BALTIMORE (AP) — Baltimore sheriff’s deputies arrested 22 people in a two-day Mother’s Day warrant sweep targeting people wanted on child support warrants. 

In total, officials say the 22 people arrested in the sweep on Thursday and Friday owe nearly $328,000 in child support payments. 

The sweep is usually held in the days running up to Mother’s Day. While most of those arrested are men, five of those taken into custody for child support offenses are women. 

The Sheriff’s Office estimates that there are more than 2,000 open child support warrants for people who live in the city or once lived in the city. The office’s full-time warrant team focused on child support offenses, which is partially funded by a federal grant, arrests more than 30 offenders a month. 

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  1. East Coast says:

    Happy Mother’s Day, we got the sucka! Hilarious. Does this site ever use anything other than that awful stock photo of a police car or have they given up on anything personal and related to the story?

  2. David Hobby says:

    Possibly the stupidest, most generic use of stock art I have seen this year. Why bother.

    David Hobby
    Ellicott City, MD

  3. PAUL E. MICELLI says:

    if 22 people brought in $328,000, there sure is a lot of money to be collected from the other 2,000 open cases.

    1. Michael Mike Russo says:

      it says 328,000 is owed for the 22 people, not they collected anything.

  4. PAUL E. MICELLI says:

    Now trying to collect all that money from those 22 is another story. Back to square one.

  5. Karen says:

    This story is so stupid. Looks like Mother day is when they after these jerks. They probably don’t have money anyway. so whats the deal here Is this suppose to boost up Mothers Day. Yahoo. get a life. Yeah and whats with the CAR. Wow I’m scared LOL

  6. Gregory Randolph says:

    Is that all that fat lazy ass Sheriff Anderson is good for? Get off your fat lazy ass and do something more worthwhile like trying to hellp ,those other misfit comrades of yours Bealefeld and the Baltimore City Police.

    1. pigeon says:

      I am sure, sir, that if you were struggling trying to feed and clothe your children due to a deadbeat parent, you would sing a different song. Keep in mind that if the deadbeat parent doesn’t pay you will through your taxes. So at this point don’t complain when your taxes, any kind, are increased AGAIN.

  7. mike says:

    gregory…………take a pill , man.that little vein in tour neck is gonna pop !

  8. gregs master says:


    Truth is your a fat lazy pompous ass yourself and just jealous of ol’ anderson! And speaking of misfits, thats what the neighborhood thinks of your kids….bunch of inbreed creetens!!!

    1. pigeon says:

      Why take yourself down to his level, let alone using such language against children I am sure you do not even know. NOT WORTH IT!

  9. Feebe says:

    People get nasty on this thing. Greg must of gotten popped for lack of payments. Pay Up. You laid, you left, And now ya wonder why the law is looking for you.

  10. M.A. says:

    What this article doesn’t tell you is that these men and women are released the next business day w/o having to pay a cent, but to appear at a later date in court to say why they haven’t paid and to make “arrangements” for the arrearages… if they will make good on their responsibility and appear in court? ah, no I don’t think so. From one who has had to watch this occur in my own case… the law once again has too many loopholes. Utterly ridiculous.

    1. sowhat says:

      your right just take the govtfunds and pay it to the parents or offer settlement arrangements to the ones who are behind. a half a loaf of bread is better than none.

  11. sowhat says:

    this would have to be the biggest waste of government funds yet from the city of baltimore. round up people who are behind on child support during the largest economic downturn of the century.
    yes thats a move for the record books. wtg city of baltimore.
    you should have gave the money to the mothers who needed it.
    or offer the people who are behind in payments a settlement arrangement.
    by taking all the state collection fees out of the arrearages.
    thats a better plan than the one you had.
    plus they will be out in 48 hours anyway.this is just a play for press

  12. Marsha Maines says:

    You can see how the Court Monetizes these instruments(as Bonds) thru conversion which the gov’t. needs for borrowing future sums on behalf of your future labor by stipulation or court ordered judgment/agreement which places one in servitude whether denominated as involuntary or voluntary. All C$ “Enforcement” is, is GOVERNMENT INSTITUTED SLAVERY. Since WHEN does a parent owe “money” to their own child? NEVER. They owe them love, shelter, discipline, and food. Get the Government out of the FAMILY, or the Communist/Nazi regime will continue with these “roundups”.

  13. michelle says:

    Marsha.. I couldn’t agree with you more….. These courts are ridiculous..

  14. Ted Palmer says:

    Marsha Maines is correct.

    This roundup is really a publicity stunt and a complete waste of tax payer dollars during a time of our deep deep recession. These parents may actually be persecuted pawns in the multi trillion dollar divorce industry that exploits children as profit objects or levers to increase child support amounts that magnify false claims against Title IV-D program and other funding. Our tax dollars are at waste!! We now have a system that produces nothing of economic value!! How many of these parents will have equal access to justice under our laws?? Slavery!! The CORRUPT and/or CONFLICTED Judge(s) who ordered this action and lawyers are the real criminals!!


  15. Michael Mike Russo says:

    Title IV-D of the social security act. They don’t care if these people pay up or not, they are going to get money from the federal government for arresting them anyway.
    They don’t care about kids, parents, or if you see your kids or not. Google Title IV-D of the social security act. To me it is the downfall of the American Family as we used to know it, only thing worse is the no fault divorce.

  16. Heather says:

    I’m glad they picked up mother’s that owed to. There are some strong MEN who raise their children. The state should have a work program so that the parents can pay their child support or go to jail.

    1. pigeon says:

      They already do but it is rarely put in place – too expensive!

  17. TRISH MOORING says:

    the reason for owed child support is due to either the absent parent isnt working, or just dont care if they havent paid in this long maybe the situation should be evaluated, every situation is different, the only true judge is GOD.I do agree dont the police have real criminals to catch ,and better pics to take. children need love and care if the absent parent doesnt care enough to help then who the hell needs them anyway.

  18. James F. Tibbs says:

    Well, I can see the socialist state of Maryland is busy Bull S—–g the people of this state and trying to make it look like their pulling off a sting. They should start in the state house and try to find out why we have a two trillion dollar budget deficit. Where does all the lottery money go, where does all the toll money go, where does all the vehicle registration money go, where does all the boating fees go, and fishing liscence money go, not to mention all the other taxes that the socialist state of maryland has levied on us. I hope you read this blog O’Malley, maybe your conscious we revive itself, because it sure hasn’t been awake for the last ten years.

  19. jeff novascone says:

    c/s scam most would have payed if c/s was not so high!!! also i would like to no how many could see there kids i would bet not to many!!!

  20. George McCasland says:

    Now the question is how many are indigent parents who did not know they get free help to modify the order so that they didn’t go into arrears and get arrested in a show for the media?

    Federal Child Support Enforcement Handbook for Non-Custodial Parents

  21. Darin Walker says:

    How can a man be held legally responsible for child support, for the creation of a life, when the law doesn’t even recognize life at conception, and conception is the only point at which a man is involved in the creation of life?

    I mean, isn’t conception the point at which womankind asserts her right to kill the unborn, via abortion?

    Tell you what, I will get on this child support bandwagon against men, when the law starts prosecuting and executing women for abortion! Sound Fair?

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