BALTIMORE (WJZ) — There are still no charges, two days after two local college students were involved in a possible hit-and-run.  It’s the latest in a string of tragic accidents involving students at Johns Hopkins.

Adam May has new details on the investigation.

The driver was released shortly after being taken into police custody.  Law enforcement experts say that means there could be unresolved questions about who is at fault.

WJZ has learned security camera footage taken at the intersection of 33rd and Saint Paul has been turned over to city police investigating a possible hit-and-run accident involving two Johns Hopkins students at 2 a.m. Saturday.

“I think the important message for all of us—students, pedestrians—you need to walk defensively,” said Dennis O’Shea, Johns Hopkins spokesperson.

O’Shea would not comment on specifics regarding the investigation, but police say the driver—who may have been drinking—was stopped a few blocks from the scene.  Right now, it’s unclear if he was legally intoxicated or if the students may have contributed to the accident.

“It’s just unfortunate because people coming home from bars are driving and people coming home from bars are walking, so it’s a lot of confusion, I guess,” said one student.

“We’ve had a lot of those incidents this year,” said another.

Like Nathan Krasnopoler, left with a crippling brain injury after he was hit by a car on his bike earlier this year, and Miriam Frankl, killed in 2009, just a few blocks away from this latest accident.

The university says safety improvements are on the way.

“There’s a big reconstruction for Charles Street, starting in November.  Big difference for pedestrian safety from 28th Street to University Parkway,” O’Shea said.

That project, costing millions, will not affect the busy bar and restaurant district, where many students see a lingering problem.

“It gets really busy, especially on a weekend, because they’re open 24/7, so late at night, there’s always a ton of kids out here,” said one.

The state’s attorney’s office is reviewing the case. 

Both students are expected to make a full recovery.

Comments (3)
  1. Eairece Branch says:

    the light at the intersection of st.paul and e.33rd is one of the most confusing crossings in the city. At any given time the lights are both red 0/0

  2. They N eed Help says:

    if you watch some of the students and the others that walk around that area they dont know how to cross the street they walk in the middle of the street like they have bumbers or they run out in to the middle od the street. Yes drivers need to be more careful but the students need to learn how to cross the street as well

    1. They Need Help says:

      I ment bumpers and of not od.

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