LUTHERVILLE, Md. (AP) — Authorities have identified the body of a man found on the grounds of a Baltimore elementary school this week.

Baltimore County police identified the man on Thursday as Jeffrey Young Bonsall, 57. Police say his body was discovered Tuesday at Lutherville Laboratory Elementary School on North York Road.

Authorities say students reported seeing the man sleeping in the woods behind the school. A staff member who checked on the man noted he was dead and called police.

Initial reports say Bonsall appeared to be homeless. Police say there were no signs of foul play.

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  1. pigeon says:

    Any way you look at it, it was a cruel way to die!
    Poor guy- RIP!



    1. dave says:

      sillyman…..I hope you don’t think it is really THAT easy.

    2. Ken says:

      Too bad he wasn’t an illegal…he could have stayed at the state house with good ole Owe’Malley…but I bet he was a Vet who the government kicked to the curb…same old story over and over again…

  3. williejoe says:

    We ignore the homeless & step around the bodies simply because we don’t want to deal with the real issue & that is it could be me there but for the grace of God. People are so stressed & pressured to succeed today they put the blinders on. Call it selfish, scared? Probably both.

  4. Sick of stupid says:

    The reason that we are unable to do more for homeless as a society is simple….Our government puts more emphasis on helping third world countries become democratic then helping our own prosper. Truly, I understand the need to squash everyone who does not share our beliefs (not really) but what about the man whom is down on his luck and has no one to turn to. You mean to tell me that the welfare system is unable to help pick up the pieces. I guess that is due to the fact that the welfare system is stretched so thin by the people who abuse is. In my opinion, a major reform is needed in our government to make sure that the government is really working for the people and not as a facilitator of money laundering and corruption.

  5. Char says:

    @ sick of stupid, The real reason we are unable to helpl the homeless is because society love stray dogs and cats. People will quickly take in a stray animal or feed a stray animal faster than they would a human life. If he was an animal hanging around the school. He’s probably have a home or would have become the school”s pet. Go figure!!!

    1. Ken says:

      chances of a stray dog or cat robbing you or worse are very slim…wouildn’t you say?…it is fear that keeps people from helping those who they do not know…

    2. Sick of stupid says:

      @ Char – Ken is correct…I would not open up my home to anyone I did not know for fear that I would be murdered in the middle of the night or all of my possessions stolen. I honestly would not bring in a stray animal for very different reasons but none the less, I would not do it. Our government has taken to helping every thrid world country gain democracy, feed its hungry and rebuild after a natual disaster. While I do agree that as a global community it is our responsibilty to see that our fellow man is taken care of, I also believe that this sort of behavior needs to start at home. Therefore, if our government started giving a damn about its our country and the needs of its ‘legal’ citizen, purhaps homelessness would become much less of a problem. But until we stop giving away education to illegal residence and sending aid to every country around, homeless will remain homeless and the middle class will become the poor!

  6. mdmblue says:

    Where were his family and friends? so sad to exit life this way—- RIP Jeff— I hope you are really at peace now~ We all need to reach out whenever possible….

  7. Michelle says:

    It is sad that our govenment isn’t helping the homeless they need help just like everyone else does. Why can’t the govenment take these abonded houses and rebuild them for a place for the homeless to go. The homeless is human beings just like us and they have a heart just like us I bet if they could help us they would so why not help them.

  8. Anonymous says:

    The family of Jeff Bonsall is deeply saddened and distressed by what has happened. Thank you to those who expressed caring thoughts.

  9. Amy VanWestervelt says:

    Jeff was our neighbor at one time. He was a wonderful, caring man. He was always so kind to us and to our children. He’d had a lot of hard times in his life. I hope that his family can find peace during this difficult time. I was so shocked and saddened when they released his name, and we realized we knew him.

  10. Just a volunteer says:

    Does anyone know why Mr Bonsall passed ? He was in the Assistance Center of Towson Churches (ACTC) after being released from GBMC. He had an awful time trying to walk. We gave him lunch and extra food plus a check for prescriptions. This is an extremely difficult time for those of us that helped Jeff (only 2 times). Jeff said he never knew we existed and appreciated our services. There is help out there, the problem is most of the people that NOW need services are not aware of what is available.

  11. Ruth Hess says:

    Jeff and his twin brother Judd were friends of mine for years before I married and moved from the Towson area. Just this past year I tried to locate Jeff & Judd on behalf of a childhood friend of theirs, Doug Middleton. I am shocked and so sad to hear that Jeff had such a tragic and lonely end to his life. My heart goes out to Jeff’s family and especially to Judd. I know Doug will be so sad to know that his good friend died.

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