BALTIMORE (AP) — Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake is urging preservationists to quickly approve plans to redevelop Baltimore’s so-called superblock.

Rawlings-Blake on Monday toured the area on the city’s west side with several ministers and a team of developers. Two city panels are scheduled to meet this week to decide whether the $150 million Lexington Square project can move forward.

The ministers are part of an organization called Community Churches for Community Development and tell the Baltimore Sun that they support the project because it will create more jobs.

Developers have said about 600 construction workers and 750 full-time workers will be employed because of the project.

Some preservationists say they are concerned that developers won’t keep promises to preserve certain facades.

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Comments (16)
  1. baltimorelady617 says:

    Fix up west Baltimore for the junkies in that area. So I will in no way ever shop Downtown!!

    1. MeLinda says:

      There by the grace of God, go I.

      1. MeLinda says:

        I live in an area once thought unfit for anyone to live in. Change happens when people decide to invest their time and a vision.



  3. ed says:

    Blacks comprise 12% of the nations population but 58% of the prison population. What does that tell me? It tells me that W.Baltimore which is 87% black & the gang kids ages 12 to 30 years of age are committing 98% of all crimes & I wouldn’t go near a superblock if you paid me…..Sign me White flight.

    1. CSC says:

      wow ED, truly ignorant comment. what about the white superblocks? no way i woudl go near there if you paid me either. Just as dangerous and just as many of them go to jail

    2. baltimorelady617 says:

      I wouldn’t take my small children near your white superblock. Might get rape!

  4. Wow Ed says:

    Ed, you speak numbers, but not facts. and you don’t speak love at all. i’m a black Christian, working man who raises my family. I know that with ANY group of people, if you take fathers away, the kids will fall into similar problems. this is not a black problem… it is a poverty problem. i’m not saying to throw money at it, but i know that throwing people into jail (for crimes that all aren’t even prosecuted at the same rate) does not SOLVE anything. it leaves a bunch of fatherless and directionless children.

    1. ed says:

      Wow Ed, The facts speak for themselves sir everyday on the 6& 11 p.m. news & the Baltimore Sun papers. We can agree to disagree on this issue & I congratulate you on your dedication as a Christian & a good family man.

  5. MeLinda says:

    Anytime an area is considered worth investing in, the community responds accordingly. We desperately need jobs, businesses, and new life in Baltimore.

  6. SSLC says:

    People always have something negative to say. If people don’t go downtown anymore, why is ever old boulding from MLK to President street being turned into luxury condos? the truth is people are moving back downtown. and since people want to be so racist, its the white people who are moving back down there and black folks to the suburbs. Any area, white (have you been to pig town lately? or off wilkens avenue? can we say undesirable?) black, hispanice etc., that the community does not take the time to invest in, is going to fall down and be subjected to crime. So me people attribute it to lack of homeowners, others to the change in family. So if the mayor wants to take the time and revamp and area along with out community leaders, what’s the problem? I’ll be glad to see a change in the eye sore. People always compalin bout their tax dollars going to waste, yet this will create some jobs and hopefully revive a once prosperous area.

    1. sheriff says:

      SSLC, You can SMD tar Baby.

  7. Lynn says:

    I’m not from Baltimore, and never did I think I could live in the city but I have been living in Mt. Vernon for the past five years and I have gone outside for walks as late as 11pm and I still see people from all backgrounds and genders out walking their dogs/jogging, and the city is just beautiful at night. I’ve never done drugs I hold a good job and live in a nice high rise downtown with a wonderful job at JH. I think people should give Baltimore a try and not feel like they need to hide in the counties, the city is shaping up nicely. I don’t think I will remain living in the city because I’m a country girl but it’s beautiful all the lights and for over down by Mercy Hospital it is just delightful,.

  8. Ed52 says:

    This is for Ed. Sherrif and the rest of you racist. There’s an old saying, when you point the finger, the other three point back to you. You see this all stems back to when good ol boys ran the country. When Regan and Bush Sr. were in charge, they let a man named Oliver North import thousands of kilos of cocaine and use his CIA connections the put that poison on every corner in the inner city. During that same time Regan passed the no parole law and sent countless numbers of black men to prison who fell for the trap. Now you see the result of an attempet genocide. Lifeless cities and Black dispair all over.

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