LANDOVER, Md. (AP) — Prince George’s County police say a 5-year-old girl has been struck and killed on a road in Landover.

The girl was hit by an SUV on Tuesday afternoon near Martin Luther King Avenue and Fiji Avenue. She was transported to a nearby hospital and pronounced dead.

Police say the girl was not in a crosswalk when she was struck.

The driver remained at the scene.

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  1. Lisa says:

    was she walking with an adult, or alone. This could have been avoided. if she was watched better.

  2. Angela says:

    Totally agree. Prayers go out to the family

  3. mandy says:

    Was this 5 year old walking in the street by it self. Where are the parents at.
    I see it on my street kids, teens,& adult walking in the street when there are sidewalks there. Street are most for cars, trucks, & motorcycles, Sidewalks are for people to walk, run, & small things for little kids.

  4. Kandice Ruff Brune says:

    Heartbreaking…I can’t imagine what the family is going through. My thoughts are also with the driver. This is something they too will never recover from. Adults please look after our children! It is our responsibility to watch over them at all times.

  5. booger says:

    Amen U DC Beast…

  6. Ms. T says:

    I heard that this child was walking with her father, pulled away from him, and ran into the street. She was struck and the driver remained at the scene. there was no word on whether any charges would be filed.

  7. aDCBeast says:


    Children should not have to be with adults all the time

    Drivers are in too much of rush on residential and smaller streets

    Driving is a PRIVILEGE …… Living is a RIGHT

    That means drivers should be paying F___ing attention at all times and driving the speed limit or less on residential or smaller streets.

    Too many MFing drivers … like a couple who have posted already

    think they are too important to slow down on residential streets

    Enough with driver arrogance … You got to get somewhere because you are so GD important?

    You could be walking (court ordered) as opposed to running over our children.

    Give a damn about someone other than yourself once and a while

    NEXT !

    1. slow down says:

      Bravo! good post, i agree with you 110% ,very well said!

      1. j says:

        you’re assuming the driver was going fast. Children are fast and small. As much as I grieve for the family it may not be the driver’s fault. Cars can only stop so fast

  8. Me says:

    MLK Avenue is a major road…it is not a side road residential area road.

  9. VWGirl says:

    I agree with J. Even if the guy was doing 30 mph, the child would have still been killed. A 5 year old is very small and hard to see. If she ran out in the street and got struck that means that she ran right out in front of him and he had no time to stop. Come on people. This person has to live with this the rest of their life. So does the father of this child who was with her, It is just unfortunate…thats it. It was nobodies fault. Shame on all of you who are placing blame on either of these poor people.

    My heart goes out to everyone involved.

  10. Me says:

    Actually it is reported wrong it was actual MLK Highway in Seat Pleasant the girl where the girl was hit. MLK Avenue is in DC. MLK Highway is a major 6 lane highway.

  11. c says:

    I saw the whole thing the driver was going fast but the little girl ran out into the street unexpectedly. I fault the parent for not holding her hand. There was no way the driver could have stopped or even seen her she was so small.Mlk is a major busy road and they were walking in the middle.

  12. GOD'S CHILD says:

    goood morning all i know the family of this baby and again like stated placing blame is not going to bring this baby back we need to help keep this family and the driver up in PRAY!!! THAT IS WHAT IS IMPORTANT HERE!!!! NO NEED FOR NEGATIVITY!!!!!

  13. Jamie Peace says:

    SInce everyone agrees that the above is a tragedy . Please be so kind as to donate $20 so this young soul can be laid to rest. If you need futher information as to how to donate money please contact the childs elementary school. A mother lost her child and they is heart wrenching let’s suppoort the family and show love . Smaller donations are also welcomed.

  14. Amoni says:

    i feel as though the driver could have at least tried to swerved around the little girl no matter what….yes i understand accidents happen but obviously the driver was going fast enough to kill her. At the same time we shouldn’t blame it on the driver or father because there was no crosswalk to walk on we should have the right to walk on safer streets.
    I pray that the family will get through this and there loved one to rest in peace and may god be with them.

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