ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — Possible changes to Maryland’s crabbing regulations will be discussed at a meeting in Annapolis. 

State officials say Monday’s meeting is a chance for the public to comment on the proposals. The meeting is to be held at 6 p.m. at the Calvary United Methodist Church in Annapolis. 

The proposed changes are based on results of the annual winter dredge survey. Survey results released last month showed a cold winter killed nearly a third of the bay’s adult crabs. The harvest was up, meanwhile, but still below the level set to maintain a healthy population. 

State officials say changes could include higher fall bushel limits for female crabs and changing the season to take advantage of higher crab prices in June. 

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Comments (7)
  1. Kurt says:

    How about we start not harvesting female crabs? Apparently, the latest information shows that female crabs lay eggs more than once in a lifetime. This would certainly help bolster the population and allow for more tasty crabs to reach our tables! I love crabs!

  2. Perry says:

    How about making it illegal to keep female crabs?

  3. izzy human says:

    no female crabs,,,not even for the commericial crabbers

  4. Tracey says:

    We always throw the females back into the water. Keeping them alive would help the crab population immensely. Consumers could be a great asset by turning in suppliers when females crabs are recieved in the cooked/live bushels. Demanding on males crabs when ordering would also create a dent in suppliers income if the have too many females. My children are 11 & 9 and have known the difference between male & female so this is not rocket science. We have tried to do out part in our community in training the other children to recognize the difference and return the females immediately, also. We all know suppliers will try to sell whatever they can whatever laws they make in Annapolis. It is up to us, the consumer, to hold them accountable.

  5. PAUL E. MICELLI says:


  6. BiteMe says:

    Recreational crabbers are not allowed to keep female crabs for several years now. Only the commercial crabbers are allowed to harvest the female crabs.
    Little do most people know about the laws? 99.9 % of female crabs are picked / packed and sold as crab meat for crab cakes or other means of cooking.

    Female crab meat is sweeter tasting then the male crab and most sought after by the commercial crabbers for packing.
    There is nothing printed on the container saying the crab meat is either female or male crab

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