams (Act)

    Hank Williams Jr. (Music)

    Ted Williams (Sports)

    Martha Williamson (Producer)

    Noble Willingham (Act/Pol. cand.)

    Bruce Willis (Act)

    Tiger Woods (Sports)

    BeBe Wynans (Music)

    CeCe Wynans (Music)

    ZZ Top (Music)

    Most country singers and NASCAR drivers are conservatives

    95% of the PGA tour is conservative

    Dont forget ALL the Conservative Talk Show hosts!

  149. Whirlwindgirl says:

    Hey Luke,
    Less talking and more hitting…how about that?

  150. Certificate says:

    Whether you know it or not, you people along with Mr. Scott gives the State of Maryland no reason for The President to care about us…. You people have no “Common Sense”!!!! You can thank Mr. Luke Scott for that…..

  151. Bryan B says:

    I have no problem with him speaking out, for one he does have the right to free speech and if he wants to use the platform afforded to him as an athlete who are we to say otherwise. all of you out there who criticize him, were you also criticizing the professional athletes who after Mr. Obama was elected used their platform to celebrate his election? I seriously doubt it because most liberals are hypocrits. Now to the people who say this is only coming up because he is black. No other President has been asked about his birth certificate. Stop throwing that card out, it’s getting old, very old and has become a weak crutch to lean on. First off, John McCain was pressed very hard about his birth certificate and his place of birth by the liberal press during the 2008 election. So their goes your theory about it only being because he is black. Secondly, Mr. Obama IS the only President who has a grandmother who has come out and said that they were born In KENYA!!!!!!! I don’t care who the President is….if they have a grandparent who comes out and says they were born in a foreign country and remembers where and when it happened, i think it should be at the very least investigated. To all of you liberal hypocrits out there, you know as well as I do, if this were a conservative President and they had a family member saying that they were born in a foreign country, the press would be all over it and YOU too would be calling for an investigation. Have a little bit of integrity and stop with the double standard.

  152. Bayman says:

    Luke Scott you better realize that baseball is a business (a private business) and if you shoot off your bigoted mouth (and if more players speak like you) I don’t buy anything baseball- I switch to something else. The baseball team owners understand this and so does anyone who markets baseball knows this. If I go into a business and an employee of that business starts spouting bigoted ideas, I tell the owner about that employee and I won’t buy anything from him and I will never come back. Either play baseball or quit and join your ignorant cronies.

  153. Bmore-man says:

    There’s a reason the Orioles are closing in on last…his name is Scott. A moron like this can’t be doing any good for team harmony.

  154. far left says:

    After reading some of these comments, I must agree with Elvis (quote im an entertainer not a Politian) hey Scott please work on your batting average, my fantasy league needs it.

  155. thisisme says:

    re bid thats a joke. I hope Barack Obama is ready to be a “one term” president. And I am sorry when you are leading America and your name is Barack Hussein Obama…Yeah! I wana know where the hell your from too! I mean his name is a culmination of two of the worst terrorist America has ever encountered. Sudam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden.

    Further more this man has a hrd time understanding that not everyone is rolling in money lie he is. His comment “If you have a problem with gas prices, sell your beamer and buy a hybrid” made me loose what little respect I had for him completely. Even if I trade my car in, I cant afford a hybrid.

    He DID NOT bag Bin Laden. He can kiss my white @$$ if he thinks i belivet hat for a second. Cause he had the gun., he stormed the commune and he did an amazingly brave thing and pulled the trigger on a very powerful person to that country right?

    One more thing. His initials suit him B.O. Because he has become the armpit of America.

    All you black racists can stick it up your @$$. He made history by becoming the first black president….but he didnt wast anytime proving to everyone that he cares about as much about the citizens of this country as Bush did. NOT AT ALL!!!!!

  156. Bella says:

    One idiot baseball’s question has resulted in a slew of racist rants about the president of this country. Unbelievable! You people are sick! If you hate the fact that this country has a black man for president, LEAVE!!! Go somewhere else since you hate what this country has become! If not, shut up and deal with the fact that there is a black man in the white house!! Take that sorry a%^ Scott redneck with you.

    1. cottoneyed says:

      Hey moron, i could careless what his color is, you fool. It’s his beliefs, his governance, his utter lack of respect for capitalism and what makes America, America. That’s why we can’t stand him. And we’re in the majority, too, “Bella” because the latest poll reveals that only 24% of the country agrees with him!!!! America has always been and will always be a center right country, and he’s a hard and fast socialist, so it’s no wonder so few see it his way! But fear not “Bella”, he’s gone soon enough, and he will go down as this Republics worst mistake, EVER!

  157. TRUTH SPOKEN says:

    He was born in Kenya, Thus he shouldnt be an AMERICAN president! Go Luke Scott! He (luke) is brave knowing all the democrats out there would disagree with him! Its a joke hes even president! Theres plenty of qualifying AMERICANS to be prez so y him? i dont kno. GO LUKE SCOTT!

  158. According to a recent poll, only 82% of Democrats would re-elect Obama if they could vote today. They voted for hope and ended up with change.

  159. cottoneyed says:

    Oh my, did he speak badly about the Chicago street punk! The punk’s a dead man walking, politically speaking, of course. The regime’s internal polling shows him to be so. Not only will he lose, but he will lose in a landslide of Biblical proportions. The happiest person in America, tonight, is Rosalind Carter, for no longer will she be married to the country’s worst president! LoL………………

  160. Nicholas Simms says:

    Hah, Italy protesters rally against Berlusconi

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