BALTIMORE (WJZ)–Two Johns Hopkins University students are hospitalized after they were struck by a car.

Adam May has details.

It’s one of the busiest intersections near the Hopkins campus, and the site of the latest hit-and-run accident.

It was 2:15 a.m. Saturday. Bars in Charles Village had just let out for the night. That’s when a car struck sophomore Ben Zucker and freshman Rachel Cohen as they were trying to cross 33rd Street near St. Paul Street.

“We were all shocked, and a lot of students rushed out from whatever they were doing that night to come here to see how it happened,” said a Hopkins student.

The two students were rushed to area hospitals. The car that hit them, a 2010 Chevy Impala, didn’t stop. It kept on going.

Luckily for those students, a Johns Hopkins security officer saw the entire incident.  He radioed for help, and with the assistance of two Baltimore City police officers, he was able to chase down the fleeing car a few blocks away.

Police say the driver may have been drunk, but so far charges have not been filed in the case. Meanwhile, many students are left rattled.

This hit-and-run follows the tragic story of Nathan Krasnopoler, who was struck by a car while riding his bike, leaving him with crippling brain injuries.

Then there’s the story of Miriam Frankel who was struck and killed by a hit-and-run driver as she tried to cross St. Paul Street in October 2009.

“There needs to be more policing or trafficking these intersections,” said Justin Shen, student. “This one here and there’s one up at 34th and St. Paul. They both are really dangerous.”

“Me and my friends have had some close calls,” said Abby Hoglund, student. “People are kinda crazy drivers around here.”

“It happens pretty often more than you think,” said Albert Iwin, student. “But I mean we’re generally in a hurry, so we don’t always pay attention to the cars and they don’t always see us.”

“I know a lot of kids are coming up with their own plans or whatever to like make an overpass so kids don’t have to like cross the street on the road or what not,” said a pedestrian.

“It’s kind of scary when you think about it,” said a pedestrian. “If you’re walking or riding a bicycle it makes you think twice at least.”

One of those students did have a bad head injury. But both students are expected to survive.

Police say the State’s Attorney’s Office will make a decision on what charges to file in the case.

Comments (18)
  1. DH says:

    I live just a block away from where this accident happened. I see the kids just walk out into the path of on coming traffic, they are either playing with their phones or just not paying attention. Most children learn to cross streets at an early age. These JHU kids just don’t pay attention. Parents pay tons of money for their kids to go to school to get an education…………LET’S TRY SOME COMMON SENSE!!!!!!

  2. JHUStudent says:

    That may be true, but it certainly doesn’t mean a driver should knowingly hit them – as this driver did, honking but not braking – or leave the scene of an accident.

  3. Naybaby says:

    Truthfully I agree with dh because I don’t live far from the accident site either and I frequent they area to go to subway and to go back and forth to work. A lot of those jhu kids do just walk in the street and don’t pay very much attention. However I also agree with the jhu student I’m a mom and I wouldn’t want someone to hit one of my children with a car and keep going as if they’re lives don’t mean anything. I pray for these children that they are ok

  4. Charlene Maurer says:

    I think and overpass is exactly what is needed. How many more lives should be upset or lost before one is built.

  5. janet spink says:

    I see the students walking across the streets around the JHU everyday. They walk with their heads down, eyes on their ipads only. They are completely in the dark about crossing a street . Its almost like they expect traffic to stop for them light or no light. They need to be taught to look up. This is as bad as using a cell phone while driving. On the other hand, Maryland drivers who are turning do not stop for people crossing a street anymore. They forgot the pedestrian has the right of way. I do agree Maryland drivers are rude and do not follow the law.I wish more were caught. Thank goodness a JHU guard saw them. Running away should get the full extent of the law. I hope the young ones are ok.

  6. DH says:

    I’m in no way saying that the driver shouldn’t be punished for his/her actions. But the students should take some of the responsiblity in this matter. I’m almost willing to bet they were not paying attention when crossing the street. And in one of the interviews with the news stations, one student made a comment that JHU Security should be paying more attention. Well the lasttime I checked it isn’t Security’s job to be crossing guards.

  7. SMJ says:

    So now because the students don’t know how to cross a street, my tax dollar is going to placing traffic cops at the intersection. Whats going to happen in 2-3 weeks after the cops are not there anymore????????? Only at Hopkins.

    1. Jack Pollack says:

      Never mind that several people have died because of reckless and possibly drunk driving, just worry about your effing tax dollars. Heartless Skinflint.

  8. CharlesVillageResident says:

    I live on 33rd and Charles and cross this busy intersection at least once per day. As I see it, the problem is in the traffic lights. Oncoming traffic on 33rd gets a green arrow then when the crosswalk turns green, the cars have a green yield, but they yield only to the cars, not paying attention to the pedestrians. This light needs to change to a green arrow then red and must remain red while the crosswalk is green. I see the same problem up at 33rd and charles. Cars turn right onto 33rd from charles without looking. This intersection needs to change to a no turn on red. With some changes in traffic lights in the area and several weeks of Baltimore police presence to enforce the changes we can prevent many of these unfortunate accidents.

  9. whatnow says:

    How much traffic is there at 2:15 am> If you can’t cross the street then without getting hit, you need some serious help. And any driver who hits and runs should automatically lose their license for 10 years.

  10. Ram Pillai says:

    While it is sad to see accidents of this nature occuring, students who come out easrly morning from bars should be also very careful crosing streets especially in areas sch accidents frequently occur and in the early hours of morning. I agree with the suggestion to convert traffic signal in this area with a ‘No Turn on Red’ and a sign showing ‘pedestrians cross with caution’..

  11. williejoe says:

    All A……holes. Lock them all up. The pampered student drunks & the even more pampered drunk driver.

    1. Jack Pollack says:

      Sorry you couldn’t get into Hopkins. Just don’t be bitter about it forever.

  12. DLH says:

    CVR: While I agree that the lights in the area are bad and the timing could be set differently, putting the police out there isn’t going to change anything. The drunk drivers should be punished, but the drunken students need to be more responsible as well. I can’t tell you how many I watched cross St. Paul St today against the lights, phones in hand and looking at THEIR feet. So when one gets hit for not paying attention its everyone elses fault…….. gotto love HOPKINS.

  13. Winkpooh says:

    I love on East 38th street and drive by here each day on my way to and from work. Unfortunately, I see too many of these JHU students walking and texting, walking and talking on cell, walking and talking to each other. They step down into the street and oncoming traffic as if to dare the cars to hit them. So many of them carry themselves in a manner which shows so much arrogance and disregard for anyone other than themselves. this is no reason for someone to hit them and drive away. I’m not that cold and evil hearted, however, I do think that perhaps it would be in the best interest of all involved if JHU would offer a course in the fundamentals of street crossing!

  14. Winkpooh says:

    Sorry, I meant ‘live’ not ‘love’. I haven’t loved on my street in a long time. LOL

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