BALTIMORE (AP) — Baltimore Councilwoman Belinda Conaway is suing a political blogger and his publisher for $21 million for libel and defamation over a column that alleged she did not live in the city.

The suit filed Tuesday alleges an column by Adam Meister is meant to fool the public into thinking that Conaway lives in Baltimore County and force her out of office.

On election documents, Conaway lists a Baltimore City address used by several members of her politically active family.

Conaway’s attorney, Thomas Maronick, says the Randallstown home in Baltimore County is listed on tax records as a primary residence since Conaway and her husband file jointly and he lives there part-time. He says Conaway seeks to correct the records.

Meister says he backed up his allegations with documents.

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Comments (6)
  1. pigeon says:

    Mr. Meister – sock it to them! Such BS they wish for us to believe i.e. the husband lives at the Balto. Co. address “part time”. Are we to believe she doesn’t live with him at all when he’s residing “part time” in Randallstown. And, no matter how they file, wouldn’t it still be a lie (falsifying information) that they are claiming it as their “primary residence”. Come on Balto. Co. government – you need to get involved in this also.

  2. Debbie says:

    Amazing. She seeks to “CORRECT” the records and yet is sueing because they stated the facts. This is just a grab for money and should be thrown out as such. She is playing a game to make it appear she lives in the city and is trying to cover it up with a lot of noise.

  3. Mair says:

    Gotta be AT LEAST a case of Homestead Tax Credit fraud here. She should be aware of the laws. After all ,…she IS government.

  4. pigeon says:

    Mair, it is more like “SHE IS A POLITICIAN”.
    Can’t wait to see what an indepth investigation (if one is performed) turns up.

    1. Mair says:

      Politics being what it is in Baltimore, the “if” of an investigation is pretty huge.

  5. williejoe says:

    Se’s just behaving like the porch monkey she is. A scammer.

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