CUMBERLAND, Md. (AP) — A dog called Ducky who was rescued after being thrown from a truck with his snout duct-taped shut has been adopted. 

Dianne Care, director of Ark of Hope Animal Rescue, where the 10-month-old blue-eyed terrier mix has been recuperating, says he is expected to move into his new home within the next two weeks. 

More than 100 people applied to adopt Ducky, who sparked a weeklong search after he was spotted roaming the Corriganville area in March with duct tape around his snout. He was found sleeping on a porch. 

Animal rights advocates plan to propose “Ducky’s Law” to make animal cruelty a felony. Two men are charged with animal cruelty in Ducky’s case and prosecutors are reviewing additional charges. 

Care says Ducky’s three siblings are waiting to be adopted. 

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Comments (10)
  1. carrie says:

    So happy for Ducky!! his horror story turned into a fairytale.

  2. Lady Shirley says:

    Glad Police caught the heartless, creeps. I hope they many get years to think about the the terrible thing they did to a poor, defenseless dog. I hope the two never have kids of their own. Happy to hear the dog is going to a good home.

  3. Janet Spink says:

    I would have liked to see a picture of Ducky. We need a poster dog to show every cruel person out there that people care about animals and in our world these cruel people need to learn about mans best friend. I sure would not like to live next door to them because I would be breathing down their everymove.

  4. susan says:

    Way to go Ducky! Hope you have many happy years with your new parents.

  5. Bullfrog says:

    Someone should tell all creeps that dogs spelled backwards stands for GOD and everyone with an ounce of functioning brain cells knows that GOD protects dumb people and innocent animals. Let justice prevail and send their sorry backsides to prison. I am so happy to find out that a county in Maryland is finally going to attempt to pass a law, that it is a felony to abuse an animal, who knows maybe if the proposal does go through Marylanders can hold their heads high and proud knowing that their love and compassion for animals is more than just talk. Better late than never. Hopefully other cities/counties will follow in the footsteps of Maryland if the law is passed, starting with Baltimore city. Animals are here for our protection and pleasure, to teach people what unconditional love really means, not to be abuse by some morons because they are bored or just sickos.

  6. Ms.Peacemaker says:

    Very well said !

  7. Michelle says:

    I hope they get so many yrs behind bars & get treated the same way as they treated that poor dog! Dogs are still family!! They deserve so much better & hope Ducky enjoys his new family because the last owners definitely weren’t family to him! Throw the book at em & throw away the key!

  8. urnotfunny says:

    So happy this sweet innocent dog will get a home. The bigger issue — stick those 2 POS in jail. If this state does not get serious about putting garbage like this in jail, they will do it again! Come on State of Maryland, get the hell with it and put these abusers in there own little enclave of the jail!!!!

  9. GaletheWhale says:

    who are they? they should tell us so we can go tape their a**holes closed and force feed them 5 alarm chili & post the results online!! no doubt the courts will let them out so they can try this on humans. Hope they nail one of their own family members & not mine!

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